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    Skin rash is a common skin problem; it is a visible change in the texture and color of the skin. The skin becomes scaly, itchy, dry, painful, red, bumpy and irritated. There are many types of skin rashes but they share the same features.

    Skin rash can be caused by insect bites; irritants, allergens, poisonous plants, chemicals in skin care products, cloth dyes, toxins and some medications. Certain medications like antibiotics cause rashes in some people; this can happen as side effects of the medication or it occurs as the body react to the drugs. This can cause photosensitivity in some people which looks like sunburn.

    Infections by microbes such as fungi, viruses, and bacteria can cause skin rash; the type of rash formed depends on the type of microbe causing the infection. Medical conditions like typhoid and autoimmune diseases also cause a skin rash.

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    Millions of people around the world are affected by skin rash; most skin rashes don’t require treatment and they go on their own while some require treatment and some may be a sign of an underlying health problem like typhoid.

    There are creams and ointments used to treat skin rash; antibiotics are also given in some cases but in this post, we will be looking at ten effective home remedies for skin rashes.

    Top Ten Effective Home Remedies for Skin Rashes

    1. Aloe Vera

    This herb is a top natural remedy for all kinds of skin rash and skin problems; fresh aloe vera gel soothes rashes, it reduces inflammation and redness.

    Apply fresh gel to the affected skin part many times a day or at least thrice daily; don’t wash it off. This helps to get rid of heat rash quickly and it is an awesome natural treatment for any type of skin problems and infections.

    1. Bentonite clay

    Bentonite clay is very beneficial to the skin; it expels wastes and toxins from the skin and reduces inflammation. It relieves itching, bug bites, and all types of rash. It can increase immunity against all kinds of skin infections.

    Apply a concentrated amount of Bentonite clay to the affected skin part; please the eyes and the area around them and let it sit on your face for at least 2 hours. It will calm the symptoms and clear the rash off.

    You can do this daily till you get the desired result.

    1. Cocoa butter

    Cocoa butter is rich in polyphenols; these compounds fight skin problems including rashes and it clears the signs of aging. It soothes sensitive skin and clears rashes from the body.

    These polyphenols are powerful antioxidants that keep the skin healthy and fight chronic diseases; they prevent degeneration of the skin, they fight mutation in skin cells and prevent skin sensitivities.

    Use pure cocoa butter that is void of alcohol and other additives like fragrances; apply it on your skin many times daily and do not wash it off, unless you want to have your bath and you must apply it after that. Alcohol, additives and other chemicals added to cocoa butter can worsen the condition.

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    1. Olive oil

    Extra-virgin olive oil is an effective remedy for skin rash; it hastens healing and enhances skin renewal, its antimicrobial properties fights infections and microbes and its rich content of vitamin E and antioxidants reduce inflammation, itching and other symptoms of rashes.

    Apply pure olive oil to the affected skin part; to make it more effective, you can mix equal parts of honey and olive oil together and apply it. Do this daily till your skin heals.

    You can also add turmeric powder to olive oil and apply this mixture on the part affected with rashes; apply it daily till you see improvement.

    1. Oatmeal

    This is effective in relieving skin problems and also fighting skin irritation and inflammation; it has great soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is in the traditional treatment of rashes caused by sunburn, allergies, poison ivy, chicken pox, and eczema.

    Mix water and finely ground oatmeal and apply it on the skin rashes. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then you wash it off with warm water.

    1. Neem

    Neem an effective treatment for skin rashes and skin problems like scabies, psoriasis, eczema, acne, rashes and many skin infections; this is due to its strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-irritant, antifungal and analgesic properties. Its rich content of antioxidants rejuvenate the cells of the skin and protect the skin from problems.

    Boil Neem leaves in water for 20 minutes; let it cool, strain it and use a cotton ball to apply this liquid to the affected skin part. Wash it off after 10 minutes and do this daily.

    1. Tea tree oil

    The anti-inflammatory properties of this herb prevent inflammation and reduce the redness. It prevents the spread of the rash and hastens healing. Dilute tea tree oil with coconut oil and apply the mixture on the affected part many times daily till you see result.

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    1. Lemon Juice

    Lemons are rich in vitamin C, anti-inflammatory properties, and antibacterial properties; they relieve skin rash and skin infections and they prevent the spread of infections and boost the immune system.

    Juice half lemon; use a cotton ball and apply this juice to the skin part with rashes, leave it for 20 minutes before washing it off. If you have a sensitive skin, dilute the lemon juice with an equal amount of water.

    1. Green tea

    Green tea is loaded with polyphenols that heals the skin and protects it from infections and damage. Use a cotton wool and apply this tea to the affected skin part and wash it off after 30minutes. Do this once daily.

    1. Baking soda

    This helps to dry out the rashes and relieves inflammation, itching, and pain; mix baking soda with water and apply this thick paste to the skin rash. Leave it for few minutes before washing it off. Do this once daily. You can use coconut oil in place of water.

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    When to see a doctor

    If you’ve used these home remedies and even pharmaceutical products and you don’t see any improvement; please see the doctor immediately.

    If the rash comes along with the following signs and symptoms, please don’t hesitate in seeing a doctor. The signs to watch out for are: high temperature, sore throat, a large collection of pus, joint pains, tender regions around the rash, red steaks around the rash, severe pain, intense discoloration on the skin, dizziness, confusion, severe pain in the head or neck, difficulty breathing, and swellings in the face or extremities.

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