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    Grapefruit is a hybrid fruit; it was crossbred with Pomelo and sweet orange in the 18th century, grapefruits have varieties of colors like red, yellow, white and pink.

    They have a high content of vitamin C and they have protective properties for the skin, heart and they prevent diseases. They are best stored in a cool dry place; don’t expose them to sunlight and to benefit from their immense health benefits, go for fully ripe grapefruits.

    This fruit has a sweet and sour or slightly bitter taste; it is usually called “fruit of paradise” because of its amazing health benefits. Below are ten health benefits of grapefruits.

    Important Health Functions of Grapefruit

    1. It protects the heart

    Grapefruit guards against hypertension and heart disease; the high content of lycopene, potassium, fiber, vitamin C, and choline maintains a healthy heart and healthy blood vessels.

    Regular intake of grapefruit or grapefruit juice cuts the risk of ischemic heart disease and deaths caused by this condition. It is a good source of potassium which is needed for normal functioning of the heart muscles.

    Potassium keeps high blood pressure at bay because it widens the arteries due to its vasodilation properties; grapefruit reduces high levels of cholesterol and boosts the levels of good cholesterol.

    1. It reduces acidity

    The normal pH of the body is that of an alkaline state but stress, unhealthy and processed foods, medications and vaccines, and other factors make the body acidic.

    In an acidic state, the immune system is suppressed; any disease can thrive and infections are frequent. Grapefruit is effective in reducing the acidity of the body.

    Its ability to reduce acidity makes it a great remedy for influenza; it contains naringin, the bitter compound improves digestion and protects against influenza and other diseases.

    Grapefruit juice makes the body alkaline; the citric acid in this juice boosts alkalinity and ensures proper digestion of foods. It prevents the formation of acids in the body and thereby preventing diseases and parasites that thrive in an acidic condition.

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    1. It prevents urinary disorders

    Grapefruit prevents and treats urinary disorders due to its high content of vitamin C and potassium; it prevents liver, heart or kidney problems that can cause urinary problems.

    1. It fights insomnia

    To fight insomnia and have a good night rest, take a glass of grapefruit juice before going to bed; it relieves irritating symptoms of insomnia and regulates the activities of the brain to boost sleep.

    Grapefruit has tryptophan; this compound makes one feel sleepy especially after meals. It gives one a peaceful sleep.

    1. It fights fatigue

    Fatigue and weaknesses are common conditions most people experience these days; it can be due to stress, underlying medical condition, poor nutrition, side effects of medications and so on.

    An effective natural remedy against fatigue is grapefruit; grapefruit juice is very refreshing and nourishing, it boosts the levels of energy and relieves tiredness.

    It has an important and rare compound called Nootkatone; this compound increases the metabolism of energy in the body by activating AMPK.

    This leads to increased energy; improved stamina and higher endurance.

    1. It treats malaria and fever

    Grapefruit is an effective natural remedy for malaria; it contains quinine which is a natural antimalarial compound, it has been used for centuries to treat malaria, lupus, arthritis and nocturnal leg cramps.

    Quinine is not found in many natural foods but we are lucky to have it in grapefruit; you can extract this compound by boiling the fruit and straining the pulp.

    The juice of grapefruits and the pulp are natural remedies for fever and high body temperatures; they reduce hot sensation that happens when the body reaches a high temperature and they help people recover fast from fever.

    It boosts the immune system; prevents dehydration and is a great thirst quencher when the fruit juice is mixed with water. Its rich content of vitamin C is responsible for this.

    1. It makes the skin healthy

    Grapefruits are loaded with high amounts of vitamin A and C, phytochemicals, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants; it stimulates the production of collagen, it enhances the smoothness and elasticity of the skin, it softens the skin, reverses pigmentation and fades spots and scars, it improves complexion and heals damaged skin.

    Its rich content of potassium clears wrinkles and other signs of aging like age spots; it also acts as a natural sunscreen by protecting against UV rays. Its rich content of amino acids makes the skin firm.

    1. It supports healthy hair

    Vitamin C supports healthy hair and boosts growth and grapefruit is rich in this vitamin; it fights bacteria on the scalp that can cause infections and scalp problems which can lead to massive loss of hair.

    It prevents flaky skin and dandruff; these can clog hair follicles and affect growth. If left untreated; it can cause damage to the hair follicles and slow or stop the growth of hair. The fruit keeps dandruff at bay, it gets rid of follicle debris and boosts the circulation of blood to the scalp to encourage healthy hair growth.

    1. It treats respiratory problems

    Grapefruit can effectively lessen the severity of respiratory problems and it is capable of preventing asthma; its rich content of ascorbic acid reduces wheezing symptoms in kids.

    It also helps in the treatment of a chronic cough, runny nose and shortness of breath; it also fights colds and boosts immune responses to all these infections.

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    1. It cleanses the liver and dissolves kidney stones

    Grapefruit is rich in a wide variety of compounds that help to detoxify the liver; limonoids are one of these compounds, they eliminate toxins from the liver by making them water soluble for easy removal.

    It is believed that taking a liter of grape juice daily help people reduce their risk of forming kidney stones; this juice increases urinary pH and speed up the process of citric acid secretion. This helps a long way in reducing the possibility of calcium stones forming.

    If you think you are at risk of developing kidney stones; take grape juice daily to help prevent this. Kidney stones can be painful and it can lead to kidney damage or failure.

    Grapefruits can be eaten raw or you can juice it. Any way you chose; you can benefit from its medicinal properties.

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