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    Rosemary is a popular herb with over a thousand health and natural uses; it is called by many pet names including “old man”, “dew of the sea” and many others because of its usefulness to man and its therapeutic effects.

    This herb has been used over the centuries to treat a host of medical problems including memory problems, skin problems, cancers, infections, premature and rapid aging, anemia, and it supports a healthy delivery.

    Ancient cultures like the ancient Jews, Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans considered this herb a sacred plant; fresh rosemary is loaded in the following vital nutrients.

    They are dense in vitamins A, B6, C; they are rich in magnesium, iron, calcium, manganese, copper, sodium and dietary fiber. They contain powerful antioxidants like rosmarinic acids, diterpenes, camphene, carnosol, cineol, borneol, and bornyl acetate.

    There is a small village in the southwest of Italy; people there live long and it is estimated that one in every ten persons is over a hundred years old.

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    This attracted researchers and they studied the town; they discovered that their secret is cooking most of their dishes with rosemary leaves. The leaves can be used fresh or dried; they are also available in capsules and oil.

    Below are ten amazing health benefits of Rosemary.

    Ten Health Benefits of Rosemary

    1. It boosts hair growth

    Rosemary boosts hair growth, treats dandruff and itchy scalp, it prevents dry scalp, baldness and premature graying. It boosts hair growth in those suffering from permanent alopecia; it promotes healing of the scalp, it fights hair loss and boosts the circulation of blood to the scalp.

    The oil and decoction or tea can be used on the hair.

    1. It enhances brain functions

    Traditional healers have relied on the potency of this herb to treat brain problems and to boost memory and concentration; inhaling it improves concentration and focus, it fights cognitive decline caused by aging.

    This herb prevents the formation of beta-amyloid plaques and inhibits the actions of acetyl cholinesterase; these are the primary causes of Ataxia, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia.

    Rosemary contains diterpenes; these compounds stop neural cell death and have a strong anti-inflammatory property, it fights oxidation and depression.

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    1. It boosts a healthy skin

    The rich content of antioxidants in this herb help in keeping the skin healthy and renewing youthfulness; it fights rapid aging, it clears spots, acne scars, and blemishes and also treats skin infections due to its strong antimicrobial properties.

    It protects the skin against UV damage; it contains rosmarinic acid which fights the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes and fine lines and other signs of aging.

    It tightens the skin and closes pores thereby making the skin look younger and treats saggy skin; it improves complexion and gives the skin a smooth texture with increased elasticity.

    1. It detoxifies the body

    Rosemary has a mild diuretic property; it expels toxins and waste products, salts, microbes and even fats, take rosemary tea regularly to detoxify your body.

    Due to its detoxifying properties, it helps in the treatment of uremia; it also freshens breath, it fights mouth odor caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body.

    Its antibacterial properties fight microbes responsible for mouth odor and periodontal problems; it keeps the mouth clean and healthy.

    1. It relieves stress and anxiety

    Rosemary herbal tea is a great stress reliever; it also calms down tensions and anxiety, it contains rosmarinic acid and ursolic acid that helps in fighting depression. It also treats anxiety and burnouts.

    It helps one tolerate and cope with stress; it soothes the body, it calms the brain and balances the levels of hormones in the body, this, in turn, will reduce the risks diseases caused by chronic stress.

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    1. It makes the liver healthy

    Rosemary tea has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties; it fights inflammation of the liver and prevents the activities of free radicals in the liver.

    It contains carnosol; this compound protects the liver from free radicals, toxins, stress and dangerous chemicals. It prevents the formation of peroxides in the liver; these compounds harm the liver and it also protects the structural integrity of the liver cells.

    1. It fights diabetes and regulates sugar levels

    This is a traditional treatment for hyperglycemia and diabetes; it contains powerful compounds like carnosol, camphene, hesperidin, luteolin, and borneol; these compounds prevent lipid peroxidation and they stimulate the production of antioxidant enzymes.

    Rosemary tea helps patients with diabetes manage insulin dependence.

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    1. It relieves pains

    Rosemary tea, oil, and decoction are very effective in relieving severe pain; this herb is loaded with analgesic properties, it reduces the intensity of pains and headaches and also shortens their duration.

    The aroma of the tea or oil relaxes the nerves and mind and soothes the body; it heals aching joints and muscles, it relieves painful allergic reactions, and it improves the circulation of blood which can help in relieving pains.

    It fights inflammation and relieves cramps; it is even effective in relieving kidney pain.

    1. It boosts the respiratory system

    Rosemary leaves help to clear mucus and phlegm in the respiratory airways; it even treats a cough, flu, cold, and it is effective in treating asthma.

    Rosmarinic acid prevents fluid from accumulating in the lungs and it clears the airways in the respiratory system and ensures proper breathing.

    1. It fights cancer and macular degeneration

    Lots of studies have demonstrated the potency of rosemary against cancers in various organs of the body; it prevents the formation of cancer and tumor cells in the first place and it reverses cancer in those already down with it.

    It stops the replication of cancer cells and it stops the growth of tumors; its content of carnosic acid prevents and reverses macular degeneration caused by aging. This can affect the retina.

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    How to Use Rosemary

    The leaves of Rosemary can be added to meals, salads, and soups; the oil is available also, rosemary tea and decoction can be taken on a daily basis to boost health and treat many health challenges.


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