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Parsley is a wonderful herb that has been used by mankind for thousands of years as both and medicine; a small amount of this herb is loaded with vitamins and health-boosting nutrients.

This is a superfood with amazing health benefits. It is delicious and adds a vibrant green color to meals. It is the world’s most popular herb and they are available all year round.

Two main powerful compounds are present in this vegetable which makes them very beneficial to the whole body. They are volatile oils and flavonoids.

It contains powerful flavonoids like luteolin, apiin, criseoriol and apigenin. The volatile oils present in this vegetable are alpha-thujene, myristicin, eugenol, and limonene. Even when eaten in little amounts, it bestows lots of health benefits.

Health Benefits of parsley

It is an effective natural remedy for a lot of health problems, it is also used as a natural detox, antiseptic and diuretic. It is a common ingredient in folk medicine and there are many studies to support the health claims of this powerful herb.

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Parsley and parsley essential oil are healthy foods that should be taken regularly. Half cup or eight tablespoons of fresh chopped parsley is estimated to contain 8 calories, 168 mg potassium, and 0 grams of fats, sugar, and carbohydrate.

40 mg vitamin C, 16 mg magnesium, 128 mg vitamin A, 40 mg calcium, 48 mg folate and 92 mg iron. The leaves can be taken fresh or dried and they are of two types, the flat and the curly leave. Root parsley is also becoming popular these days.

Below are the wonderful health benefits of parsley leaves.

Fights Cancer

Scientists found that parsley contains carnosol, this compound is a strong fighter against cancer. It has shown effectiveness against cancers of the skin, prostate, colon, and breasts. It is also dense in flavonoids which fights cancer and stops its growth and spread.

This herb contains another powerful anticancer compound called luteolin, this interferes with the growth and activities of cancer cells, and it hastens their destruction and stops the metabolism of carcinogens that lead to mutations and DNA damage which can cause cancer.

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Apigenin also found in parsley is effective against cancer of the liver. Studies found out that it kills over 86% of cancer cells, it kills active mutagens in the chromosomes of the liver.

Cooking destroys these anticancer compounds so it is advisable to take parsley raw when using it to fight cancer than cooking it.

Protects the Bones

This wonderful herb is dense in vitamin K, this mineral is essential for strong and healthy bones and teeth. Increases the density of the bones and fights and prevents fractures, and improves the general health of the bones.

It stops and prevents excess bone resorption, this is the process where the bone breaks down and release minerals like calcium in the blood and other parts of the body. It improves the skeletal structure and prevents complication.

Apigenin which is present in parsley prevents and treats bone disorders like osteopetrosis and osteoporosis.

Hastens Healing

It fights wound infection and hastens healing. This plant contains beta-carotene which the body converts to vitamin A, this vitamin is used to repair the skin and it maintains the body.

It also improves the elasticity of the skin and clears spots.

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Boosts the Health of the Kidneys and Liver

This herb is important for the health of the kidneys and liver. It is a natural diuretic and it helps in flushing out toxins and other waste products from the body. Apiol and myristicin are two powerful compounds in parsley that help keep the kidneys healthy.

They get rid of kidney stones and gallstones. Use fresh leaves for this purpose because excessive use of parsley oil is not good for the kidneys. It also has powerful hepatoprotective properties especially in individuals suffering from hepatitis.

Parsley brings down high levels of sugar in the bloodstream and boosts the health and functions of the liver. It prevents and opens obstructions in the liver and in the spleen.

Treats Periodontal Disease

Some studies have proved the effectiveness of parsley in treating and preventing periodontal disease like halitosis (bad breath), gum disease and tooth decay. It does this by a process called enzymatic deodorization.

It is a natural treatment for mouth odor, it also treats intestinal problems which can cause bad breath.

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Boosts the Health of the Skin

There is a high content of vitamin C in parsley and this vitamin is important for the body, the immune system, and the skin. The skin is also known as the first immune system, this vitamin nourishes the skin from within and fights rapid aging.

It clears wrinkles, fine lines, and spots from the skin; it stimulates the production of collagen, boosts tissue repair and promotes cell regeneration. This leads to a faster growth of new skin and keeps the skin looking young and radiant.

It protects the skin from free radicals and oxidative damage because it contains a rich amount of antioxidants which fight these harmful molecules and it even delays aging.

Prevents Hair Loss and Corrects a Dull Appearance

This treats hair problems caused by nutritional deficiencies. It has been used in folk medicine as a hair tonic to prevent hair loss and disinfect the scalp. Apigenin, present in parsley regulates TGF-beta1 gene thereby controlling hair fall.

Wash your hair with a decoction made with parsley leaves to treat hair loss and hair damage. It also contains a rich amount of copper, this mineral retains or restores the natural color of the hair.

It also treats dandruff and boosts hair growth. Parsley seeds are dried and grounded to smooth powder, it is used to massage the scalp to promote hair growth and boost the circulation of blood to the scalp.

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Detoxifies the Body

This herb is packed full with important nutrients and phytochemicals which help to detoxify the body and keep it clean and healthy. It eliminates heavy metals and dangerous chemicals from the body.

Parsley root is mainly taken for detoxification.

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