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If I’m one of the competitor of Linda Ikeji giveaway, I’m sure to be winning every month. But since I’m not one of the participants, let me give idea how to become a winner this months.

First, I want to commend Linda for such a pure spirit that has enabled her to be doing what most Africans will never do –  giving freely to total strangers!

Note that this a philanthropic giveaway is designed to assist those who may be in need of the money most, do not participate if you are really not in need of the money.

Having said that, let’s proceed to learn how to become a winner in this giveaway, possibly this month. It is already known that the give away day is every last Monday of the month, that has solved the major problem.

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Step 1 – Make sure you sleep very well during the day of the last Sunday of the month, get at least five hours of sleep during the day. This will help you to try and stay awake during the night in readiness for the Linda Ikeji Giveaway announcement.

Step 2 – While going to bed at night of the last Sunday of the month, set your alarm to wake you up at exactly 12midnight. The new day which is the first Monday of the month starts by 12 midnight.

Step 3 -Type down your email address (which I frowned upon) and copy it down in readiness for the post of the day

Step 4 – Refresh Linda Ikeji blog every minute till you see the post announcing the giveaway for the day. That is likely to happen before 12 noon of the day. So, budget 12 hours of continuous refresh if you hope to win Linda Ikeji giveaway!

Step 5 – Finally, the post arrives. Don’t even waste time reading it, go straight to the comment box, paste your comment and publish.

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The aim is to be the number one person to comment because that seems to be the only guaranteed spot. Once you are the number one person to comment, that’s all – you have the money in your account. Be sure to make good use of it.

Try this for this month and give me feedback, remember, this tutorial is only for one person. Are you that one person?

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  • funmi February 29, 2016

    i cant comment on linda ikejis blog. pls what is the problem

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