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    Do you know how to import cars from USA to Nigeria? Ok, sit back as I take you through the simple process. USA and Canada are the best place to import cars any time any day, and the cars from those two countries the most desirable due to the America’s specifications to auto mobile making companies. Buying and importing cars from the United States of America is very easy, though not that too simple but I’ll try to make it as simple as possible in this article.

    There are two major setbacks and obstacles you are going to face and I want you to be aware of them in advance so that you will be able to plan properly towards your project.

    1. Bureaucratic Bottleneck – Importation of cars into Nigeria have been made too difficult and expensive by the authorities. The cost of clearing vehicles are so high that sometimes you wonder the actual reason a government that is so inefficient and irresponsible to even provide good usable roads for the cars have the morals to charge so much for a car that may soon get damaged by the bad roads.

    2. The Yahoo Yahoo Factor – The bad names our bad boys and girls gives us on daily basis both online and offline always hunt you anytime you wants to do business with a foreigner. Out of 100 merchants you may contact, 70 may decline shipping to Nigeria except you are paying through bank transfer.

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    The above factors are capable of frustrating your plan if not careful but, beside that, the process would have been stress free and used cars in Nigeria would be a lot more cheaper just as it is in Cotonou, Benin Republic. Now let’s go straight to step by step how you can buy and import cars from the USA, enjoy it!

    How to Import Cars From USA Buying Online

    1. Source for The Car – Look for the car you want to buy online; it is a lot more easier and more efficient to search for cars online because you have the opportunity to search and check everything about the car including the VIN status.

    There are so many website where you can search for your cars but I would like to use some of the most trusted website that pays attention to the actions of the dealers both private sellers and dealers. Here are some of my recommendation:-

    AutoTrader.com – This is the website I use a lot more often whenever I have reason to look for a car. It’s quite comprehensive and the dealers used to be elaborate and upload enough pictures that help give you detailed view of the vehicle’s physical condition. They even upload videos of the cars so you can watch and have better view of what the car looks like

    Yahoo Autos – Another great place for me and one used by most people in the world. It’s probably the best website where you can search for any kind of cars on the internet and gives more details than you will ever need. A single search will give you all the information you need about any car and much more, including the VIN information on the spot.

    eBay Autos – Like Yahoo Autos, it has everything you need for a car search and returns all the detailed results. It is one of the biggest car marketplace on the internet.

    2. Contact The Seller – Armed with all the details you need about the car you want to buy, the next step is to contact the dealer to close the deal. The price is already there so there is nothing much to talk about concerning the price, still you can still scrape out something by trying to get additional discount. It usually works especially if you are buying from an individual sellers.

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    Make Payment – Most dealer will want you to pay through bank transfer or other credit facilities. Look for trusted dealer and if you are not sure of the seller, request for escrow services look for any escrow that accept Nigerian and trusted by the dealer.

    From the moment you make your payment, the shipment will be handled by the dealer. He will do the shipping and send you the Bill of Lading which is detailed list of a ship’s cargo in the form of a receipt given by the master of the ship to the person consigning the goods.

    Get Ready to Clear – You need to pay your clearing agent in advance to avoid incurring demurrage on the port. It is important that you pay your agent and hand him over the details including the bill of lading well in advance. This will enable him begin the process of clearing the car. The moment your car arrives, he will promptly get it out and hand it over to you.

    If you have someone in the USA, that will make things a bit easier for you. Just get him to do the buying and the shipment while you clear it in Lagos. And if you want to do everything by yourself, Here is the Guideline for Importation in Nigeria.


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    • Kingsley Ohajunwa April 16, 2014

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      I can confidently say that American AirSea Cargo is really doing great and have loads of offers. Now imagine sitting at home and shopping for any product on any store worldwide at the best price possible- Log on to the website and see lots more>>www.aascargo.com

    • joyse February 4, 2016

      Thanks for this post. I want to go into car dealership biz and I’ve been wondering how to go about it, your post appears simplified but i find it a bit hard to believe it’s really that easy. Can you connect me with someone who wouldn’t mind to put me through?

      • Darlinton Omeh February 4, 2016

        That’s just what it takes, not really more than what I explained here. We can do the buying and shipment as well as clearance and deliver it to your home if you want

        • Anonymous April 16, 2016

          Please send me some information regarding total price of a car delivery to home in NG starting shipment from US to NG on a small car from the least cost to highest based on your experience. Thanks!

        • abel October 7, 2016

          Is it possible for me to send you the name and model of the car i wish to import then you do the buying and shippong while i clear it

    • Kalu February 5, 2016

      Good morning Mr Omeh, and thank you so much for all the knowledge you are pouring out there. they are just very helpful, glad to have a Nigerian brother like you who is sharing such valuable knowledge out there, very priceless indeed. but I am in the USA and looking forward to coming home this summer, I want to ship three used cars, one sedan and one suv, and one U-haul type Van.just wandering how much it will cost to clear it from customs

    • Igwilo Kingsley February 23, 2016

      Hello man,thanks for the breakdown of the processes needed. I want to know the breakdown in terms of cost of settling the agent overseas (lets say in the US) who would help me in finalizing every transaction as regards shipping the car, how long it will take the car to arrive here in Nigeria, the amount I/my agent is to pay at the port authorities in Lagos? Can you also connect someone with a reliable agent over there and here in Nigeria too?
      Hope this message meets you well.

    • kay March 19, 2016

      Thanks Mr omeh, if I may ask, if u r to help me buy a toyota sienna 2001 from the usa ,how much will it cost plus the shipping and clearing here in Nigeria


      • Muhammad June 9, 2016

        Ma’am i can surely help you with that, please email me or whatsapp on the details below :

    • Muhammad June 9, 2016

      Darlinton Omeh,
      Bro thank you so much for your efforts this really helped alot as i am expanding my business in Nigeria now, we own a company named mitsab.com which is a sister company of linearshipping.com and we are in the business of shipping cars from US to different regions since 13 years now, we already have several clients in Nigeria as well.
      Mitsab is completely registered with 200+ auction houses in USA and we would be able to provide best rates comparatively to the market prices of nigeria for sure.
      if someone is interested kindly contact me : or whatsapp :.
      Thanks once again !

    • FliWheel February 15, 2017

      If you are looking to import cars from USA to Nigeria, we can help you. At FliWheel.co, we handle the entire car purchase and export process for our clients including inspection, transportation, shipping, marine insurance and paperwork. We export both new and used vehicles and have exported hundreds of vehicles to Nigeria already.

    • David January 16, 2018

      Thanks for taking time to share your experience on this platform. I would like to know the cost of shipment of Toyota COROLLA 2005 from the US to NG. Thanks a bunch.

    • Gbenga September 3, 2018

      I need a car c240 Mercedes

    • Joseph November 16, 2019

      Thanks for the post.
      I’m interested in starting a car dealership business and your articles have really been helpful. but I checked the site you listed above but the autotrader.com says its currently unavailable . I want to know if you used the site recently. Thanks

    • Ayobami November 16, 2019

      Thanks for the post.
      I’m interested in starting a car dealership business and your articles have really been helpful. but I checked the site you listed above but the autotrader.com says its currently unavailable . I want to know if you used the site recently. Thanks

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