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Exports from Nigeria to other countries of the world is very lucrative and can build the country’s economy overnight. Why we are not exporting enough products from Nigeria to other countries is a mystery. I want to expose to you the top 20 items you can export from Nigerian and make dollars. People used to think that its only oil related products that can be exported from Nigeria. That is not true.


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There are countless of law materials you can export from this country. In fact, it might really interest you to know that there are made in Nigeria goods that could be yielding enough foreign exchange to the country.

Exporting non oil products to other countries is not too difficult. All you need is to have a company that is export ready and adhere to the strict international standards guarding import and export. Start from the list below.

List Of 20 Items You Can Export From Nigeria And Make Dollars

Exports From Nigeria

1. Ginger

Ginger is one of the most traded spices in the world which Nigeria happens to be among the largest producers. Why we are not exporting ginger in large quantity is beyond me. You can start a Trans-Sahara or Trans-Atlantic trade with this goods and be making dollars on regular basis. Garlic is also on top of the list of items you can export from Nigeria.

2. Palm Kernel Oil

Palm Kernel oil is the oil extracted from the pulp of palm fruit which is different from palm oil. Palm Kernel Oil is used for the manufacturing of various cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and confectioneries. The uses of this oil is broad and the mineral contents are said to be rich in protein for various uses. Nigeria has it quantum and makes dollars exporting it to other countries of the world.

3. Textiles and Garments

This industry alone generates close to $32bn as revenue from export from Nigeria. It is also a fact that unlike other products that battles with high strict rules of tests, Nigeria’s textiles enjoy duty free passage into United States where it has the largest market in the world because of its unique designs, ethnic African designs and quality.

4. Cocoa Butter

This is the real sources of chocolates of all types. The fruits of Cocoa is used for the production of various skin care products, health products, and pharmaceutical products. The demand for Cocoa is very high in both America and UK and that is why cocoa farming is very essential in Nigeria.

5. Gallstone

This is a clay-like solid substance gotten from the gallbladder of matured cow and oxen. The size could be as big as chicken egg. Gallstone is a hotcake for foreign pharmaceuticals because they use it for medical purposes. If you could lay your hand a good quantity of well dried gallstone about 100g that is well packaged, ready buyers are waiting for it in either Asia or America.

6. Rubber

Nigeria has put in place proper Central Testing Laboratories to ensure that only certified products leave the country to Europe and America. Nigeria happens to be a significant producer of Rubber in Africa. A cubit meter of fine quality rubber goes for between $400 and $600 presently because of the instability of dollar rate in the market.

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7. Sesame Seed

This may sound a bit strange if you are not from the area where it is produced in the country. Sesame seed can be found in quantity in places like Benue and Jigawa states in Nigeria. This product ranks second to cocoa in terms of export volume and foreign exchange earnings. Nigeria is the 5th largest producer of this commodity and shipping it into foreign countries brings dollars exchange.

8. Honey

Pure honey is another export commodity from Nigeria to other countries. Presently, a kilogram of honey costs above $150 in the international markets. Pure natural honey contains trace enzymes as sugar, mineral, vitamins and amino acids. A litre of honey can fetch good dollars in the foreign market.

9. Shrimps

The Niger Delta region in Nigeria is blessed with rich organic deposits of Shrimps. The demands for Shrimps is high in countries like Portugal, France, Belgium, Spain, and USA.

10. Garlic

Garlic is a cash crop which is grown under irrigation by farmers in the Savanna areas in Nigeria. With internationally certified good quantities of garlic, you are sure of foreign hard currencies.

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11. Yam Tubers

Nigeria is presently the highest producers of yam. In 2009 alone, yam export accounted for about US$450 million exchange. But due to low quality, it is saddening to know that the country is not maximizing its export potentials of this products. So there is need for prospective exporters of yam to foreign countries to adhere to quality regulations that is guarding the process. Yam farmers must take this into consideration and tap from this opportunity.

12. Charcoal

This is at the fore front in the international market. This product which is produced in good quantity in Nigeria with now perfected technology, has about 50% ROI.Even an individual can own a charcoal production outfit and have exporters shipping it for him. A large market for charcoal exists in ASIA, EU, and USA. A tone of this product goes for about $1000.

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13. Cotton

This sector recently received a boost from the National Cotton Association of Nigeria (NACOTAN) of N33 million to rehabilitate it. Cotton is the most natural sources of fiber and it is in demand internationally.

14. Cassava Flour

We already know that Cassava is food for all in Nigeria because of various methods of preparing it. There is need for this in the foreign markets as well. The demand for well processed cassava flour is increasing both in Europe, Middle East and in America.

15. Cashew Nuts

Almost every part of the country has the potential to produce this international commodity. Great quantity of unprocessed raw cashew nuts are exported to India, Brazil and Vietnam where they are processed into kernels and moved to the Northern America and Europe where they are sold for about $2 per pound. The demand is on the increase from these consuming countries.

16. Snail

If you can produce snails in good quantity, there is a ready market for you. Snails are hotcake in European and America. The good thing about this is that it is very easy to rear as it produces rapidly with close to nothing in expenditure for feeding.

17. Chili Pepper

Nigeria is blessed with good weather which supports the proper growths and production of the internationally accepted pepper. If you can grow and source for the export opportunity, you are sure to get it.

18. Fruit Juice

It may sound somewhat strange to many that Nigeria provide export opportunity for fruit juice concentrates. Yes, we have it because Nigeria can boast of so many naturally grown fruits all over the country which provides the best of fruit juice products of great quality. The opportunity for Nigerian fruits concentrate export is huge in USA.

19. Poultry

Forget about the facts that some greedy Nigerians go about smuggling chicken into the country. When we talk about poultry, it involves all domestic birds, egg or meat.

Nigeria poultry farm products are still highly needed both within Africa and Western countries because Nigerian weather conditions for poultry farming still remains the best. Poultry products export from Nigeria is an avenue that is still highly untapped.

20. Cosmetics and Soap

Nigeria has grown in this very important area but the only challenge that is holding us back is procurement of good technology to produce cosmetics in great quantity to compete favorably with other developed countries.

Soap making, which extends to other toiletries, laundries and so on are already export opportunity waiting to be invested in. Nigerian cosmetics products can be exported to other African countries where hey are badly needed.

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Nigeria has big market in soap industry already which other neighboring countries travels thousands of kilometers to get in big quantities to sell in their countries for good profits. If that area is properly looked into, the investment opportunity there are still virgin. If well harnessed, could mean a huge opportunity for foreign exchange. This exchange will further improve the underused avenues of cosmetics and soap industry in the country.

If the exporters from Nigeria could strictly follow the rules guiding export, more avenues can be opened up for others who are aspiring to join in making export from Nigeria available to other countries around the world.

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  • Johnson Masheni January 29, 2016

    Please can you give me contact to export Ugu vegitables?

    • Oke Bosede January 2, 2018

      Thanks for your services that render assistance to people who are interested in business. I want to know if you can help me with exporting of Shea butter and am interested in kola nut too. Thanks

      • Feng Choji February 12, 2018

        There is no better time than now to engage in the export of agricultural products than now as the government has put in place friendly policies to encourage farmers. Another factor to consider is the high exchange rate of the Naira to the Dollar. To export Shea butter and kolanut, you need to first identify your target market and ascertain that there is demand for these products. Secondly, your sources of supply should be reliable such that the likelihood of a break in supply is very minimal. Having a break in supply will not be good for an export business.
        Another important step is to register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission. This should be followed by another registration with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council which promotes the export of non petroleum products.
        After registration,you should consider ways of attracting clients which will consist mainly of suppliers as well as CREDIBLE foreign counterparts. The creation of a functional website is necessary for this. Other requirements will be made available by the Nigerian Custom Service. It is therefore necessary to visit any customs office nearest to you for further details.

        • Cruxy January 26, 2019

          Fantastic bro all that you have mention are interesting but the most important one is how to get the connection or contact of those you will be exporting your goods to in US or UK

          • Thank you so much for this information. I can do garri , smoked catfish business with you or any other interested exporter. Please can that be possible?

      • noorading May 22, 2018

        Hi Mr Agu , I can do kola n
        ut business with you ,if you don’t mind ,our office is in Ogun State

  • Josh February 7, 2016

    Hi am in need of someone who will teach me exportation business.thanks

    • BASHIR MOHAMMED August 14, 2017

      Thanks you please am interesting of exporting honey and ginger please where am i going to head first tell me.

    • Feng Choji February 12, 2018

      Hi Mr. Josh! It’s good to be interested in this line of business due to its huge benefits. However,the field of exportation of products is vast. You will need to be specific on your particular area of interest. But I think the response to the question above might be of help. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us

    • Feng Choji February 12, 2018

      Hi Mr. Josh! It’s good to be interested in this line of business due to its huge benefits. However,the field of exportation of products is vast. You will need to be specific on your particular area of interest. But I think the response to the question above might be of help. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us

  • ayo February 26, 2016

    needs some basic information on export business

    • Feng Choji February 12, 2018

      Good day Mr. Ayo
      There’s a growing interest among Nigerians to enter into this promising business opportunity. Whatever you are interested in exporting, there are general guidelines you must follow. These include conducting a general survey. Here,you must ensure that basic questions pertaining to the business are properly answered. These should cover the legal implications, available market for your products, as well as your sources of supply among other requirements.
      This should be followed by registering your business with the appropriate authorities which are the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC and th Nigerian Export Promotion Council NEPC. Sourcing for foreign clients should follow. Here, you need to know which local products are in high demand.through this, you can easily connect with these clients. The NEPC can help you with this. Another major requirement is to register with the Nigerian Custom Service where you will need to fill the NXP form as well as other documents such as the bill of exit, the bill of landing as well as several other requirements. Visit any NCS office nearest to you for further information.

  • Charles Chukwu March 1, 2016

    Thank you a lot for your incisive supply of wealth to people who are hungry to make a headway to being self reliant. The service that government will give her citizens is what you have taken care to offer. Thanks a million times and shame on government.

    • Feng Choji February 12, 2018

      Thanks Mr. Charles Chukwu.we will always play our part in helping Nigerians get all the business information they need as well as how best to take advantage of opportunities

  • Chuks March 5, 2016

    Thanks a lot. I am interested in having more insight on how to start the sourcing and exportation of Kola-nuts, bitter-nuts, ginger and Garlic. Good ideas are highly welcome.

    • Feng Choji February 12, 2018

      Good day Mr. Chuck’s
      You are right to consider sourcing as an important requirement for starting an export business,as many people are only focused on demand from foreign clients, and not giving supply the attention it deserves. Let’s focus on each. Kolanut is an important export crop which is in high demand. It is mainly produced in the Southwest states of Oyo, Ogun Osun and Kwara. Bitter kola is mostly cultivated in the southern part of the country. Kaduna state is where you find ginger in commercial quantity and leads other producing states such as Gombe, Bauchi and Nasarawa. It is important to form networks within these states if you are interested in starting anything meaningful. The procedure for export is same as those answered in above. You are free to ask further questions if you are not clear

      • emomotimi September 6, 2018

        pls am not clear what do you mean by its importatnt to form networks within these states and how do u do that thanks pls reply

      • Ganiyu semiu December 2, 2019

        Feng choji, pls I need your personal contacts. Am interested in kolanuts export. Thanks

      • Tope July 12, 2020

        Sir please can you kindly shed more light on how to source for genuine ready buyers of this products outside the shores of Nigerian,


        You’re doing a great and fantastic job sir

        Thanks again

      • Tope July 13, 2020

        Mr Feng Choji
        Sir please can you kindly shed more light on how to source for genuine ready buyers of this products outside the shores of Nigerian,


        You’re doing a great and fantastic job sir

        Thanks again

  • moses March 21, 2016

    what do i need to start this buseness and how do i start

  • Agu B.E April 9, 2016

    Hi,I must say am impressed by your extensive research into potentially worth doing businesses. I am particularly interested in kolanut exportation and would like to get more insight from you. I want a detailed lead and if you don’t mind I would appreciate having your personal link,like whatsapp, email or mobile number. I really need to get started as soon as possible. Thanks

    • Feng Choji February 12, 2018

      Mr. Agu, your enthusiasm is shared by us and many other members of this community. Questions similar to yours have been asked by others. You may like to go through earlier asked questions. Adequate responses have been given to these questions. Kolanut is a highly sought after product internationally and your choice to embark on this line of business is highly commendable. It is important that you establish contact with producers of this product who are mostly found in Southwestern Nigeria. From there, you can embark on the export of your products after meeting all other requirements such as registration among others as answered in previous questions

  • Catherine Olubakinde April 11, 2016

    I am interested in garlic and chilli pepper exportation. Please I need someone to put me through. Thanks

    • isiaka ibrahim June 12, 2018

      I can help you in getting those stuff in large quantity chilli pepper Ginger and charcoal .if you are in need of my assistance you can reach me on 08165296303

    • ramkumar August 7, 2018

      need the price of garlic… interested in buying to india…

      • Ayoade Oluwaseun August 28, 2019

        Dear Ramkumar,

        I can supply the product to you in India.

        I work at freight forwarding company and by experience i can also source for the product in large commercial quantity for onward shipment

        looking forward to doing business with you

  • Obasola opeola April 15, 2016

    Please, I would like to know the prices of the this commodities in dollars per ton and container from Nigeria. Am just trying to respond to a demand from international buyers. As soon as am through with them I would definitely get back to you for sourcing and necessary arrangements. The products are sesame seeds, cashew, cassava and cocoa beans. Thank you in anticipation.

    Best regards

  • Chukwuemeka April 22, 2016

    Thanks for your information. I am interested in exporting honey, cashew nuts and palm oil. please how can I get the contacts of buyers. Thank you

  • lukdozi May 18, 2016

    please can u give contract of exporting ginger and natural rubber

  • OBIASOGU happiness May 21, 2016

    Thanks for your encouragement, I want to export cashew nut, honey and charcoal. Please tell me what to do.

  • Tony May 22, 2016

    Thanks for all these helpful information on exportation.I also need a guide on how to start it thank you for your usual quick response.

  • Jossy June 15, 2016

    I have a large Ugu farm, pls let me know how to go about selling here or even exporting it. Thanks much.

  • GRACE OROK June 16, 2016

    pls i need contect where i can do export

  • timmy June 19, 2016

    this is interesting i am interested in sesame seed, snail and do i get a buyer and at what price?please detail how to go about it.

  • nchee uchegbu June 27, 2016

    Hi , how do i start a small scale banana/plaintain farming

  • Ior Ikyereve July 7, 2016

    Thank u very much for your efforts to educate us on export business. I need international buyers for white sesame seeds and soya bean seeds. How can I export these commodities.

  • lady v July 12, 2016

    Pls I need buyers for smoked fish, snail,vegetable and briquette and wood

    • odoh ejike July 16, 2017

      we’re is your location I need wood call this number 09033202259 or meet me on WhatsApp

  • Linus Aleke July 12, 2016

    I want to Export Palm Kernel oil Garlic, how do i start the business, i need your professional guidance.

  • Ojo Samuel July 22, 2016

    Thanks so much for this platform, please i need a guide on our to start this exportation business, Im seriously anticipating your reply

  • mohammed mb July 24, 2016

    thanks so much for this informative platform. would like to know more on charcoal and garlic exportation

  • Okoro Sunday is my name and I work with Soulmate Industries Limited. We are into the manufacturing of beauty care products. Our products are ranked among the best in the country and also compete favourable with her foreign counterparts. At present, we need export distributors who will buy and export to other countries of the world. The company is there to give out every necessary assistance.

  • israel August 12, 2016

    hi sir, i wiil love to star the exportation shrimp, but i don’t knw how to star it help me and how do i reach u

  • IbrahimSaleh September 14, 2016

    Hi, sir how can i get buyers from overseas

  • davyyd December 22, 2016

    How can we export cassava out of the country? who can we sell to? and where do we go to?

  • IyanuOladosu January 11, 2017

    Please can I get any agent contact to discuss how I will start the business

  • apasynergy February 16, 2017

    Our company is called apasynergy and we are registered exporters with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council and we currently have 1400 bags of charcaol on ground in oyo if anyone has a contract and is intrested here is my phone number

  • Coko March 16, 2017

    For information on export or trade of locally sourced product visit they can help.

  • Chinedu Umesi July 15, 2017

    Thanks for your information. I am interested in exporting honey, cashew nuts,Garlic and palm oil. please how can I get the contacts of buyers. Thank you

  • oluwatosin July 15, 2017

    hello… please I want to know much about how to export charcoal and start making a living out of it….thanks

  • odoh ejike July 16, 2017

    if you need customers that we buy kola, Palm oil contact me on WhatsApp 09033202259.
    I we provide for u

  • Adekola July 24, 2017

    Thanks so much for this platform, please i need a guide on our to start this exportation business, Im seriously anticipating your reply

  • Igbinosun Augustine August 12, 2017

    I known how to source for ginger, garlic, charcoal, shell butter, tibber, groundnut and also palm kernel, my challenge is just I don’t how to get buyers.

  • Tony Nlechi August 21, 2017

    Please how can linked and be connected to those buy raw materials like ginger,garlic,palm kennel bitter cola sheer Butter etc.thanks

  • Harrison August 23, 2017

    How can I start exporting snails and other agricultural products.

  • Pearl August 23, 2017

    Pls I Am interested in starting an export business particularly honey….. Pls can u guide one as regards how to go about it….

  • Samuel September 16, 2017

    To source many of this things are not difficult. Most of us, like me grow up where cashew and palm oil are found abundantly. The problem has always been how to connect interested foreign businesses that are genuine. How one get such link?

  • Ademola September 23, 2017

    Thanks alot. Am very much interested in cassava flower and chilli peper. How do I start?

  • Tony September 25, 2017

    I am interested in exporting honey. How do I start and what are the basic things l need to do.

  • Betty September 28, 2017

    Please I am interested in starting an export business particularly on Garlic and Ginger. I need a genius person or company(ies) who can guide me o this business.

  • kwopnan October 2, 2017

    Tnk u vry much. pls I am interested in exporting ginger, how do I start pls

  • Akpa Audris October 3, 2017

    Please I have shea butter, ginger.,Moringa leave and powder ,sesame seeds, thickners and spices for sale in large quantity and affordable prices.

  • AfeezOladimeji October 4, 2017

    How can I get the contact where I want to export charcoal to

  • Joe October 15, 2017

    I need contact to export raw materials and foods to USA. Urgent thanks

  • Sambo Bitrus October 18, 2017

    Interest in honey, garlic,and charcoal

  • Usman Buba October 28, 2017

    i want to export honey,beans,sesami and yam how can I get started. please need your help

  • Tonia November 4, 2017

    please how can one start exporting these products.

    • iram November 4, 2017

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  • iram November 4, 2017

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  • Florence olawale November 5, 2017

    I’m interested in ginger, tumeric,palm oil and Shea butter

  • Florence olawale November 5, 2017

    I can get chilli pepper in large quantities.

  • Kabiru Mohammed Ibrahim November 8, 2017

    I have same seed in large quantity and Jam ready to start exporting it to Europe or America its prepared as required international standard

    • Yahaya Yakubu July 7, 2019

      Heloo Kabiru M. Ibrahim, how can we meet? I will like to do business with you. pls call me on this number 08065417425

  • oke tope November 16, 2017

    pls can u get contract on cassava, n cashew nut.

  • kenneth November 16, 2017

    i will like to no more about the very interested

  • Kenechukwu November 18, 2017

    I am interested in the export of bitter kola, ginger, Garrick, walnut, but I don’t know how to get buyers abroad.

    I have tried through google, global sources, and many other search engines, but I have not received any buyers to buy from me.

    Please can help or teach me how to get buyers abroad


    Good News Investment

  • Martin December 29, 2017

    How can I get contacts on Ginger exports commodity ?

  • Martin December 29, 2017

    Am searching for buyers of Ginger

  • Yvonne January 2, 2018

    Pls I need detailed information about export business.such as the best cargo services to use here,how to get buyers over there etc.pls I ll be more than great full if u reply.thank you nd God bless

  • Rose January 2, 2018

    Pls I am interest in the export of kolanut how do I go abt it?

  • Anosike cynthia January 5, 2018

    Thank you so much for these inspiring orientation, am really intrested in these export business, how do i go about it? Thanks

  • Johnson Opeyemi January 5, 2018

    I Need A Guide On How To Export Cocoa To Us Country

  • SUNDAY January 15, 2018

    greeting to you. i’m impress on this article on exportation. please, help me on how to export yam tubers, garlic and charcoal

  • Alateowo Omowunmi January 27, 2018

    Am interested exporting kola nut, ginger and garlic

  • kk January 30, 2018

    You should add camel skin too

  • Jamila January 31, 2018

    Thanks how can I export ginger plz someone should help

  • mkn Steve February 4, 2018

    I have a passion for export and imports..(groundnut, ginger, and soyabeans ) Someone with similar passion can reach me 08074989911
    … Let share ideas

  • Oluwaseun February 12, 2018

    Hello sir, kudos for the job well done. Please, I have interest in starting mini-export i.e. small-scale export of products like ginger, garlic, yam flour, fruit juice, chili pepper, kola nut, bitter kola etc… please can you link me up with some buyers? I look forward to a positive response from you asap. Thanks and God bless you sir.

  • harveu mac ejere February 14, 2018

    Dear sir,

    We are o.brianharveyland limited, We specialized in the exportation of Nigerian Grown agricultural raw materials to various countries in the world. like export Dry Ginger, Dry Turmeric, Hibiscus Flower, Soya beans, Sesame seed, tiger head nut, moringa seed and moringa powder, alligator pepper , donkey skin, baobab powder, Chilly pepper, Shea Nut, Shea Butter, Mellon, yellow corn, pea nut just to mention few.

    • Metin Dilek July 18, 2018

      I am interested in buying Sesame seed from Nigeria. Can you please give a detailed quotation on FOB base. I will import it to Turkey.
      Lithosera Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti. Istanbul – Turkey
      Mr. Metin Dilek – Gen. Manager.

  • harkeen March 2, 2018

    well so great to be here but how can i get in contact with you

  • Chuks David March 8, 2018

    thanks for the update .
    please how can one get contacts of client to whom you supply these goods outside of nigeria…in Canada to be precise. am more interested in textiles ,ginger,garlic and yam.
    thank you

  • kareem akeem March 14, 2018

    i we like to go into pure honey,yam and charcoal business,how well i go about it pls need help .

    • Dare Emmanuel o January 19, 2019

      Hi Kareem i we like to do business with you on yam if your terms and conditions is friendly. 07034737305 my watapp no thanks

  • Vic March 15, 2018

    Please I need your phone contact

  • Okoh comfort ibr March 16, 2018

    Please AM interested in exporting gingar,crayfish, egusi ogboho.but i don’t know how to get buyers. Help please

  • Nelson March 30, 2018

    I’m from Ghana, and I want to import cosmetics and toiletries. Can you assist me?

    • taiwo April 23, 2018

      Hi Nelson i do imports from UAE we can do business if there are no restrictions on Cosmetics and toiletries in Ghana.
      contact me

    • Patience Ekwere June 14, 2020

      Hi nelson we do business together if we understand each on the type of comestic and toiletries that u want .let’s share email or contac mine is

  • Nagamanickam March 31, 2018

    Hi, Could you please suggest, how about the export of clothing from Nigeria to India, can we earn good profit from this business.

  • Folaranmi Abayomi April 5, 2018

    I got all your explanations about how to start the export business. My question sir, is how does one source for buyers abroad for instance if I will trade on yam?

  • Stephen ezeh April 15, 2018

    Hello sir please I need a direction on how to get foreign buyers for exportation of ginger ,bitter kola and chalcool .am having difficulty on that area please.

  • malik AJMAL April 29, 2018

    hi sir! export is my passion .i export mango and oranges. please send me contact for order .i am very thank ful to you

  • ASHIEZE OGECHUKWU April 30, 2018

    Hello Sir,
    I have an existing business, it’s registered with UAC. I wish to start up an exportation business. I want to export palm oil, ginger and garlic. I want contacts that would be interested to buy abroad.

    Thank You Sir.

    • Emeka May 24, 2018

      IF you are in Anambra State, Come to Our Office situated at Ministry of Agric. Awka
      Check on our Export Desk.

  • Tiza Emmanuel May 3, 2018

    Am a farmer, looking for company to supply oranges to,and I have a very large orange farmer of higher quality, how can get in touch with you? much regard.

  • Amrita Bhattacharya May 16, 2018

    Just wanted to know the import market of ready made Garments for kids in Nigeria.. I’m writing from India, Kolkata..
    Thanks in advance to guide me.

    • Innocentia August 28, 2018

      Lagos Island Market and Balogun market in Lagos Nigeria. Am also interested in the business

    • Michael April 20, 2020

      Let’s check out the easy modalities of “IDENTIFICATION CONFIRMATION” of each other…. Then, we swung into actions. Reply asap.

  • Geny May 18, 2018

    Thanks for the info. I export foodstuffs abroad such as bitterleaf, crayfish, egusi, pepper and dry fish. I also sell locally made fabric like the and dye.

  • Sam Mulero May 29, 2018

    I want to know if plantain is exportable from Nigeria, what is the quality and how do I connect with the office in charge please?

  • Julieto May 30, 2018

    How do one look for buyers of the products?
    I am particularly interested in garlic, palm oil, ginger and fabrics

  • david June 6, 2018

    How can i registar goods for export?

  • Fomah Edith June 11, 2018

    Hello sir,pls I need a direction or guidance on expotation of foodstuff I.e stockfish,crayfish,melon(Egusi)

  • Chukwuemeka Job Peter June 22, 2018

    How are my going to contact the buyers

  • Chukwuemeka Job Peter June 22, 2018

    I can produce ginger but how can contact the buyers.

  • tope August 13, 2018

    The ideas here are thoughtful. There are other ideas that can also be gained .

  • Opeyemi Adeyemo August 14, 2018

    i can supply melon seeds buh getting buyers abroad is the issue

  • beauty August 28, 2018

    i want to be exporting snail, I need someone to put me true

  • beauty ughavwa August 28, 2018

    how can i get buyers abroad to sell snail to.

  • Olaleretaiwo August 28, 2018

    Please, I need buyers for HONEY.

  • EZE FRANCIS August 28, 2018

    Good day sir,
    please is ginger prohibited in Dubai?.

  • Olufunmi Giwa-Amu November 27, 2018

    Hello,interested buyers , my company exports undiluted pure honey all over the world .
    Interested buyers should send us an email
    we send free samples for test and when its tested ,you can get back to us.

  • Oladunni Adesegun January 21, 2019


    We recently launched a website called Our new website can connect you to buyers across the globe.
    Sign up and list all your products for sale and leave the rest for us. is a global market portal that link Africa businesses to the world.

  • Oladunni Adesegun January 21, 2019


    We recently launched a website called Our new website can connect you to buyers across the globe.
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  • ANOLUE samuel chijioke March 4, 2019

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