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Kola nut export is one of the least know money maker in some parts of this country. If you have access to Kola nuts, you are in for dollars exporting it to foreign countries. Kola nut is highly sought after because of its many usages both in pharmaceutical and soft drinks productions.

In Nigeria, Kola nut is very important because it is used as a good gesture in marriages, business transactions, and in many occasions as a way of showing respect. Kola nuts are given to strangers in many parts of Igboland as a hospitality and welcome gift. But beyond that, cola nut is also capable of making millions of dollars to exporters.

The prices of kola nuts vary in Nigeria markets, but when you are poised to having it exported out of the country, you will be sure to have the profit margin rounded up many times for you.

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For instance, the price you get a basket of kola nut in Ondo state is quite different from what you would get it in mile 12 market in Lagos. In fact, the differences may be N60,000 as against the N12,000 for the same quantity of 75 kg of kola nuts in local markets.

One thing that is assured is that any how you retail it in Nigeria markets, you are assured of making enough profits. This may be the reason why many of the dealers don’t seem to bother about taking the product out of the country.

Kola nut is used for many things abroad including spices. It is so useful in oversea that no amount you exported that can be enough. This where the money is.

Kola nut powder |

Kola nut powder | Image: Herbco

Steps to Start Kola Nut Export to Foreign Countries

After you might have secured a buyer through referral or through internet, you can conveniently start the business with at least N50,000.

When you buy the kola nuts and have taken enough time to clean it up of some unwanted spots due to Ants infections and other weather related black spots, the next thing is to have it wrapped with a paper wrapper at the weight of 1kg per wrapper then have it 7 wrappers packed into a carton which would be 7kg in all. That is the acceptable kg per carton.

So with a kola nut of N50,000, you would spend at least N10,000 to get the wrappers and other expenses to have it packaged after which you take it to a COURIER company for transporting to the destination where your kola nut export customers are.

This is for a small scale kola nut export. If you are going big with the business then you would have to register with the shipping council to have your goods forwarded for you without hassles.

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Even as a small scale kola nut exporter, you are assured of 100% profit of any goods shipped to your overseas customers.

Do not forget to look for a courier company with the most favorable prices to export your goods. Always make sure that none of the cartons exceeds 7kg to avoid being rejected by the courier. As you can see, kola nut export is quite simple, simpler than you think.

For those that want to do it in a big way, having an online presence where you can have your goods advertised is very important.

Where to Get Customers For Kola Nut Export

New Zealand, Brazil, UK, Australia, Canada, and USA. These countries are known to have large productions of energy drinks with some high rates of their consumption.

Other cash crops in Nigeria like Cashew nuts and the likes can also be exported out of the country and make money by following almost the same steps as outlined above.

Kola nuts can sourced from Abidjan in greater quantity for export into the foreign markets for some maximum profits. Once you have made up your mind to go into it, be sure to have it done in a big and admirable way because kola nuts exportation is a lucrative business.

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  • bethel February 3, 2016

    Please were is Abidjan, is here in Nigeria?

  • funmi February 9, 2016

    gooday sir,please can u tell me how i can start honey business

  • chuma February 10, 2016

    my name is chuma i want to export kora nut ‘red oil ; if your interested to by from me callme

  • Eloka Chukwujekwu February 15, 2016

    Please where can I locate a good place to source kolanuts at a very cheap rate in the south east or Rivers state. And please how and where do I get contact of potential buyers outside Nigeria.

    • Abigail February 19, 2016

      I have Kolanut and bitter kola here you can reach me.pls can you link me up with this exporting business?

    • Wale Daniels August 10, 2017

      Hello Chucks,I can supply you Kolanut in whatever quantity you want….U can reach me on.I am Wale Daniels

  • chikezie February 25, 2016

    i love this business , please how do i get started . i need more guild lines pls

  • Stella March 2, 2016

    Good morning , my name is stella , i have plam oil and kolanut to sell in large quantitiy .. If your intrested pls contact me.

    • Steve May 14, 2016

      Which town do you stay and what is the price for your kola and bitter nuts per kg

  • Stella March 2, 2016

    Sir pls i need ur assistance want to start exporting … But i dont have a, connection out there.. How is it possible?

  • Ada March 2, 2016

    I really want to export Kolanuts and Bitter Kola. Please I do I get the contact abroad? I can be reached on. I have the Kolanuts in large quantities.

  • CHINWE March 8, 2016


  • CHINWE March 8, 2016


  • Modupe March 10, 2016

    Good morning sir,thanks for the motivation. Please would like to go into exportation of garlic and kola nut.please I would like you to link me up with customers.

  • ADEREMI ADEMOLA March 10, 2016

    Please how am i going to get started.

  • Adegoke Adebisi April 10, 2016

    I am a conversant person to colanut as it’s a known business in my family.
    Pls contact me with your number and e-mail for some other related matters. I wilke to go into it’s export.

  • Joaness April 16, 2016

    Hello sir, please how do I start the exportation of these kolanut and bittercola and the cashuenut I will need your mentorship and coaching also which of the Nigeria farm products sells in Europe countries.

  • victor April 16, 2016

    pls is there any tax to pay before sending out the kola nut product by courier?

  • Erinosho Kazeem April 20, 2016

    Good day Sir, what and how do I tsart the exportation of kolanut, bitter cola and cashuenut in Europe countries. I want you to be my mentorship. Thanks

  • Abraham May 3, 2016

    please sir, how can I get started

  • Ela May 10, 2016

    How can i get contact abroad to export kolanut busines.

  • Ansy May 11, 2016

    I need contact on export of cola nuts and bitter cola

  • Chioma Okonkwo May 11, 2016

    Please sir, how do I contact these people to buy the kolanut
    And other things

  • Elusade Opeyemi May 17, 2016

    Good evening my name is Opeyemi i will like to meet you in person to know more about the business for a really training on how to find buyers outside the country this is my cell phone number

  • Oladimeji May 28, 2016

    Please sir, I do I get customers in abroad to sell for?

  • Nicholas May 29, 2016

    Wonderful work mr. Amechi ekeh…you are an inspiration to entrepreneurs like myself especially times like this that the Nigerian economy is in need for entrepreneurship and self employment. kindly assist me with contacts like chuma and Abigail here that can supply the kolanuts for exportation. and please advice on the need to register this business and any perceived red flags.
    thanks a lot.

  • Bazil June 3, 2016

    Thanks for this powerful information. Getting kola nut and garlic is not a problem for me, all I need is contacts of foreign buyers I can export this product to. I’ll be very grateful to get a reply on this issue via email. Thanks in anticipation.

  • golden kay June 28, 2016

    Thanks for this powerful information. Getting kola nut is not a problem for me, all I need is contacts of foreign buyers I can export this product to. I’ll be grateful to get a reply on this issue via email. Thanks alot

  • Oluwole Sunday July 7, 2016

    Indeed, l am interested in exporting Kolanut how do l get an overseas buyer my village produced high number kolanut being sold to the Northern part of Nigeria lf am sure of genuine buyer l am ready to make it available in large quantities to interested buyers


    i want to know how i can get/find a good and reliable buyers in these countries Brazil,Australia,New zealand and UK.

  • efe August 13, 2016

    Thanks for the beautiful and illuminating write up on export business.we need it to diversify our economy.what we have need most is MENTORING.SET UP A MENTORING UNIT BASED ON A FEE/COMMISSION so that Nigerians can perfect the act of exporting and benefit from it

  • TODAK September 15, 2016

    You are doing a great job for us. Please let us begin to put them into action at least at a small scale level. God bless you.

  • ashadeabiodun October 2, 2016

    Thanks for the information. pls do you the where we can get it here in nigeria and abijan. Is there any document we need before we can export it abroad and lastly do u have any ebooks on kola nut.

  • onyeka stephen March 27, 2017

    Good day pls kindly help with the details steps on how to start the kola nut export.the contacts of the companies or individual that
    need the goods abroad. Iam available for one on one talk if need be. Tnx

  • oyekunle oyerinde July 23, 2017

    I wanted to start the exportation of kolanut how can i get the link and the buyer even the process,thanks

  • Mathe July 30, 2017

    This is an eye opener. Please, can you help with addresses of foreign buyers or is there anyway I can partner with you in this business.


  • Thompson August 2, 2017

    I Love this business,what are the procedure to start.


  • Yekeen fatai August 11, 2017

    thank you very much sir i can one get customer in those named countary

  • fred August 21, 2017

    how can i start exporting food items in general (african foods) and how can i get contact in europe or canada

  • cliff September 2, 2017

    wow! this is incredible pls can i be linked up with a genuine oversea buyer(s) of kola nut i will be most grateful

  • Osayande September 7, 2017

    I need link of buyers of kolanut in USA,Australia, Europe.

  • Franklin September 24, 2017

    Thank so much sir for the information you have just giving to me. please Sir I’m ready for the business. I will be grate to get your reply via email. with your contact number. God bless you.

  • Benjamin Akoh October 4, 2017

    I interested in export of kola nut kindly assist me with some foreign buyer I can link with instantly.

  • Chika October 16, 2017

    Pls sir, how do i get a reliable buyer outside nigeria and which courier service can u recommend for me

  • LAWAL IBRAHIM October 18, 2017

    Good day here, please how do I get customer abroad?

  • Morayo Fakunle November 20, 2017

    Am in interested pls how do I go about it

  • Rose January 2, 2018

    Pls am interest in the export of cola nut, how do I go abt it?

  • Rufus January 3, 2018

    I could will go about this business?

  • Amechi Joy January 10, 2018

    Good day Sir, please how do I get connected to buyers abroad. I really want to go into this business but I do not have buyers over there.

    I will really appreciate your assistance. Thank you

  • de clem February 20, 2018

    how will i start

  • Sir,please I need some guidelines,how to go about this business,what and what I need to know,it has always being my dream,just that i don’t know where to start even with alot of research,I really need help .Thank you Sir

  • Owonifari April 24, 2018

    pls sir i so much have interest on solanum exportation. buh how do I get foreign buyer. to get kolanut is not problem for me. infact am from ifedore local govt in ondo state
    this is my contact sir 08164252309

  • Boma April 25, 2018

    Ok. Very nice. I wanna start this business in a big way. How do i go about it with foreign buyers

  • Louis May 26, 2018

    Pls im need foreigner buyers for kola nut

  • Hello sir, I can’t wait to start this business please I want to know the states were I can get it more cheaper and how to locate countries that needs it thank you.

  • Stephen steven June 5, 2018

    How do I get buyer abroad any help? call/whatsap 08131885043

  • Francis July 2, 2018

    hi..please how can i get a foreign buyer am interested in the business and i have the kola nut tree in my home

  • Ugoo Samuel July 14, 2018

    Please how can i get buyers of kola nut & bitter kola in abroad.

  • Peter July 18, 2018

    Good morning, please how do i get buyers abroad.
    Email me for further discussion:

  • Orie Paulinus August 1, 2018

    Pls sir I am interested in exporting Cola nut and bitter cola,
    I want you to connect me to foreign buyers.

  • Temitope Opeyemi August 17, 2018

    Good day sir, my name is Temitope. I’m an undergraduate. I’m into kolanut business for a every long time through the help of my grandma because that’s what she does for living. I don’t mind the exporting of a thing. I have enough quantity to export. Keep sir, can you be of a help to know the proper procedure………. Thanks

  • Tarif January 27, 2019

    Hello. Please I want to know where I can get the contact for those customers over seas because I want to venture into the business.


  • ODOH CHRISTIAN February 11, 2019

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  • michael May 14, 2019

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  • Sunday August 12, 2019

    This piece is very helpful. Thanks for sharing with us. Please is there anyone here who has done the business ( exporting) Before ? If there is any please I would love to link up with you.

  • Adijat olawumi September 9, 2019

    How I can start kolanut exports

  • Effi June 5, 2020

    God bless you for the info please sir I m really interested in this kolanut business how do I get stated, really need one on one contact with you for mentorship 08038226507 wish to hear from u soon

  • kelvin June 5, 2020


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