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Online training also know as webinar is a great way of making money from the internet. It is arguably one of the easiest tools of monetizing your blog or website provided you have the content. Why it is considered to be one of the easiest tool? Because online webinar/training brings quick money. We want to critically look at the advantages of online training as a means of monetizing blog and website content and why you should adopt it today.


The main work is done at the beginning afterwards a simple content management system can be adopted. After the main work, the only thing that is left is the promotion and delivery. The main work consists of creating the content and readying it for onward transmission to the clients. It is always advised that nothing should be left to chance when creating the content for online training.

Create Once Use Many

Most online coaching tutorials can be used many times. This is one of the biggest thing it has going for it, which complements that fact that it is front-loaded. That is, you can take your time to do the hard work of making sure you create a quality coaching and valuable webinar sessions but once your store or upload it online, you can continue to use it as long as the content remains relevant. The financial advantage this provides cannot be overstated and people have been known to generate thousands from training session that cost them only time and a few bucks to make.

You Do Not Need Critical Mass

Some training sessions do not need to have a huge number of people before kicking it off. However, all you need with online training is for people to sign up to it one at a time. If you are not using a webinar approach which would mean you need a number of people to sign up (although you can still have video training sessions that can be viewed by individuals in their own time), people can sign up and start enjoying the training.

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This is most ideal when you use email specialized videos and this is what we will be looking at shortly. You do not need critical mass before you can start making money from the beginning. As long as people sign up for it you get to earn from the individuals since they would have paid the cost of accessing your training session.

Video And Email Training

You can monetize by using video and email training. The video we are talking about is not necessarily YouTube videos although you can still use this if the content of the video is being provided free and as a complement to the email sessions which are more exclusive. What is on the email sessions could be content that is meant for the clients alone. To protect your training program, you could link them via email to an exclusive section of your website where they get to view the materials, including exclusive videos online.

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Announcing The Training

We are working on certain presumptions:-

    • You have a platform
    • You have built the platform with relevant content
    • Your platform has traffic or established channels for drawing traffic, which could have been set up during the time of building the platform (social network connectivity, YouTube video traffic channeling etc)

You could have a dedicated page for the training sessions while also having an announcing page where you will include it and provide a link to the dedicated page. The dedicated page should give all the necessary info about the training and the payment details.

Give The Right Date For Your Online Training

The date we are talking about here is the commencement date for the training. This is because the format is not designed to be tied to the number of people. You are only using the idea of a commencement date as a marketing strategy to build and promote it.

Working Up The Audience

Embedded Promotion/Marketing

One great way of working up the audience is to embed the program in other articles or content on the platform. For instance, the training session may be on blogging, which is an aspect of your platform, you can give it a mention if you are talking about product marketing. That is, you will mention it a your product marketing article when looking at the aspect of using blogs to market a product. It could be as simple as telling the people about the available training and a link to the dedicated page without breaking your flow.

Pre-Order Page Or Indicator

You can have a pre-order page where your audience would be given the chance to pay or register for it. If you do not want to go in that direction, you can have them submit an email to indicate an interest to be emailed when the program commences. You can also use this to build interest by pointing out how they may have indicated interest.

Early Registration Promos

People could get discount for registering early. This will give you another excuse to talk up the program in other areas or aspects of your platform.

If you have an ever-fresh content, you can benefit from the coaching program for a long time because the content you have posted will still be drawing long after the initial stages.


    • Use email and either public or exclusive videos so that it remains permanently stored online
    • You can also create a link to exclusive viewing pages on your website where they can only access by sending a link to their email with one time passwords if that is needed.
  • You can also provide exclusive videos in such closed systems

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