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    Blogging as you know has become a big means of information and fortune. Sometime before now, it was just a means used by few people and politicians to share their ideas online . Today, the story is different. There are more people who blog for other reasons than they are those who blog for political or personal objectives. However, there is still a chance for any who wants to blog to start blogging today. And if you are one of the aspirants, this is how you can start. See Also: How To Create Free Blog Within Five Minutes.

    Before You Start Blogging

    Before you start blogging, you need to consider what you really want to do with your blogs. This will help you make one of the most important decision in blogging – choosing your niche. There are countless of topics you can start blogging on such as:-








    Technology, etc.

    When you have made up your mind on what to blog about, you have taken the first step.

    The platform to use for your blogs is an important part of your beginning. Some of them offer free blogging, e.g Blogger.com and WordPress.com but know that blogging involves a lot of features that may not be found on the free platforms. And that’s the reason you should use WordPress.org blogging script, it offers a variety of enticing feature, i.e countless of plugins to help you achieve any feature you want and you will be able to categorize your works according to the contents.

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    Another important step you should consider is domain hosting, that is, if you want to do blogging big and make money from it. The free blogging platforms may not give you the opportunity to earn money since it is free, and if they do, you will share whatever you earn with them.

    Register a domain that fits into your niche, go for attractive and memorable domain name and design your blog to fit your contents. That’s the best way to start blogging if you hope to make money from blogging. The cost of Domain names is not much. Domain registration companies give various affordable offers, e.g godaddy.com register.com and domain.com. Prices are available on those sites accordingly.

    When You Finally Start Blogging

    Make the contents rich and problem solving.  What people are actually looking for is answers to their questions. If they find it on your blog, they will pay you back with loyalty. You may need to look at what others are doing (not  plagiarizing) to make amends.

    Promote your work. You can do this through social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Invite your followers to your blog, and keep them coming by giving them what they really need.

    Another means of getting people to your blog, is search engine optimization. A lot of people go online looking for information about everything, and they rely on search bars to get such information. You do not need to pay to do that, many search engine companies do not take fees to admit people to their search engines.

    Your search engine optimization choice of words, determines how much people see your article, or whatever you do on search engines. And how much people click on your article determines your success. It is actually called “traffic.” Your ability to drive in traffic makes you a successful blogger. Therefore, you better pay attention to people’s choice of words and what they are searching for on the search engine. The “hows” are always winning.

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    • David February 4, 2016

      please how can I have Linda Ikeji video Tutorial step by step of her exact system of Blogging and earning…..

      • Confidence Macaulay February 19, 2016

        Dear david,
        one thing you must know is this, in blogging, you do not have to be like anybody but instead, create your own brand and make it worth more than the other persons own.. Linda ikeji’s niche is gossip, celebrity news and entertainment which is already over crowded in 9ja and the world at large.

        Note: she started when blogging was nothing and remained till now. so looking for a video tutorial about her will only add you to the list of failed blogger even before starting. There are so many other untapped niches you can tap into.. but if you still needs LIB exact tutorial, then i can spare a few of my time to do 1 for you (Note you will pay heavily for it because you seek for the impossible)..

        you may want to also check out my blog here. News on Wireless to also learn more about blogging…

    • OWOJELA April 27, 2016

      Dear Mr. Darlington Omeh I have been blogging for over six months, what can you say about my blog in terms of improvement >>> owojela.blogspot.com would like to get a feed back from you sir…….

    • BOLANLE June 28, 2016

      Good day Mr Darlington my name is Bolanle pls I need your help about how to start my blog in a write way pls I really need your full support and gird on this thanks for your favorable reply

    • Fess September 12, 2016

      Thanks. I enjoyed the article.

    • Aresa Adeniyi OMOBORIOWO February 4, 2018

      Thanks i really understand your point but someone told me about web hosting on hostigator.com and when i visited the site i saw wordpress hosting , cloud hosting etc. My point is that is there any difference between web hosting and wordpress hosting.Please i need your help

    • Christian February 17, 2018

      Thanks. I am interesting in Personal Development subjects. From our researches, do you think it can fly?

    • Raphael April 2, 2018

      Thank you very much for doing a great job here, it takes much discipline to show people how to follow the right path towards becoming useful to themselves and immediate society. This no doubt they can achieve through solving problems on cyber space. Blogging has been rewarding if done properly believing in ones self than copying what’s out there. Keep it up bro.

    • Tunrayo Joseph August 14, 2018

      Thanks. I really enjoyed the article.. More grace

    • Jacob August 20, 2019

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