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    Like Blogs and eCommerce websites, Forum is equally going places and is probably one pf the oldest form of community on the internet. There are guys who have capitalized on people’s desire to belong to a community on the internet to create highly successful forums. These forums are doing well in their respective niches, raking the owners millions of dollars in revenue on annually bases. But which among them are the biggest forums on the internet and how much they earn?

    I hereby bring to you list of the top 10 biggest and most successful forums on the internet. You can learn from them as you prepare to build your own forum. Who knows, yours may just be the next big thing on the internet and even surpass these ones. Learn how to build your own forum!

    10. HardForum.com [$26,820 monthly] — Number 10 in this list of top ten biggest forum websites in the world is Hard Forum. With over 14 million posts and more than 180,000 registered members, Hard Forum occupy the last spot on the top with pride. The forum is about technology, auction, and more. Developed with the vBulletin forum software, It is a one stop forum for technology and gadget lovers.

    9. AVSForum.com — [$32,220 monthly] Founded in 1999 by David Bott and Alan Gouger, AVSForum.com is the largest discussion forum dedicated to Home Theater, cinema, and the products used with over one million members, 800 thousand threads, and seventeen million posts.

    AVS is the place to discuss high-definition home theater gear, movies, and everything in between with enthusiasts from all over the world

    8. Namepros.com — [$35,220 monthly] With over 200,000 registered members, NamePro.com is the biggest Domain Name Business forum on earth. It is a very active domain forum – acting as domain market place and discussion boards for avid Domainers worldwide.

    7. AndroidForums.com — [$62,225 monthly] Own by Phandroid is the FIRST independent forum website dedicated to discussing all matter about android. On November 5th, 2007, rumors of the gPhone were put to rest as Google announced Android. By announcing a mobile platform instead of a manufactured handset, Google officially begun a mobile revolution.

    On November 6th, 2007, Wired.com reported that “Android Already Has Phandroids“, making phandroid.com the first documented website reporting exclusively on Android news. Therefore, it is not surprising how big their forum has become within six years.

    6. India-Forums.com — [$74,820 monthly] With over 750,000 registered members, India-Forums.com is the # 1 Discussion Forums in India and sixth in the world. The forum was started in December 2003.  From the days of Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahi – India-Forums has succeeded in bringing together television viewers all across the globe. It has merged the virtual world and reality in a beautiful combination where virtual friends are now part of an extended family with many special bonds and relationships.

    India-Forums started as television discussion forum has branched out to several other sections like Bollywood, Celebrity Interview, Internet Radio, Fan Clubs, Debate Mansion, Sports, Books Talk, Fashion News update and Gizmo Talks.

    5. MineCraftForum.net — [$151,830 monthly] Owned by Curse Inc. MineCraftForum is the largest gamers discussion board on the internet, attracting more than 22 million unique visitors a month. It’s purpose is to help gamers enjoy the game in all aspects of their gaming lifestyle— from tips for a game they are playing, engaging with their friends in the gaming community to watching their favorite gaming professionals compete.

    MindCraft Forum topics comprises, tools, databases, videos, guides, live streaming, and eSports teams. Online gaming enthusiasts depend on Curse for the tools and expertise they need in order to take their gaming to the next level. It a one stop forum for game lovers

    4. WebHostingTalk.com — [$187,560 monthly] This forum is probably the best monetized forum is the world. Everything about web host, web hosting, server management and administration is discussed here. You can never have anything to do with host without bumping of this forum, that’s how big it it, occupying the forth position among the biggest forums in the world.

    3. Nairaland.com — [$204,660?] Nairaland is the biggest forum in Africa and third biggest in the world. This forum is probably the opposite of WebHostingTalk in terms of monetization. If properly monetized and all the potentials realized, this forum has all it takes to comfortably bring in $250,000 monthly but I doubt if it’s bringing anything close to that now. The forum is a broad discussion board, catering for all things under the sun as long as it’s worth talking about. It is founded in 2005 by a Nigerian Entrepreneur Oluwaseun Osewa.

    2. DigitalPoint.com — [$465,690 monthly] Digital point sits on number two spot comfortably with nothing to worry about. After all, the champion is holding sway to number one spot without any desire whatsoever of relinquishing the top position . Digital Point is the center point for discussion on anything digital and computer. It is another well monetized forum.

    1. WarriorForum.com — [$1,150,530 monthly] With over 20,000 registered member online and another more than 22,000 guest online at any giving time of the day, you dare not compete with warrior forum in anyway. This monstrous forum on Internet marketing is unarguably the biggest forum on the Internet. Founded in 1997 by Allen Say, the forum has grown beyond every measure and has become the number one meeting point for Internet marketers worldwide.

    So, the Champion is:- The Warrior Forum!

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    • Anonymous February 16, 2014

      I know that forum may be profitable. But how did you arrive at these figures?

      • SACHIN July 2, 2016


        • Usman August 29, 2017

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      • shudip singh March 11, 2018

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      • ig abrash December 18, 2019

        wow this is really a great write up..

    • Anonymous April 20, 2014

      Why isn't Gaia there? I heard they are the biggest forum but not the biggest profit? thebiggestforums.com

    • Abdul Gaffar April 22, 2014

      Nice post …great info

    • Anonymous May 18, 2014

      Am proud to be a Nigerian. Nairaland is doing me proud @ number 3. Another site to look out for from Africa Nigeria

    • Manfaat Kopi August 13, 2014

      How about Gaia, 4Chan and Kaskus ? If calculated, them have 3,5 billion member in 2014..

    • Kamal September 5, 2014

      It is really informative post. I was searching about top forums and you explained very well. thnx for sharing this.

    • Fest October 8, 2014

      Thnx for sharing about all of the top forums. i like this post. now i can enjoy top forum .. thnx again 🙂 looking forward 🙂

    • Anonymous October 19, 2014

      I agree WarriorForum is massive. I'm surprised god like productions isn't on there.

    • kamal November 9, 2014

      Wow forums earn alot of money… nice post. I like it..

    • Mayank Gupta December 29, 2014

      I well explained list of top forums, one question I would like to ask you is what do you think is going to be the future of forums, as nowadays forums are a great way to share your knowledge.

    • Ajiboye Ariyo June 3, 2015

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    • Odama Victor December 15, 2015

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    • Daniel Eder March 11, 2016

      and new on the scene 🙂

      soon to be the largest forum in the world

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    • precious July 20, 2016

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    • Sara Khan March 21, 2017

      I think you forgot to add blackhatworld.com, this is also best forum.

    • Emmi July 16, 2017

      thanks for the update, believe me 9jatechs.com will be among this list someday

    • wapland July 18, 2017

      Wow I cant Believe Nairaland is Among the best forum in the world

    • Joseph Chikeleze July 27, 2017

      Wow, I finally saw nairaland listed. This is great list.

      Do have a nice day.

    • stan August 7, 2017

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    • Webgeak January 21, 2018

      Really. What an interesting list am really happy for Seun he made the list

    • james February 14, 2018

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