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A lot of people have a passion to do something meaningful for the poor and needy, the youth, widows and even unemployed people in the country. Some have made it a goal they must achieve while to others it remains a wish. Though Nigeria practices a Democratic system of government, we all cannot be in government, neither can we all be politicians in other to help build the society. Some have taking to establishing NGO in Nigeria as a mean of contributing to society development.

We shouldn’t leave all the responsibilities to government, even when it is within the power of some individuals or groups to mitigate some of these social problems and to save lives. This is the reason why many have started to realize the goal of bringing positive change to their society by setting up NGO in Nigeria today.

These are organizations that are independent of the government (though some are funded by the government) and are not particularly inclined to profit making.

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A Non-governmental Organization (NGO) is a voluntary group which is not under  the control of government and is not in business with the aim of making profit, but rather to meet some specific needs in the society. NGOs are mostly funded by the government of a country while in some cases, it could be funded by private individuals or groups, as well as foundations.

Some NGOs function locally while others function nationally and internationally, depending on the scope of their activities. Some examples of NGOs are the Red Cross Society, All Nigeria united nations students’ and youth association (ANUNSA), Breast cancer association of Nigeria (BRECAN) and many more.

So, if it is your desire to better the lives of a group of people in the society, alleviate poverty and set a standard for our future generations to follow, then I’ll advise that you consider running an NGO. You can learn all you need to know about NGOs and how to start in the following paragraphs.

Difference Between Non Governmental Organization (NGO) And Non Profit Organization (NPO)

A non-profit organization is any organization that is established for the purpose of achieving a goal in the society and is not profit oriented. This definition is broad and it includes an NGO. But the notable difference between NGOs and NPOs is that, an NGO is a legal entity, a non-governmental organization that is mostly funded by the government but excludes the government from its operations.

In the case of Non-profit organizations, extra funds from their various activities are used solely for the purpose of the organization, unlike NGOs where extra funds could go to shareholders and owners of the organization. NPOs could be charity organizations, service organizations or even NGOs.

How To Register An NGO In Nigeria

A non-governmental organization must be registered with the corporate affairs commission (CAC). According to provisions of the companies and allied matters act (CAMA) 1990, it may be registered as a company limited by guarantee or as incorporated trustee.

Note that a company limited by guarantee can only be registered with the authority of the Attorney general of the federation.

In registering an NGO as incorporated trustees,

The process starts with an availability check. This is a search for the business name to see if there is any other business entity currently registered by that name.

Once the business name is approved by the corporate affairs commission, it means you can proceed to the next phase which is the procurement of an application form containing the memorandum of guidance.

You must do a publication of notice of the incorporation on at least three national dailies, one of which must be a local paper which is usually circulated in the area where the NGO will be located.

The final stage is submission of the completed application (in three copies) to the corporate affairs commission.

Requirements For Registering An NGO In Nigeria

When submitting the completed application form at the corporate affairs commission, you must go with the following:

    • Application letter (formal)
    • 2 copies of applicant’s constitution
    • 2 copies of application form duly signed by the chairman and secretary of the board
    • Original newspaper publications
    • 2 passport photographs of applicants
    • Bank draft of N20, 000 in favour of CAC, payable in Abuja
    • Detailed minute of the meeting where the board of trustees were appointed with a list of attendance as well as absentees, along with votes and duly signed by the chairman and secretary of the board
  • Also minutes of the meeting where the special clause rule was adopted into the constitution of the organization signed by the secretary and chairman of the board

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  • Samuel January 4, 2015

    Weldon, i think i really would be needing your council as i aspire to give life to my visions.

    • OlavUgwumba November 1, 2019

      Hello..I am Ola U ..I have the desire to start off an NGO as regards to the youth development in my area to start with but I guess I need directives from people of like minds..please help .
      Much regards.

  • sophia February 23, 2016


    I am in the process of starting a NGO in Nigeria however i am not in Nigeria right now and i need someone to help with the registration. could you be of help please or direct me to the right person.

    • Eken April 23, 2016

      Hi Sophia,

      I am currently drawing up my canvas for setting up an NGO. If you need help let me know ASAP.

      • valentine May 19, 2016

        i have the goal of this too

      • Natasha November 21, 2017

        Hi Eken, I’m in the process of starting an NGO as well and I need some assistance if you don’t mind. Thanks

      • Best January 18, 2018

        I am thinking of setting up an NGO with the aim of supporting children in rural and unfortunate situation with education. I some help about how to go about it

        • Yubbie September 2, 2018

          Hello Best, how is it going with your NGO?

        • Halima July 31, 2019

          I have a plan to establish my NGO to in Nigeria with the aims of giving voice to the less privileged,young children or women been raped and abused…pls how do I go about it?

      • nicholas February 24, 2018

        I need your help

      • oladoja olajumoke March 12, 2018

        I Love to start one soon but i really dont know how to go about it.i need help as i wouldn’t want this vision to die.thanks

    • Damilola Adefemi July 9, 2016

      Hi my name is Mrs damilola Adefemi. GMD ELIEL GROUP. I’m about to release an album based on what God told me to do but what ever I make through my song a percentage will go to the needy so I need to do it right. Thank you.

    • UkwuijeJoseph August 20, 2016

      Hi Sophia ! I thank and congratulate u for having passion for the needy. Am chuffed with your thought. First I want to know what kind of NGO you want to establish, the name, the vision and goal so that I can compare with my own plans to enable us work in harmony. Secondly where are u and how do u want it be operated. Thanks in anticipation

    • KingNom August 15, 2017

      Good Day everyone
      Some suggestions please
      Can we have a chat room/group forum on kingschat app?
      The reason is so that we can reach each other faster
      Also I will like to reach Sophia because I have a vision to start an NGO and I am based in Onne, Rivers State Nigeria
      My name on facebook is Nom S. Sunday.
      kindly contact me
      Thank You

      • OYINKANSOLA November 30, 2017

        I’ll love a chat room too for more effective connections. Any thing to this effect?

      • OYINKANSOLA November 30, 2017

        I also want to start a NGO. Please help me achieve my dream, cos i dont know how i want to start up.

    • Olayinka September 23, 2017

      Hi sophia…it has always been my dream too and i want it to strictly be about girls(girl-child educational movement)…08109928922 dats my phone number, pls lets talk

    • Ashidi Mamman October 18, 2017

      Hello Sophia. Have you got someone to help you? I can do the runarounds for you after we agree to the terms and conditions. My name is Ashidi Mamman. Search me on facebook.

    • Nwosu Chidiebele April 26, 2018

      Are you thinking of establishing an NGO? Or perhaps you have an existing one or to expand? Then you should consider our services. Registering your whether as a Foundation, Trust, Organisation, Association, Network or an Initiative in Nigeria can give you a lot of benefits; as it gives you legal backing with higher trust and the process is now easier than you think.

      I will assure you that Incorporating your NGO is no longer a herculean task and we will go step by step with you./07033097160

    • Nwosu Chidiebele May 5, 2018

      Are you thinking of establishing an NGO? Or perhaps you have an existing one or to expand? Then you should consider our services. Registering your organization whether as a Foundation, Trust, Organisation, Association, Network or an Initiative in Nigeria can give you a lot of benefits; as it gives you legal backing with higher trust and the process is now easier than you think.

      I will assure you that Incorporating your NGO is no longer a herculean task and we will go step by step with you./07033097160

  • cliford unimke March 23, 2016

    Hi, Sophia

    we same to have the same vision, maybe we could be of help to each other.
    you said, you are not in Nigeria where are you?, what is your state of origin?, and when are you due back?

  • Ibrahim M.L April 4, 2016

    i am also planning to do same. though am in Nigeria but am very busy with issues at hand. but u can contact me through my mail lets discuss way forward

  • Community Health Intl April 12, 2016

    Kudos to the writer of this piece. I am in the forefront of NGO affairs. You can contact me if you need assistance and direction with registration and operations. Regards.

    • ADEJOKE April 14, 2016


    • nasiru rabiu April 17, 2016

      @ community health internation
      I just come from a meeting in respect of forming NGO, pls how do i contact you for additional guide line? thank you

    • Dunamis April 19, 2016

      Hello Ma/sir i hope this meet you well, please it will be a graet honour to work with you sir, as i intend to start up my own NGO, presently am a volunteer with an international NGO, will be leaving there this month as it is two years now that i have been volunteering with them. i have a location already in mind.i do not know how to go about all this but have got so much in my head that i have to let out sir/Ma.

      here are my contacts sir

      • Aisha May 11, 2016

        tnx 4 ur guide lines, l have an NGO to help women in my state an l want to register with CAC but, l need ur help

    • Nnezi Oke June 13, 2016

      I do really start up an NPO, because I and my team, we have a passion for orphans, widows and less priviledged. We need assitance and direction with the registration and operation.


    • virtuous June 13, 2016

      Good day we are an NGO and we ‘re planning to register it can I get your number inorder to chat and know way forward we ‘re in Lagos

    • Elizabeth August 9, 2017

      Hi community health, I need your help with registration and other valuable resources. I have a vision to help the needy. Children, youth and widow. I have a completed infrastructure in ondo state that I am willingly to dedicate for this purpose. Please reach out to me. Thank you.

    • Nikky January 2, 2018

      How do I go about setting up a NGO for widows in Ibadan Oyo state Nigeria. Awaiting your response

    • Helen Garba January 8, 2018

      please where are you based and can I have your phone number please? I need to talk to you regarding a youth empowerment NGO I’m about to start. Thanks.

    • Onyi March 30, 2018

      I need help in starting my NGO. A step by step guide will be nice

  • Edna April 14, 2016

    I have a strong vision and that is to help the less privilege especially the prisoners but I don’t really know how to start.

    • andyfobby0705 May 2, 2017

      Hi Edna we both have an aligned goals and would be good if we work together ,I have an execution plan and mechanism of operation and luckily I was just reading through to see if my thoughts were to a point right .You can contact me on 08164992532

  • Anna April 24, 2016

    Hey I also want to start an NGO though I’m not in Nigeria presently but I’m not up to d age of 18 what do I do?

    Pls contact me through my mail

  • Emmanson April 28, 2016

    Good one! The information is basic and straight to the point. Thanks.

  • Esther Altine Garba April 29, 2016

    I can help link you with reliable lawyers to help you with the registration process.

  • ola May 6, 2016

    Good writes. Highly commendable.

  • Victoria May 10, 2016

    can one individually start an NGO? i need more explanation on the board of trustees you talked about. i’ve been planning on something to help in creating wealth in my state. will appreciate your reply please

    • BelindaChiazor August 16, 2016

      I have this same question. Especially when you’re not financially buoyant yourself but you want to bring about change all the same. The prevalence of jungle justice and rape is something I have always wanted to do something about. Rape especiall . I would really love to start an NGO or even work with an already established one but I don’t know how to go about it

  • abdulganiyu nelson May 12, 2016

    Am looking for a partner to found ngo in Nigeria.
    Called for the partnership

  • Ogwu Ngozi May 25, 2016

    Nelson, I will like to partner with you in founding an NGO, I am working in an NGO but on what area of intervention?

  • Bigheart June 1, 2016

    I am desirous of founding a christian nonprofit organization for the purpose of cross-cultural missions.
    Could you please offer me some assistance and advice on the way forward.

  • Nnamdi Valentine June 17, 2016

    Hi, my name is Nnamdi. I need to set up an NGO thst focuses on children rights how do I go about it. Would really need your help. Pleas reply

    • chinenye June 26, 2016

      @nnamdi Valentine.. I am passionate about children’s right and I would love to partner with someone who shares my views in this respect. Interested?

      • Abdulsamod August 5, 2016

        @nnamdi valentine, it is a good thing that you have found a problem you wish to solve in your community. i am equally interested in your though already works for a foundation that awaits registration!

  • Aderonmu Adetutu June 26, 2016

    Hi everyone it’s so good to see a lot of people want to help other people I will like to start an NGO that helps kids especially ones in public schools.
    I have gotten through the this articule which is very helpful but I hope I can find someone help who I can relate with and can put me through on how to get it started thanks.

    • Ogunrinde Omowunmi June 10, 2018

      Hello Adetutu am also interested in public school children because its a phase have passed through and when I c this children with tattered uniform it makes me unhappy. my number is 08163502903

  • aisha July 27, 2016

    i will also like to start up an NGO on e-commerce. i need a reliable and hardworking person to partner with

    • Morris December 12, 2016

      Hi Aisha,

      How are you hope fine,I have just seen your post and have the interest to partner with you so how can we open up a formal communication.

      I wait to read from you.



    • maiadashe77 February 21, 2017

      Aisha how re u duin i was so glad to see your post and highly appreciated,so i have the interest to join u i am livng in zamfara gusau my no is 07067555486

  • OkwaraChinyerePeace December 1, 2016


    pls i intend to start up an NGO that will help provide awareness and funds for children and young adults living with various diseases that need surgery and early treatment, also provide food for children/teenagers on the streets living with one deformity or the other as well as maybe wheel chairs or walking aids for those who crawls and eat dust day and night they have no legs/legs affected by one disease or the other so they beg for their daily bread. many of them die of cold at night or heat during the day cos their entire body is always on the floor. i see these set of people everyday on my way to work, market etc and am always moved to do something but i cannot do it on my own. i intend to create awareness for these people and to help organised fund raising events for reaching out to them so they can have a normal life and feel loved as well as open their hearts to the Gospel of Gods love for them too cos i realize that when Christ was on earth he spent most of his time curing diseases,helping the less privileged , the poor while still preaching the gospel of Gods love. thats the same great commission he passed on to us all. i believe everything should follow due process so plss if u have same interest to reach and affect these lives positively plsssssss send me an email with SUBJECT MATTER as NEW NGO FOR THE BRING HOPE FOUNDATION or send a text/call with the same subject matter. Pls only those who have same passion towards these course i have explained above. i am just inviting one or two persons cos only one person cannot carry out such a great plan alone…… i look forward to hearing from prospective hearts that are filled with such compassion

  • EstherAkano December 21, 2016

    I just started an NGO that focus on JUNGLE JUSTICE ,I need someone to work with, that has same idea with me. I base in Lagos,Nigeria. You can send me msg on my email or call me on this number 07063568665.

  • Emeke05 April 7, 2017

    Pls where can i locate a CAC in Nigeria? Pls reply

  • biolabiodun April 25, 2017

    me and my crew are looking to start an NGO in Abuja Nigeria centered on the less privileged especially the children, anyone who shares our passion should contact me through my mail. God bless you as you work with us to change, enhance and inspire the lives of our children in Nigeria.

  • Glory Friday July 14, 2017

    Hey thanks for this great insight. I have a passion to bring beauty to marred lives. I am an orphan with young siblings to care for, I know what it means to provide their daily need plus educational need. This experience fuels a passion in me to reach out to orphans, widows and the vulnerable in the remote communities who go through a lot to meet their basic necessities of life. Hence, my desire to start an NGO that will offer skill acquisition programs for these people so as to empower them to become self sustainable to cater for themselves and their family. I also want to take beggars of the street and provide them a platform for self development. Please I need a mentor to guide me on how to go about this. I will really appreciate if you send me your contact so we can talk. My number is 09020258179. Thanks

  • Kunal Jain July 24, 2017

    Appreciate the article! Simplifying the process encourages many more to take it up.

  • Monye Babatunde July 29, 2017

    hello thanks for your handful good work, please can I speak with you in person about the journey, with the aid of your directives ….. I wish to contact you/ but please you can contact me at your earliest convenience. thanks…..,

  • Elizabeth August 9, 2017

    Hello everyone. I have a background in public Heath and I am a Nigerian although I don’t base in Nigeria. I have always had passion to help the needy, widow and youth to obtain education. I have a building I want to dedicate to start the ngo. I need resources and legal way to register the ngo and kick start the vision. I need your contribution and any useful resources. Thank you. Building/structure is already available to commence.

  • Ladykim August 10, 2017

    I will need some help in registering for NGO.
    i want to create one speciallyo for single mum(ladies that gave birth out of wedlock) am really on it now ,trying to create a team with strong pasion to work with.

  • Clement Ibah August 30, 2017

    Am working on incorporating an NGO on youth advocacy,values in leadership and ethical re-orientation of the Nigerian public. Need partners across the country

  • Tosin Akins September 4, 2017

    Dear,Sophie, beware of the slick , sweet mouthed jackals. If you wanted to start an NGO here you got to be very smart careful

  • Kunnu theophilus September 7, 2017

    I like to join the group, i live slum area iwaya ( jesu ko) sogunro village, this is num 08182246135 lagos

  • Amb. Francis September 7, 2017

    First of all, I want to appreciate the thoughtfulness of the author of this post. This is one of the simplest yet pinpoint writeup on registration of NGO in Nigeria I have come across lately. Thumbs up!

    It is inspiring to see people dust their visions of the shelves and try to get a head starts. I will encourage you to keep the flag flying because the world is better because of the existence of organizations supporting humanity, like yours. Think Acumen, Red Cross, Feed Africa, Rockerfeller, Bill and Melinda Gates, Carpenter Foundation, etc.

    Starting, growing, and making lifetime impact with NGO is a thick process but not totally “uncookable”. A little mistake kills the life of the vision. This is the reason many up and coming NGOs have hit-the-rock-and-crashed. To succeed better in the industry, you need counsel and experience from an insider.

    If you are looking to start your own NGO on the right footing, and need advise, partners, considerate registration cost, NGO-kind documentation, concept refinement, funding (national and international), affiliations, networking with other NGOs and CSOs, consultancy, database, etc.

    I have over 20years industry expertise and I am in management position of many top NGOs in Nigeria with global networks. I have over 35 NGO mentee organizations I assisted in founding. I also have my own NGO. A lot more you want to know about me.

    Need to reach me? Call, SMS or WhatsApp 08062693114. Please, serious-minded persons only.

    • Amb. Francis September 7, 2017

      Correction on the contact no. It is 08062603114, 08133315771. The above number is incorrect.

      Amb. Francis

  • Kefas Andrew September 22, 2017

    My endless dream is to work wit NGO, pls help me achieve my dream.

  • Akindele Victoria October 6, 2017

    Good day,
    Please I intend on starting a foundation for the underprivileged children, how do I go about the registration?
    Thank you very much

    • Uwen October 7, 2017

      Thanks to d author of this post on how to start an NGO.
      I have passion for rural dwellers as it concerns their Health, Environmental Health, water,sanitation and Hygiene conditions. Empowerment of youths and less privileged one. Though I have worked for various CSOs and NGOs as program Manager on CLTS, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Project Officer for CLTS, Gender Based Violence and teenage pregnancy Advisor, Mangroove regenerarion project assaiant and At present I wish to establish my own NGO or Volunteer serve as an Intern for any NGO that works on the above thematic areas so as to gain further capacity to effectively establish mine.
      If you have any information or know of any NGO that I can Volunteer for or serve as intern do well to Contact me
      via 08101355121.
      I based in Calabar, CRS

  • Rachael Akerele October 10, 2017

    Am in the process of starting an NGO in Abuja, registration with CAC is almost complete, just waiting for the certificate to be out. My desire is to offer assistance to victims of irregular migration especially with regards to human /child trafficking, victims of human rights violation, widows and other vulnerable persons and to provide legal assistance when necessary. I have done some charity works in the past in Edo state before changing my domicile. i do not have any experience in the administration of an NGO but i dont mind partnering with an established NGO to garner experience. i really need help to start.

  • Ego November 25, 2017

    Hi, I am Ego
    I have a functional Foundation in Nigeria. Is it possible to include foreigners that base outside Nigeria in our Board Of Trustees.?

  • Feedy December 23, 2017

    Hello, my instrest is on empowerment through skill acquisition. Anyone who shares the same vision Shud reach me on 08028612492(whatapp)

  • Nkemjika okeke December 28, 2017

    I am currently starting an NGO to help with kids from poor families and disabled kids in rural regions of the country . I would be willing to seek effective partnership as I have a host of low cost projects to change and transform lives .contact me if you would be interested
    +2349023667851 on WhatsApp

  • aminu January 3, 2018

    plz. How can i apply NGO

  • Adetoun January 6, 2018

    I want to open an NGO to sensitise and empower ladies to reduce the rate of unwanted pregnancies and single mummy saga that serve as challenge to our society.
    Also to increase political awareness of the pple.

    • Chimzy June 1, 2018

      I have a similar foundation. We specialize on teenage kids. whats your number to contact you.

  • Tyan January 8, 2018

    I want to register an NGO to care for the needs of the girl child, I am a lawyer and the registration process I can handle , but I want to know if I can launch the NGO and have patrons who will be willing to assist in creating adequate awareness for the NGO

  • Oluwasijibomi January 16, 2018

    How can I set up NGO for youth and the nations .Am with a vision that can push this country to a better place. Anybody with similar vision contact me for the improvement of our country .

    • Prince March 14, 2018

      great vision..ur contact plz

    • Gbemmy April 22, 2018

      We are UK Based created group supporting youth in Nigeria .
      We are helping serious youth with School fees, WAEC and NECO forms fees, WAEC and JAMB free tutorial, Help with small start-up business , School fees for University & Polytechnic students and weekly upkeep for Graduate seeking for job.

      Our Mission is to stop Vulnerable youth from using as a crime instrument, fraud, prostitution, sleeping around (girls) dancing naked in the club and getting unwanted pregnancy. We understand that the reason for all the above is lack of Government support or making provision for Graduate like weekly upkeep while they search for job, Library in the community where people continue to get busy and keep their skills up to date, helping family with weekly upkeep will stop the parents sending their children to the street in order to get food or money for survival.

      We do appreciate that this youths need skills to develop themselves, food, education and apprenticeships are most important part of their lives to keep them busy and take their eyes away from Bad influences. We are helping them already and we proud ourselves for the achievement so far

      If you are interested to join this group for or aware of someone who can benefit from the group please follow the link below

      • Ola August 10, 2018

        Pls can i have the link you mentioned, is not showing under your write-up. I have an NGO and will like to collaborate with your organization. Thanks

      • EDEH JOHN August 28, 2018

        Hi Gbemmy, God bless you and your team for showing great concern for the less privileged youth in Nigeria.

        My main area of concern is EDUCATION for the orphans but due to financial constraint I am yet to initiate the NGO.

        Please, may I introduce some of the real less privilege youths from my church / community to your organization for financial assistance in order to further their education to tertiary level?

        If this request is granted, please, send me the link you talked about, it is not showing below the information.

        My whatsAapp no: 08089237065

        Thanks and remain blessed.
        Pst JOHN

  • Elizabeth Elijah January 23, 2018

    I want to set up an NGO but basically on children, taking them off the streets and giving them hope for a brighter future…I need counseling and help to

  • Victoria January 28, 2018

    I want to start up an NGO in my state that will assist the poor widows and the less previledge youths acquire skills that will help sustain them….pls
    I need an advise on how to go about setting up one.

    • Basil February 5, 2018

      all you need do is run a public search to know if the name you have in mind has already been taken by someone else, if it hasn’t then you do a name search after that get NGO published on two newspapers publications, get your trustees, get your trustee declaration forms, and the trustee form together with your constitution and your good to go.

  • Faith February 11, 2018

    I have a calling and passion to make an impact to d youths of my generation. So I want to get a foundation for youths. How do I go about it.

  • Paulina February 27, 2018

    Pls how much to register an NGO? U wrote 20000 is it just 20000?

  • Prince March 14, 2018


    I am volunteering in two charity organization in the Uk, I am from Nigeria and i am coming back to register my non profit foundation to assist my own country because of my love of humanity. Any ideas on the registration process and if interested in partnership with me, plz reply asap.


    • Promise March 30, 2018

      Prince, I want to partner with you.

    • Firstlady April 1, 2018

      Prince let’s work together

    • Victory Akachukwu April 29, 2018

      Hi, what will the NGO be about before one commits by word to partner?

    • Victory Akachukwu April 29, 2018

      I live in Abuja, I have a lawyer that handles all my incorporation of businesses She is quite good. I prefer to use a lawyer to make the process hassle free. You should do the same. Speak to me on 09098186546 if you would want a lawyer to handle the process for you

  • Yusuf Amin March 19, 2018

    @helen Garba, i am also working on an NGO dat creates employment for the youths and d widows. I dunno if we can brainstorm togeda.

  • Ogbidi Ofure Rhema March 23, 2018

    Hi colleague
    Good morning ☀️🌞 everyone. I can see the passion for great development and humanity displayed here in full fledged. Okay 👌 like most of us here I am also interested in the total alleviation of unpleasantness in Nigeria 🇳🇬 especially in the place of health which has prone l and our team to FOCUS on the sensitization and campaign towards the eradication of breast cancer by organizing free Seminar and campaigns to Lecture and educate the general public on the risk factors possible means of prevention providing support to diagnosed patients financially and psychologically. We believe that early detection can lead to prevention of Life loss and any other abnormalities related to breast cancer. For more information you can reach us on Facebook via
    ROOT OUT BREAST CANCER INITIATIVE or me personally on Ogbidi Ofure Rhema or call 08100574013 for your support to volunteer for more informations about us and for sponsorships.

    We hope to hear from you

  • Ogbo Nadari April 4, 2018

    I’m Mr. Ogbo Nadari, I am pressing on establishing an NGO in Bayelsa State and Diaspora; we are into Building and Training People’s Mindsets in becoming leaders, persons that had lost all hopes in life to be literates (from the background); we are also in making Youths to have a clearer Vision of their future.

    We desire to have partners with like-minded ambitions. You can chat me up on WhatsApp via 08100951246

  • Hon Engr Promise Nwadigos April 11, 2018

    I am the president of the International Youth Parliament, a forum where young leaders are made, sponsored and position for leadership. Currently we have recorded members from all over the Continent, so pls if you are interested in joining us inbox me your watsapp number

    • PRECIOUS April 16, 2018


    • innocent April 22, 2018

      hi. i am an entrepreneur with a drive for increased awareness in automation and digital services, especially in the agriculture industry. i’d love to work with you

    • Jemilat Azeez May 22, 2018

      Please include me in your list. My Whatsapp number is 08029099256

    • Joshua Yabanat Manasseh July 15, 2018

      Am also an entrepreneur and a student with the same initiative ….. If u wish u can link me up to your foundation +2347089889479…./

      And am thinking of organizing an entrepreneurship program in my school

  • Sani lawan Audu April 14, 2018

    I registered and NGOs named grandad a hill dwellers resettlement association which before then we are organizing the resettlement of people from the top hill to down surfaces to enable them have access to government esterblishment while on the hills something like that is not there

  • Funmi April 25, 2018

    This is an opportunity to share ones vision. I want 2 start a foundatn for children of less priviledge n children fro single parents 2 create better future for them be reliable in d society. I need advise n partners.

  • Victory Akachukwu April 29, 2018

    Hi, all I am starting an NGO that will create awareness and help low income earning parents to plan for the financial and educational future of their children. The NGO will also support rural children receive support for education. If interested in partnering with Us. Please reach me on 09098186546

  • CRUZECH May 14, 2018

    Thank you all for all the insight and contributions

  • Mr Charles May 17, 2018

    Am in Anambra State Nigeria, i am starting a foundation that will focus on youth empowerment, training them in skill and also giving them grants to start up just like Fedral Government NDE does… Call us on 08065938895 if you want to be part of us.

  • I need to go about registering my NGO with the corporate affairs commission but I don’t know of any can you help me with it

  • kizzy June 1, 2018

    I have the ambition of starting an NGO but how to go about it has been a problem. Now I’ve gotten a basic knowledge of that and is ready to let my dream come through. Details of it is coming up soon.

  • kizzy June 1, 2018

    soon my NGO will be out. thank you.

  • Temi June 7, 2018

    Thanks for the information, great poat

  • Kingsley Kalu June 8, 2018

    An NGO that cares for the less privileged, a philanthropic organization that supports the unity of Traders in Nigeria is on board. Anyone who is interested should contact this whatsapp number for more details. – 08024041237-

  • Hussain Umar July 29, 2018

    Am also interested in setting up an NGO for young farmers initiative that would key in mostly young farmers to create job and sustain food security in Nigeria 08037326678

  • PASCHAL July 31, 2018

    I am working hard to see that one exists in my area
    It will be out soon

  • Ndu Whyte August 5, 2018

    Thank you for this information. I have been trying to see how i can set up an NGO. This is so valuable. thank you again for the distinction between an NGO and an NPO. I had always seen both as one and the same thing.

  • GraceNwankwo October 16, 2018

    I am interested in starting an NGO focusing on rural women and children, education and entrepreneurial/ skill acquisition. I need mentors or where I can serve as a volunteer or intern in these major thematic public health challenge. In fact all the public health challenges facing rural women and children.

  • ANGELA March 12, 2019

    HI, am so glad l came across this site. l have an already registered NGO, but l really want to connect with those who have already started, so l can get started. l live in kaduna, and my number is 08119996388. please someone should connect with me. THANKS. REALLY APPRECIATE YOU GUYS

  • Theresa Udoh May 24, 2019

    Hi I am very interested in starting an NGO. I have been thinking of how to go about it. Thanks for this platform . Please I need someone to talk to me so that I can get started. My no is 08037871078. I live in Abuja.

  • OGOH LAWRENCE October 23, 2019

    Hi everyone,
    Am glad that we all have same vision for the betterment of our country and the uplifting of the needy.
    without further delay,i will post the WhatsApp link for anyone that is interested to join for contributions,questions etc about NGOs
    this group is for growth and promoting same ideas which in turn will help our country Nigeria as we work as separate entity but same vision.
    Thank You.

  • Abiola Aderonke Agboola July 13, 2020

    Presently desiring to start up an ngo for community health dwellers. I really would appreciate talking with someone so as to bring this desires in to reality.

    Thanks alot

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