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    It is obvious that a good number of Nigerian youths are currently searching for how to join Nollywood or how to become actresses/actors in Nollywood. Fraudsters and pretenders are equally aware of this fact and are constantly on the prowl trying to prey on these innocent career seekers both online and offline. A good number of Ladies have been raped and destroyed in the process of searching for any possible means of getting into the glamour of the Nigerian Movie and entertainment industry

    In this article, I want to explain the simple, easy and most realistic way of getting into the Nollywood and making a great career out of the Nigerian movie industry and probably become one of the household name in Nigeria soon.

    Still, it is important that I warn you about the inherent danger associated with quests like this. While you go about looking for the phone numbers of actors and actresses to call to help you gain entry into Nollywood, fraudsters are aware of it and are capitalizing on this to give out fake numbers on various websites through which they defraud, rape or lure ladies into inhuman sexual activities. Even some of the actors themselves are said to have used the opportunity to take advantage of ladies too.

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    Granted, most of these girls who are desperately looking for breakthrough into the Nollywood are very much ready and interested in being exploited sexually as long as that helps them climb the Nollywood starship ladder. Some are said to have even sent their nude pictures to male celebrities actors in effort to seduce them, hoping that will help them get a role in a movies. This article may not be for these ones.

    However, if you are looking for straight forward means to become a Nollywood actress or actor, pay attention to this post. The process is not difficult as long as you already have the talent because talent is what make a great star. Before we go into the details, let’s see what you stands to gain if you finally become a Nollywood star.

    Nollywood Auditions

    Participants At The African Diva Reality TV Show Auditions

    Earnings – The Nigerian Movie industry is the third biggest in the world. Therefore, one would expect the glamour and wealth that flows in Nollywood. Average Nigerian movie stars earn between N100,000 to N500,000 per role, while the big names in the industry earn between N1 million to N5 million depending on the name and the movie production budget.

    If you earn N100,000 per role as a new and upcoming star and get ten roles in a year, that will amount to a whooping N1,000,000. Remember you are still upcoming, your earning is bound to grow even bigger as you grow bigger and more popularity. At the beginning, you should focus more on getting your roles right rather than the cash.

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    Apart from the take home from movie roles, the real money actually comes from products endorsements and contracts that will come your way when you become popular. Some popular stars are currently being signed up for products endorsement by some of the Telecom and other big companies in Nigeria. That is where the big bucks will come from.

    Lifestyle – There is huge glamour and seemingly enjoyment going on in the entertainment industry all over the world. You will have the opportunity to attend some of the finest events in the country, travel to places, I mean some of the places you can only dream about now and get to meet great people in the society.

    To most people, this aspect is the most attractive of it all. Red carpet events, awards, and other stuffs like that you used to watch on TV. You get to be in all of them and enjoy yourself to the fullest, at least as it seems.

    Opportunity – Many celebrities have been able to get political appointments in their states or at the national level due to the popularity acquired through the entertainment industry. People get to see you perform on TV including government officials and policy makers and see what you are capable of doing through the way you act.

    From there, you can land a political appointment which is a big deal in Nigeria considering the amount of money that is being shared in Government here. So, if political appointment or getting into politics in Nigeria is your dream, I must tell you that the easiest means of achieving it these days is through the Nollywood.

    With all these in mind, I’m sure you’re now gearing to go! But how exactly do you gain entry into the Nollywood?

    You must be talented –  Talent like I said before is your number one weapon because even if you manage to gain entry through sex, are you going to persuade the audience to like your acting through sex as well? So, you got to be talented first if you hope to get in and get further.

    Since money and fame is involved, it is natural for everyone to believe he or she is talented, that’s what we call self believe which sometimes is self deception too. The main reason our movie scenes are full of shouting and crying by mediocre actors and actresses who are trying hard to impress is because of this self believe/deception.

    But how really do you know if you are talented? Since acting is about pretending to be what you are not and assuming different characters at a different time and circumstances, you need to ask yourself:

    Am I good at pretending to be what I am not without people finding out the difference? 

    Can I interpret someone else attitude exactly the way the person does it without having to try hard? 

    Nollywood Auditions

    Auditions For The Dare To Dream Talent Quest/Reality Show

    If your answers to the above two questions is positive, you may just be a naturally gifted actor/actress. But it’s not just enough to answer it yourself, others have to say the same thing about you and you must have records to back it up!

    If you are really good as you claim to be, people must have noticed it in you long before now. You must have been featured in one local acting or the other, like the school dramas. Do you have the video tapes of some of the local dramas you have been involved in? Goshh! That’s why you need to document those things at early stage. You need to be good at keeping history, it helps in your careers and the careers of your children. There is no better resume than documented experiences.

    Attend Auditions – Audition is the fasted means of letting producers spot your talent without delay. Look for legitimate auditions and avail yourself to it, who knows, that may just be your breakthrough!

    Approach a Registered Talent Agency – Having examined yourself and believed you are truly talented, your next and possibly final step is to approach a Legitimate Talent Agency in Nigeria and let them test you out.

    Most of them may require that you register with some amount of money, so it will be a waste of fund if you are not really talented and go ahead and register. But if you are really talented in acting, no agency would want to trade the opportunity of discovering a star except if they too are not talented at spotting a star when they see one.

    Remember! Millions of other people just like you believe they are talented and are going out of their way to gain entry into the industry ahead of you. The only thing that will stand you out is your exceptional talent, if your talent is average, I may advice you to look for other profession elsewhere.

    Note: Exceptional beauty, Extreme sexy appeal, and Attractive macho physics are considered talent in the movie and entertainment industry most times.

    +Darlinton Omeh on Google+ and comment below!

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    • Anonymous September 18, 2013

      thanks for d insightful explanations..its great…i have always wanted to be in d movie industry but am fully emplyed with a professional body…i just dnt know if i cld combine my job and acting…i just need a counsellor.

      • Darlinton Omeh September 18, 2013

        Yes, you can combine your job and acting. Many people does it (Afeez Oyetoro I think is till a lecturer) and they are doing well. As long as you have the talent, why not? By the time big money starts coming in, you may decide to quit your job for it.

        • Julia April 14, 2016

          Sir, help me my dream was to become an artress plz sir am beging you my name julia

        • SundayGbarador June 4, 2017

          Sir plz i have this ambition of being an actress.plz can u help me drop a vetal imformation on how to get into nollywood as an actress have always wnted to be.my name is better patrick.am a teen of 18yrs old tankz

          • Jennifer May 20, 2018

            Please help me out… I want to be an actress

            • Nnenna Vivian oguzie September 1, 2019

              My name is faith, am a born actress in nature. I want to join as a kid.
              Sir pls help me to show case my talent, and I will glad indeed.

            • peggy jibunor September 22, 2019

              Hello sir
              Acting is what i do everyday at home, school and lot more. I gat this strong passion for it,it has always been my dream carrier sir please help i have been scammed on many occasions all in the name of getting the form… sir please help me

        • Ifeoma stella February 22, 2019

          Hi…..gudpm pls I need ur help acting has been my zeal but no connection to that….I really need ur help I want to be an actress…I trust my self I know I can do it all I need is to get connected please….here is my number…08143935361

      • Nwosu Godwin Arinze June 17, 2018

        My name is Nwosu Godwin Arinze, from Anambra state but lives in Lagos state..I’m telented when it comes to acting….. I’m an upcoming actor… I have acted so many movie here in Lagos.. But I haven’t an opportunity to join Nigeria 🇳🇬 Nollywood industry…. I have come across with some of the Nigeria Nollywood actors and actress but it looks like they are not willing to Help me develop my talent…… My dream is to become a great Actor here in Nigeria.. But how to achieve this dream is so difficult for me….. I will be grateful if my comment will grant me a chance to become a Nollywood actor… Thank you sir / ma

    • Anonymous September 19, 2013

      I am delighted 2 see dis explanations here,i am Michael nd i have acted dramas in my school, i also write books. I can act nd at de same time write movies,i hav written abt Six books but none published bcos of lack of Funds

    • Anonymous September 19, 2013

      I am delighted 2 see dis explanations here,i am Michael nd i have acted dramas in my school, i also write books. I can act nd at de same time write movies,i hav written abt Six books but none published bcos of lack of Funds

      • Darlinton Omeh September 19, 2013

        Michael, why not send your manuscript to some publishers to see what happens. If your work is good, they will publish you. Not compulsory you must publish yourself, most accomplished Authors aren't self published

        • festus January 17, 2018

          I want to be a actor please help me sir my name is Festus from delta state

        • Sam odeh February 18, 2018

          Sir may God bless you for the lovely article… Presently I am in lagos and I have been looking for this opportunity for long… So hope it will be possible for me to be studying and be engaging in the movie industry… Moreover I am studying theatre art and have been a drama unit in my church before, I have even arted a movie also..

        • Ime faith April 16, 2020

          Hmmm …. Sir i really love your explanation
          How can i join this movie industry??

      • Farri Aishat October 3, 2017

        Tnk you sir for the insight it was a wonderful one, growing up as a child av always wanted to go in to acting but there was no way for me pls sir help me I really have the passion for acting and modeling tnx for ur understanding.

    • Anonymous September 22, 2013

      sir most publishers dat av gone 2 only demand dat dey will publish it wit dia names on it nd i dnt want 2 sell my talent rather put it into practice. Am jst a teen of 17 nd dnt want my talent 2 jst die.. I hav recieved awards 4rm pple 2 continue wit my writing but none responding to dia promise. I jst want 2 be busy all de time cracking my brain nd putting something down cos am getting tired since am nt been fruitful in my writings

      • Darlinton Omeh September 23, 2013

        They can't just put their name without acknowledge you as the Author? Are they buying the work from you or to publish, market, and pay you some percentage?

      • mamayen fofana October 8, 2013

        Hi sir u already saw my other reply please sir help me i know how to pleas let me live my dream by achieving it..!

      • Darlinton Omeh October 9, 2013

        Hello Fofana, I'll see what I can do if there is any.

    • louis September 25, 2013

      thanks for the insight is there any genuine registered talent agency in the country you would recommend ?

    • Anonymous September 26, 2013

      Am confuse about taking a path apart from my field of study but your blogs is about to compose me

    • Oluchi otuama September 28, 2013

      Thanks for ur explanation..I have wanted to become an actress but my parents are making things difficuit for me..they want me to go into the banking sector but that doesnt go for me out all..I have also tried in my own way but it so bad that most people online re scammers nd I have lost much money seeking for audiction,,everything is jst making me confused nd sometimes I want to get over it nd go by my parent wish but its so impossible..becoming an actress is always what I see myself doing nd nothing more

      • Darlinton Omeh September 28, 2013

        Oluchi, I can feel your situation. Pls, you people should stop patronizing those guys that post their numbers on Topix.com, they are all fraudsters. I will look for a credible talent agency and post their contact here but not a promise because I don’t work in Nollywood in anyway pls.

        • sunex August 24, 2017

          I have being trying to entry nollywood but I couldn’t found help I started when I was in primary school I’m so funny most times what I do is so funny some of my friends use I device me to enter nollywood actor but no back up.. I’m also good singer I have some tracks but still them nothing have come out… please help me

        • John sunday September 5, 2017

          Sir..piz help me all my life i have for a way to becom a nollywood actor but dear is no back up to help be what i want to be

        • mkpuma esther October 3, 2018

          pls give me any contention i have call many number but to my call they are all fake pls help me i need to become a nollywood actor

      • Anonymous April 5, 2014

        Thanks very much I really appreciate your effort and time use in enlightening us from falling into wrong hands.

        • Grace June 4, 2016

          Hi my name is Grace Tweh and I’m look for acting job I will appreciate if your writing me back ple make my Dream come true God bless your 😥😥😂

          • Melo Jeffery February 8, 2019

            Hello, I’m Jeffery, and i will like to become an actor in the movie industry.
            I’ve been a actor in church, and i can play any roll in a movie, but i’ll play better in the ones am good at.
            I’ll be grateful, if i have a favorable consideration.

    • Oluchi Otuama September 28, 2013

      Thank u so much,,I really do appreciate

    • Ifeoma Sonia October 1, 2013

      Sir, am very grateful for this explanations,am interested in acting that has been my dream in life though i once entered into acting with one Mr sweet and along the way i found out that he is into piracy so i left with my friends and since then i have been looking for a way to join another movie industry all to no avail.am also a writer, i have more than 3 scripts unpublished due to lack of fund.

      • Darlinton Omeh October 1, 2013

        Ifeoma, as soon as I get any reasonable contact I'll post it here. Just keep checking from time to time. What type of script do you have?

      • Anonymous December 15, 2014

        Please sir I'm married and I don't know if I can combine acting with my marriage I'm talented and I really want to join it's given me sleepless night

      • Anonymous December 15, 2014

        I'm perpetual eze by name please help your sister in need I'm d one that typed that comment just now they are many talented people but no help

    • Osarodion October 11, 2013

      Sir i really appriciate ur explanation…i realy do want to..act…dat has be a natural gift from God…nd i hv been acting in my churh..nd skul…….so i belive i can do it any were else..plz sir help us..we are desprate to do dis acting..nd i hv d ambission to act

    • Anonymous October 12, 2013

      my name is Esther and i am 16yrs. my biggest dream is to be a nollywood
      actress becauses i have passion for it but i don't know how to go about
      it.pls i want to know if i stand a chance of making it and i also need a
      mentor. i don't want my talent to die.please help me.thanks

      • iyke19942000 April 26, 2017

        my name is iyke,it has always been my dream to become a nollywood star, but the point is that i don’t really know how and where to start from. am very good in terms of comedy acting, pls sir, where should i start ….??

    • Anonymous October 14, 2013

      Pls help with getting a credible talent agency….

    • Anonymous October 15, 2013

      Thank you for d explanation…I reely want to be an actress or a model…But,where can i get any of these agencies in kaduna or anambra?

    • Anonymous October 16, 2013

      I am victor,it has been my dream 2 become well,fortunately GOD has blessed me with so much talent and i can act any role given to me,but i wonder why it's only nolloywood that don't give teenagers tough and long role to play in movies

      • Darlinton Omeh October 16, 2013

        Victor, that is left for the Producers and Directors to answer o. Maybe they don't have tough and long role for children 😀

        Pls I am making effort to get intouch with some credible Agencies. I'll update as soon as I get one

    • Anonymous October 17, 2013

      tnk u somuch for d insight, am very grateful.. Pls wer cn i find these talent agency ur talkin abt?

    • Anonymous October 23, 2013

      pls the agency ooooo!

    • Owili Godgift November 2, 2013

      Please Mr Darlinton I will be looking forward to you posting the agency. But how will i be informed, is OK if i sign in for news updates?

    • maysun mason November 7, 2013

      dunno why sex is involved in this.y can't your talent just show for it?

    • maysun mason November 7, 2013

      dunno y sum1 can't b an actor with d talent without the sex tin involved…Nigerians

      • Darlinton Omeh November 7, 2013

        Yeah! So dad, that just how pathetic it is. It's almost like that in any sector, people nowadays have becomes sexually inclined more than ever before.

      • finian chinonyerem February 11, 2014

        Why is only ladies?

      • Elizabeth January 28, 2019

        sir I want to be an actress am good at acting without doubt my little sis always tell me to go join the acting team but I dont know how to go about it

    • jyce richard November 9, 2013

      Hi Darlinton thanks for the good explanation. well i have being a Movie made in Europé and Nigeria . i acted for free anyways . later the producer of the film told me i did very well and everyone thats saw the film was asking of me ,but he did not want to help me get started. the name of the Movie is called , A CALL FOR CHANGE. He even ask me if i ever acted in a film Before of which i did not. that was just a one time thing. also i have Always had Deep passion for acting. i dont know were to starte from. Please do you know were i can be able to starte from? i will really appreciate your help sincerely.

    • henry g November 20, 2013

      Thank you sir for the awesome explanation cos I've always seek of getting more information on how to become a nollywood actor, and to be frank you've really helped me sir. I have always have the passion of becoming an actor in nollywood cos is my talent, I started acting from my primary sch till secondary sch and will want to make it known in the industry. Pls sir how can I find the talent agency you're talking about. I stay in abuja…thank you sir

    • makula kromah November 25, 2013

      Hi I'm Makula, thank so much for putting this information it really appreciated since back in Africa I watch one of Jackie Appiah movie from there I totally fall in love with acting and I really want to be a actor I believe I have what it take to be one. I'm a pretty chill person and love making new friend if you could please Email me with more info of how to Apply I will really appreciate it I live in Canada and also a high school student since this is my last year of high school I'm planing on going for a visit in nigerian after grad, if you could please inbox me with more response I will really appreciate it this is something I really want and hoping to achieve this gold ., once again my name is Makula and from the Ivory Coast hope to here from you soon.

      • Darlinton Omeh November 26, 2013

        You can't enter Nollywood from a distance. You need to travel to Nigeria and attend auditions and make connections.

    • Anonymous December 15, 2013

      Heloo, iam jennifer a student, it has been a quite long time nw that I have been trying to become a nollywood actress, bt to no avail becuase I think I hv been going to wrong persons.and iam very happy seeing this information here

    • Damian mbata chantazz December 24, 2013

      Mr. Darlinton you have really taken out time to study about the Nigerian movie industry ,i have been acting under ground for some couple of years now as a young boy growing up and winning awards as best solo dancer and chorogragher when i was in some movie theater back then and also best multi talented personality in the theater ,i write scripts, cast and screenplay it myself. and also into music as a pure hip hop rap art. with so lots of experience in terms of street freestyle battle, with also lots of years spent in the proccess of serving one of the pioneer of Nigerian music industry by name {ben omaghe a.k.a grand master lee}. rugged man did served him before i and others came on board .anyway the experience i had serving him made lots of advancement in my carreer so so much,i went on starvation from year to year cus there was no payment as we work together with him, but now i work with central security clearing system {cscs} no more chance for my movie thing only by the weekend which i dont work i will hit a friends studio to engage on a freestyle rap thing but is been long in the acting world since i left the theater ,i have really missed acting as it makes my life complete .you know movie thing must have to take one down to any kinda location for some couple of weeks, so how do i manage it with the job i do now? my job requires my presents all the weeks……am damian mbata chantazz…thanks a lot..i appreciate one like you…………….you look more like muyiwa afolabi the practical success coach .

      • Darlinton Omeh December 24, 2013

        Damian, thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us and for encouraging what we do here. I have one suggestion for you which I think you need to take seriously, you can contact me and let's discuss how to take it further.

        Since you have some experience with the movie/entertainment industry in Nigeria, I think it will be wise if someone like you could setup a reputable talent agency to help aspiring actors and actresses with your few contacts in Nollywood. It going to be a good money making venture.

        I am saying this because I know the number of people that contact me on daily basis (even people from oversea) requesting for a suggestion of any talent agency in Nigeria. It's gonna work well using my platform to get talented actors and actresses and directing them to the right sources

        • leakey warwa February 13, 2016

          my name is leakey and from kenya but my bigest dream is to become anollywood acter,hw can i help this sir?

        • Chioma September 17, 2017

          Good evening sir, please I have a 4years old boy he is very handsome and intelligent I want him to be an actor please help me my contact

      • Anonymous April 5, 2014

        Am Jennifer sir i really lik acting and wil lik to be one

    • mamusu11 January 1, 2014

      OMG I really want to do this and I am only 17 hopefully when I finish. High school

    • mamusu11 January 1, 2014

      OMG I really want to do this and I am only 17 hopefully when I finish. High school

    • Anonymous January 11, 2014

      am glad that u endeavored to write about all this darlinton the world is full of conflict of interest i will persue my dreams of becoming an actress an i hope someday i will achieve it

    • Anonymous January 25, 2014

      Mr darlinton thanks for lecturing us, I'm patrick by name I have passion for acting I have this self believe that am good in acting so how can I get started and when are we expecting this Credible Agencies pls do reply

    • Anonymous January 25, 2014

      Mr darlinton thanks for lecturing us, I'm patrick by name I have passion for acting I have this self believe that am good in acting so how can I get started and when are we expecting this Credible Agencies pls do reply

      • Darlinton Omeh January 25, 2014

        We are still looking out for it, just keep on the watch

        • favour eyang March 23, 2017

          Good afternoon Mr. Darlington Omeh, my kid is fun to be with, she is smart and brilliant. I want her to become a Nollywood actress. Please put us in more light. How can she join the game? Thanks.

        • John sunday September 5, 2017

          Sir… I can act in any role that dey say should act becaue i use to act in my church so in eve we want to act if dey give me any role to i play the very well so if u can help i we be very very happy with u for eve and eve

        • Azeez Shakirat January 27, 2019

          Good day Sir/ma my name is Azeez Shakirat I have been trying to join the noolywood industry but I can’t find one all my effort have been in vain I am talented in acting but there have not being opportunity for me to show it out I will be very glad if you can assist thanks sir/ma looking forward for a positive response from you. Thanks

    • Jerome Obasi February 7, 2014


    • Anonymous February 9, 2014

      Hellow sir, I am a girl of 26 and I have. All the above qualities so how can I join the nollywood movie.

    • finian chinonyerem February 11, 2014

      Hellow sir ,I am. FINIAN by name (27) twenty seven years old and I have .Alll the above qualities to be come an actor. Please sir how can I join Nollywood movie?

    • Anonymous February 23, 2014

      Tankx very much for ur enlightment,….am omoye by name,and I really have the God giving talent….I have gone for series of auditioning and even went to lagos to register with one of the theatre production…..let me really cut my story short,I was disappointed..still I choose not to give up,haven't read dis article I think dis would be an opportunity to ask for a positive direction….plx I need ur help.I wanna be a Nigeria movie star.

    • Anonymous February 23, 2014

      Hello tanks for ur enlightment….am omoye by name.I really have d above qualification and even went as far as registering with a movie production there in lagos,still I was. Disappointed.I seriously do think that is an oppurinity for me to actualize my dreams…..plx I really need ur help.I want to be a NOLLYWOOD movie star.

    • halle berryl March 3, 2014

      i am not a nigerian but i will love to get in to the nolly hood industry i dont know if that is possible . i am a cameroonian by birth but i dont really enjoy our film industry here even thought we have greatly improve in our acting skills.
      so i dont know if that is possible i.e me getting into the film industry in nigeria

    • halle berryl March 3, 2014

      please i will love to get into the Nigerian film industry but i am not really a Nigerian i am a born Cameroonian so i dont know if that is possible and please must i go for and audition before becoming one ?

    • serah oly March 25, 2014

      Hi Darlington, seriously I cant thank you enough for these write ups.how do I go about the credible audition? I stay in the states and considering coming back home just for my dream.*.acting*I have to do something to achieve my dream…*.top actress* please how do I contact you thanks

    • serah oly March 25, 2014

      Hi Darlington, seriously I cant thank you enough for these write ups.how do I go about getting the credible audition? I stay in state and am considering coming back home just for my dream…acting*I have to do something to achieve my dream. How do I contact you? Thank you

    • serah oly March 25, 2014

      Hi Darlington, seriously I cant thank you enough for these write ups.how do I go about credible audition? I stay in the states and considering coming back home just for my dream. ….acting*.I have to do something to achieve my dream. ..top star actress lol. Thank you.please how do I contact you

    • Anonymous April 11, 2014

      here is my email for those that are interested to be come to actor. am a producer also a diretor in nigeria you can email me now
      thank you

    • ojor paul ochege May 2, 2014

      Hi,i want to become actor.but i don't know how to go about it….can someone put me through?

    • ANUMOKA JUDITH May 8, 2014

      i want to act ,and i need someone to help me out,i love acting and i want it to be part of me.please i need your help.

    • Anonymous May 15, 2014

      Mr omeh pls I beg u in the name of God do every thing within ur power to help me pls am Dorcas by name acting have be my dream I do act in my church in school even I have 3 cd of our local movies pls help me get there pls not for the money alone but for the message I need to deliver to our great country nigeria I will be great ful if u can post a good agency number for us

    • Anonymous May 17, 2014

      Thank you so much. This is really an eye opener for those of us aspiring to become actors and actresses.Please help us with a good agency number.God bless you.

    • Anonymous May 23, 2014

      tnk u very much sir,pls get d correct agency so dat we can progress 2 d nxt level

    • Anonymous June 2, 2014

      My name is divine and i have been dreaming of becoming a famous actress but i don't knw wat to do pls sir i need ur advice thanks and God bless u.

      • patience Uba February 3, 2016

        Patience Uba.
        Hi am a Nigerian and I really love acting and it has really become part of me and acting really makes me happy,expecially when I see young talented artists like me I gain more courage from them…..please how can I become one….

    • Anonymous June 30, 2014

      gud pm, mr darlignton you av helped us all bt pouring out your own opinion whc we all feel its gud but to me I think its awesome….I cnt count hw many forms av filled online just bcoz I wanna fufil my passion for acting. I am proud to say this wherever I find myself,i don't know if I av any oda talents but the one I av personally discovered and friends,teachers,siblings n audience is dat am an extraordinary talented actress.
      I think if you can put all this u`v written down you can help us accomplish our dreams and not only dat also establishing a unit of ur own. this is wat I tink. if u wanna av a word with me.thanks

    • Kelvrich Junior July 9, 2014


    • Anonymous July 19, 2014

      It's unfortunate that I don't have anybody to help me achieve my dream as an actress, each day I look forward to a day someone would just walk up to me and tell me "congratulations you have just been admitted into nollywood industries" how amazing it would be. I'm still hoping that one day my dreams would become a reality. Thanks for your explaination Mr. Darlinton.

    • Anonymous July 23, 2014

      pls help me i want to be an actress,what do i do

    • Anonymous July 29, 2014

      I hav goten this dreams of bcomin an actor from my early age of six,just pray it works out for me,am presently sculin at nassarawa state university.god bless u al our dreams wil com true someday

    • Attamah C. Malachy July 30, 2014

      This article makes a lot of senses. Just like myself, I didn't know I have talent for acting until a recent local movie production we had in my church. Kudos for your good job here.

    • Anonymous August 2, 2014

      i wanna be a movie star and they say it s 1ok to register

    • Anonymous August 2, 2014

      mr darli help me

    • Anonymous August 4, 2014

      i ma a Cameroonian residing in the USA. Do i still stand a chance of getting into Nollywood, or is it strictly for nigerians.

    • Anonymous August 4, 2014

      i am a Cameroonian residing in the USA. Do i still stand a chance of getting into Nollywood, or is it strictly for nigerians.

    • Anonymous August 9, 2014

      Hello sir, i really need ur help cause i want to be an actress i've tried so many times but they keep telling me 2 pay dem money

    • olanrewaju August 15, 2014

      im so much happy to read dis when i was in primary and secondary i will perform in any acting so my believe is am talented and by his grace i will achieve it

      • Ben Kelvin August 1, 2019

        Hello sir I am Ben Kelvin I need your help I want to be come a nollywood star please sir here is my number 07053175211 God bless you as you will help me sir thank you

    • Anonymous August 15, 2014

      Sir pls who will help me i am a destin actor dat is only wht i cn do in dis life, i am vry talented by God's grace ,pls help me God bless u.

    • Anonymous August 29, 2014

      Sir am so happy wit dis write up,pls mostly dere is no audition for acting around my vicinity and mostly I don't get.pls MR omeh oa can u help me out.cos I really do want to explore my talent

    • Anonymous August 30, 2014

      Pls sir am in enugu and I want to join nollywood,but I don know how to go about it

    • Anonymous August 31, 2014

      i want to join

    • Anonymous September 7, 2014

      Sir I am samuel acting is part of me, infact I love oacting with passion , pls sir I want you to help me to make my dream come to reality I want to be one of the nollywood star I discover my talent when I was a little boy then I acts drama in my church and now I joined one drama group but yet I haven't reach that my dream so dir how do I join nollywood or Which number will I call

    • Anonymous September 8, 2014

      I am the Manager of Best9ja Talent Hunt in Nigeria and also Best Recordz. Although, we are growing seriously, for that the company has started an Idoma Movie here in Lagos. Interested casts should communicate wit Omeh, as we will discuss it.

    • favour September 15, 2014

      i am wishing 4 help

    • Anonymous September 15, 2014

      please sir can you be of help to me? am only 20 and am interesting in acting but nobody to sponsor me. i am ready to do anything assign to me to act in movie

    • Anonymous September 27, 2014

      İf not this explanation,av already made up my mind 2 giv up,coz av lost 80.000,hoping am in the ryt channel of been actor

    • Anonymous September 29, 2014

      Mr. Darlington, i really appreciate this article you just shared with us, the inexperience ones, i am Grace by name and am 17 yrs old, i have the talent of acting, but i just overlook it, because i feel i don't have enough connection to go into the movie industry, and i have been praying and hoping that God will locate me and favour me through my talent because He is the one that bestowed it on me. An opportunity came up just yesterday in a radio advert by one Mr. Magnet. His aim is to help those seeking for a way to get into the Nollywood industry, and i have prayed about it, and i will try my best because i am old enough to know what i want to become in life, and i don't want my talent to die. Why i am writing this is because i believe that even if i may not meet up, you can help me. Please, Thank you very much sir, God bless you.

    • valerie October 10, 2014

      Hey Darlington,I'm 18years old and a 2nd year university undergraduate and I can act and write so well.I have written 4 books so far and 93 poems.The obstacle I face is that my works aren't Nigerian-based.I write about places I haven't even been to [eg;South Africa,USA,France etc).funny but true.
      My works are amazing but I'm just scared that they wouldn't sell in the Nigerian market.So I decided to tilt to my other gift ACTING,but I really need help on where to start from and whom to meet.thanks alot!!!!

    • Anonymous October 15, 2014

      Hi Darlington i really appreciate Ʊ® write up cus its d truth, i saw all dat scammers tin nd had to quit pursuing d dream of being an actress, cus how long wud one kip being played by all dis fraudsters? I wz first @ delta now in ph i dont know who to go to or d right source or d way to turn to, to pursue dis burning dream. Cus i stopped worrying abt it but now it up nd burning again i really want to do dis but don't knw how to go abt it. I tut coming down to PH wud take me 100steps closer to dis talent searchers but still nothing. I wud really appreciate if u can giv me some right directions or recommendations since i don't evn ve a Job for now. Acting is my talent my all infact my life but i nid someone to direct me too d right source please i wud appreciate Ʊ® helping me wit dis seriously tnks. D Lord bless u as u do so. Nd dis is my Number, email also evn my twitter handle.

    • Esther Yamoah October 15, 2014

      Hello Darlington
      Am 28 years and I live in the UK and am from Ghana . How can I became a movie actress here

    • Esther Yamoah October 15, 2014

      Hello Darlington
      Am 28 years and I live in the UK and am from Ghana how can I became a movie actress.

    • Anonymous November 28, 2014

      Sir am hapi for evry explanation bt sir pls we nid a real agency is my drm ave fougth hard 2 bcome a nollywood actor ave hard so many drama then wen i was in skul sumtym churches do invite me

    • Anonymous December 15, 2014

      Please sir I want to be an actress and I'm talented the problem now is that I'm married I don't know if I can combine acting and my marriage

    • Anonymous December 18, 2014

      i am a Malawian lady residing in South Africa. Do i still stand a chance of getting into Nolly wood, or is it strictly for Nigerians.i really want to become an actress. i have no experience but am passionate to do so, i always watch Nigerian movies and they inspire me, please help me sir

    • Anonymous December 28, 2014

      It is realy an insight xplanation n i must tel u dat i realy gain alot out of it.Acting hs alway bin my dream n wat i realy luv doin,bt d opportunity hs not bin there for me even as i tryd getting a link into it…stil didnt wrk.I was once given a role in a movie shot in Jos plateau state,dat ws around 1999 n d title of d movie ws "KABILA",it ftd pple like Akume Akume,Adamu Labaran. I always take d lead role in dramas during my schl days,though undocumented…..hw i wish dey were.Realy i'll b d hapiest man if i cld find my way into d industry cos wat i av for it is passion n i jst want to display my litle talent dats all.Tank u,i realy appreciate….God bless

    • Abdullahi Halimat March 17, 2015

      can they allow a lame person to become a nollywood member?

    • Anonymous June 3, 2015


    • Anonymous November 28, 2015

      Tanx for dat,so sweet,bt 2 say da truth,somehw am fustrated wit ma life.my many movies,music nd book,bt lost it due to fustration.need help from any where am begging.i can act nd can do some funny tinz,bt gets fustrated each time i see there iz no one to help me out.am 16 gonna be 17 on Dec 25 2015. Need help plz

    • Onoja Mercy January 14, 2016

      Hello sir my name is Mercy Onoja am currently schooling in federal polytechnic nasarawa and am studying masscom I will be done with my school September and I won’t to start acting as soon as am done with my school . I do act in dramas in my church and at times in occasion .Please sir help me to make my dream of becoming an actress come through .Thank you so much sir God bless you.

    • isreal January 18, 2016

      HI all I ask for is a home to entertain my talent.as a child acting has been all I want. and getting it would be a dream come true.do this for me and God wil repay you well. isreal bolaji.

    • Praise Alaribe January 25, 2016

      After reading your post, sir I must confess that most of the things you mentioned especially falling in the hands of fraudsters claiming to star me up after paying some money and they disappear is what made me to give up the pursuit in the movie industry. Though I have worked with some of the stars as a crew, am a props and set and also very good in acting but most professional job I have been to, I go as a hired props. On several occasions most of my works and concepts have been stolen by some of the registered nollywood crews. I also write scripts too which artist like Desmond Elliot has seen and gone through some of my scripts and applauded my works. But today, I have dropped the movie idea aside to pursue my education and other things, maybe in the future I would still look into it. But, I would be glad if you can be of help to me in any way even your words of encouragement also can make me hold up to my dreams. From Praise Alaribe.

    • Dylan Shiro January 26, 2016

      Hi..am Dylan by name,am a kenyan citizen aged 19 years. To be sincere I have been monitoring my talent since childhood and am glad I can now say it. Acting…thats the thing,I really love acting, I know am too young to be saying and I may sound like am kidding but it’s real…I even try it at home…like i just stand infront of the mirror and try out some roles,no one likes it at home but I have this inward force in me…I never attended any audition…I know am good and I can bring out the best in me,please help me in this i have been trying but you are my last home….I know am young but please do something am even willing to relocate…am looking forward to hearing from you soon,thank you

    • Folashade January 27, 2016

      Hello sir am Folashade by name sir will love to join acting I love acting sir

    • OSADOLOR JOSEPH February 3, 2016

      MR Darlinton Omeh.

      • Darlinton Omeh February 3, 2016

        Only you can tell exactly why you are getting so mad as if I owe you anything. I wrote this article as a warning – to warn unsuspecting individuals about the inherent danger in this niche and why people shouldn’t go about searching for numbers on the internet to call. The aim of this article is to expose the dangerous people who are preying on innocent girls. Now, everyone of you want me to go out and get contacts for you?

        You are just being cynical and irresponsible with your CAP writing, challenging me for contacts as if I am a producer or working in Nollywood. Should I give what I don’t have or have I told you I have contacts of producers? Pls quit being silly!

        • Phils February 14, 2016

          Pls Mr. Darlington don’t mind people like Osadolor you’re doing great job, that’s how their level of desperateness will lead them to the hand of con-men. When you post about how they can do tangible business and make judicious money they will not comment, everybody just want cheap popularity over night. You made it clear that you don’t have link with nollywood yet he’s challenging you. I do have a senior colleague who is a Movie Producer at “Image Filmworks Inc”. Let them go on facebook and look for him. I’m sorry i can’t post his phone number, its his personal line.

          • Darlinton Omeh February 14, 2016

            Thank you Phil, some people who come to this site are not reasonable to me at all. Every article I write they will want me to go out and get them every necessary contacts and do all the inquiries for them and send to their email as if they are babysitting at home

    • OSADOLOR JOSEPH February 3, 2016


    • RAYMOND February 5, 2016

      SIR am OLASUNKANMI ROTIMI RAYMOND by name….i actually felt so great when i saw your write up….am also interesting in Nigeria Nollywood acting not because others are into it but because am actually talented in acting and each time i see the actors and actress i feel so great in me because i no that one day am going to be like them. so sir please i definitely indeed in need of your help on how to become one of them

    • Amarachi February 6, 2016

      All my life I have wish to become a nollywood actress but I find no help, sir am gud in acting is my talent and also my future career I pray dat God will help me to fillful my destiny can be delayed I know thank u sir.

    • Amarachi February 7, 2016

      All my life I have wanted to be a Nollywood star nd I wish dat God will lead me in at d appointed time.

    • leakey warwa February 13, 2016

      my name is leakey am akenyan by birth but my bigest dream is to become anollywood star,sir may u people expand ur hands and help me achieve my dreams,i hv lose alot on this for this fake agents.

      • Darlinton Omeh February 14, 2016

        Pls stop patronizing fake agents, they are everywhere on the internet. You need to leave Kenya and come over to Nigeria to look for auditions if you think you have what it takes.

        • leakey warwa February 21, 2016

          thanks alot mr Darlinton,hw will i get u people after coming to nigeria?

        • corliss April 30, 2016

          Mr darlington we really appreciate ur effort so much .am corliss mukuka a zambian 24 of my age I have done with my education.My dream from my birth to become an actress in nollywood I have a talent of acting in me .please help me to connect me to. Right agence on nollywood movies industries.

        • ILOELUNACHI May 18, 2016

          Please sir my name is ILOELUNACHI I’m a student studying computer science but I want to go into acting pls help me. I stay in enugu pls if there’s any audition coming up in enugu I would love to know

    • eku bona February 17, 2016

      Thank u my motivator.I had only in my life dreamed to become an actor.smetyms i act dramas in my church..and kip telling me am waistny talent to become an actor…but ihv never gone for any Audi audition…I even wen ahead as looking for any nollywood actor e.mail…bt to no avail….. Cuz I don’t even knw how to met with any agency..plz could u help me with imformation when de nest audition begins. Am sure of my self…pls I need ur reply

    • Augustus Eric February 26, 2016

      good day sir my Name is Eric sir how can i become an actress?

    • Gbolahan Olalere February 28, 2016

      Thank you sir for the food for thought. My dreams is to become a sought after nollywood star. I browse online all days searching for auditions which i can apply bt all effort prove abortive based on the fact that i have no connections with any Nollywood producers and directors. Pls help me out sir

    • Lanre March 21, 2016

      How can i join in acting, though i can act but the link is my problems.

      Can u assist me in hooking up with eihter yoruba or English acting.

    • Dauda Usman April 2, 2016

      am Usman by name i also have interest in acting but for now am schooling

    • nozie April 9, 2016

      Sir lm nozipho lm a south African pliz l luv acting nd lm gud at it pliz sir help me pliz

    • precious April 13, 2016

      Good evening sir, please am not actually into acting because my parents won’t allow it. Please I only wants you to hook me up with a modelling agency.plsss. Thanks a lot am so greatful as I await ur reply.

    • Okolo ikechukwu April 14, 2016

      Gud day sir my name is emeka ani.am from enugu but i base in sokoto state.am gud in acting, many ask me to join d movie industry,and i realy wnt to join cus it has always been my dream.i hv a certificat in actin.i speak 5 languags.am a dancer,and an artist, i need smeone to help me on how break into d industry, please sir i need help

    • Fidel Thomas April 16, 2016

      please sir my name is fidel…..the thing is i realy want my dream to come to pass in nollywood i realy love them…..just make a way for me if u can and i promise to make u my most honorable Godfather….here is my contact sir….u re realy God sent nd God will forever bless u.

    • kayanja Robert April 18, 2016

      Am a Ugandan,Kayanja Robert, I an actor by tallent coz I’ve acted various movies and written movie stories,
      but I fail to get money for editing and marketing the movies,
      sir I don’t want to king kill my talent ,I would like to join NOLLYWOOD and continue with my talent,thank u sir,

    • Onwuka miracle April 19, 2016

      Sir I’m happy that you created this avenue for people who are talented to make use of it.
      My name is Miracle,17 years old was the drama president during my secondary school when I was in Ss2, started acting in my church when I was little and still acting.
      Sir how can I Combine school with it although I’m still seeking for admission
      I really need this & I will appreciate your help thanks.

    • ifebuche April 21, 2016

      Pls hw can I get to an actor

    • am not seeking to enter noollywood because that i just want my face to be shown on the television but because i want to live the life of my dream,since i found myself growing up i tried to focus on becoming a lawyer but i found out that the more i tried the more i see myself entertaining people,i have acted many dramas even at schools and also at church,further more i have written dramas to different people with the connections i got from my book on sell titled ‘expectation for reality; therefore with the comments i have being getting from people i concludes that is just my talent and i couldnt just run away from it.I NEED HELP NOW THAT I CONCLUD.


    • Esther April 23, 2016

      pls sir i need ur help i have passion for acting right from my school days but the problem am having now is that am very shey to the extend that i cant stand in a public pls what do i do to get out of ds i really want to o be an actress

      • Clara August 28, 2019

        Please ma/Sir, my name is Clara lnamuna i can act but i need someone to help connect me in i will be greatfull if you may consider me thanks.

    • john terry clinton April 24, 2016

      I am talented , just looking for a push and help to achieve my dream. any Nigeria actor or actress out who want to promote a skill full talent , I will be ever grateful to u and won’t let u down. the name is John terry Clinton. residing in bayelsa and this is my number

    • clinton April 25, 2016

      Hello Phils, my name is clinton and i know you are d kind of person i know can help me out in my situation right now i don’t know if you can connect me with your senior colleague so dat he can help me and become an actor i’m goin 2 sacrifice anything can you believe i drop out of school because i want 2 become a actor so please just help me dis is my number

    • Cynthia zakousca April 25, 2016

      Thank you so much for sharing this with us I love acting so much very much in fact but when I was growing up I had many challenges in my life.. I mean life was not easy but throughout I had this one dream that one day I will be an actress in high school I went to a private school no much activities was there but one day we acted infront of our parents and peaple kept on telling me I was good…and in my country acting people just take it like easy like they think you can’t make a career out of it and me I won’t to act as my passion my job my all time job that will put food on my plate and because I know in Nigeria people do make a living out of it that’s where I won’t to be and I know given a chance I can prove to anyone that I am a very good actress hahaha next Genevieve naji or Tonto Dikeh I am a Rwandese.staying in kenya

    • BLESSING April 26, 2016

      PLS Sir i am a 200L theatre art student and i love acting and writing plays. just that i cant bring out tears in any of my departmental production and i was told that it will affect my carrier. i just want to know if its going to affect my acting carrier

    • Johnpaul Ukwuaba April 26, 2016

      sir plis I don’t have much to say but I need ur help

    • Nomso May 2, 2016

      I love u words. We all should be very careful. Nothing good comes easy. I love acting, is not just cos of won’t you gain but I can educate the world from my talent. I no I’m talented. My prayer is to be become an actor. But I still need training. I’m looking for a good and real place like school to brush myself up. I’ve a cousin in molly wood, but I don’t know if he will help me achieve my dreams, but I really need training.

    • blessing May 3, 2016

      my name is blessing,pls how can I join the movie industry, I have a very strong passion for acting n I really want to pursue the dream of been an actress, I will really appreciate it if u can be of help to me it might not be their contacts,might be someone else who can link me with them

    • Deborah May 4, 2016

      My name is Deborah, please how can I join the movie industry I have a strong passion and I believe in my self that I can do it

    • oluwatoyin May 4, 2016

      thanks for the explanation and the advice…if I can see an opportunity to be part of Nigerian actors.I’ll be very gratefull,and I promise to be a good actor and not to let anyone down… thank you

    • anonymous May 5, 2016

      Hmmm, I guess dis is ridiculous

    • sunny May 5, 2016

      Thank you sir for the insights…….you have created hope in us

    • Anthony May 10, 2016

      I really wanna join but I don’t know how to know when auditions are on and the venue

    • Rozay May 11, 2016

      Please sir I need your help please I love acting. As drama they say is an imitation of life., and also a mirrow of life. Please acting is my name please.

    • Rozay May 11, 2016

      Thanks so much., looking forward to hearing from you.

      • Ahmady Ismaila May 12, 2016

        I am Ahmed Ismaila, I am really talented and interested in acting into Nollywood , I want to become an actor, I need your help Mr Darlinton on how to achieve this. Thanks

    • Jeremiah prince May 12, 2016

      Am truely talented i want to actor. Thank u sir for the information

    • Agbanusirapuluchukwu May 13, 2016

      Am a member of Agn but since then I’ve not been giving any role to play

    • Utibe matthew May 14, 2016

      Hi sir, am just a secondary school boy and i love acting and i have a passion for it but i dont know if i can combine school with acting

    • Glory marcus May 14, 2016

      It is alwayz my dream to become an actress.i have acted so many dramas in différent churchs,with this i believe i wil make à good actress.But what baffles me is that whenever i tell my friends in school that i want to be an actress,they will all laugh at me saying “naked business” or sometimes is always “Ashawo job”..i just want to be an actress.so please try and help mi…thanks for informing us..God bless you..

    • George Godson May 15, 2016

      Hello sir,am George Godson by name.am a native of Mbaise imo state,but was born at lagos state and thats where i live,i have been dreaming on how to become a nollywood star,which i know is my talent,i have been searching and going from one place to another just to get the best production which i know yours is,just put me true sir,

    • oluchi May 16, 2016

      ouchi obiagwu is intrestend in Nigeria actress since I was 16 year old but no help many people have promised to help me but they turn there back because I refused to give them what dey ask for since den i stop cause no help but is in control am from imo stete my no

    • oluchi May 17, 2016

      I don’t no if u can help me am talented actress but no help thanks my no 08061522890

    • Tifuh Linda Awah May 17, 2016

      Hi sir,
      My names are Tifuh Linda Awah,am a Cameroonian of age 23.I speak English well and try with French language. Please sir,becoming and actress in Nigeria Nollywood has always being my dream.I have being acting and singing in our school competitions and also taking part in our church dramas.Please sir I know that what am asking for is not an easy task, but I promise to do my best and be loyal to you and the entire staffs.Sir no matter how small I might start I will be grateful.I promise to do my best and not to disappoint you.Thanks your humble servant.

    • EMMANUEL EJIOFOR May 18, 2016

      hello sir my name is emmanuel ejiofor, from enugu state iam 26 years old. i 1st of all want 2 thank you 4 dat tremendous explanation. iam a script writter but dont see a good producer or marketer 2 partner with, iam also a surphisticated actor but i dont have d connection of joining d industry pls i really need u immidiate help. here is my number thanks

    • tunde May 18, 2016

      I realy love to act in any scene giving to me .am a graduate.pls help me sir.I can act on any base.

    • blessing May 19, 2016

      Thanks for the Explanation, how can one get to know about legitimate auditions happening in Lagos with all the scams happening here and their

    • Norbert May 20, 2016

      thanks mr Derlinton for sermonizing us, your words are legible, please listen everyone, the opportunity has come for everyone of you who desire to be an nollywood actor, especially thoughs that lives In Abuja first I,m Norbert, i lives in Abuja and as i,m talking to you now, am in acting school SAINT BRUNO MEDIA LTD right now and about to graduate next month, the school is Government approve and the owner of the acting school is a popular nollywood actor Bruno Iwuoha, the training is three month only and training comes with the benefit of featuring you in two movie and linking to the producers in the main nollywood you know, for more details you can contact me on facebook with this username Chidorom or my Gmail, thanks and good luck

    • Ebiladei Enezigha May 25, 2016

      Good afternoon sir,I just saw this post,I’ve been searching for it for a long time now, sir can you help me out I really want to bean actress,am shy yes but u know I can do it, plz sir and the GOD of E.A ADEBOYE WILL PROSPER YOU,Amen.

    • Gift dennis May 29, 2016

      Good morning sir,gift dennis is my name i saw this post and i have been seaching it for long time now, have been dreaming of becoming an actress i do school dramad am really good in acting cause i practice it even in my house i really need ur help please sir, thank u.

    • Chris June 1, 2016

      Goodmorning sir,am glad to find this insightful… I have passion and love for acting but never considered it critically.And I’m 39yrs this May. .I can still make it…pls ur opinion. Thanks and God bless…..

    • Adegboro Adekemi June 2, 2016

      Thank you sir, Mr dalinton I av all d qualities am suppose to have as an actress, how can I be one. Yes I have been bearing the talent, I do take part in stage dramas and comedy dramas among friends how can I become a nollywood actress because I have passion for acting and I really love to act. I am a 200level student of industrial chemistry. I believe acting is not for those that studied it but those that has the talent and passion for it.pls help me. My no. Thank you sir

    • Zainab Ahmed June 3, 2016

      Good day Sir am glad to find this insightful I have passion and love acting weth my life I can still make it pls ur opinions thank u

    • okogun June 3, 2016

      noiiywood member

    • miracle moses June 5, 2016

      My name is miracle and i read your explanation and found it awesome,thank you very much,I have been acting in school l have been acting in school plays since I was seven and now seventeen I hope to become a Bollywood actress someday

    • miracle moses June 5, 2016

      My name is miracle and i read your explanation and found it awesome,thank you very much,I have been acting in school l have been acting in school plays since I was seven and now seventeen I hope to become a Nollywood actress someday

    • Vivian Emmanuel June 10, 2016

      My name is Vivian and i read your explanation and found it so Intresting,thank you planty,I have been acting in my church an other churches an I hope to become a Noollywood actress,please tell me what to do.

    • Mercy matthew June 22, 2016

      this is actually my dream, and i really wish it come true….

    • ssamson bello June 23, 2016

      Good day sir my name is Samson bello i love acting and am good in it I have acted in church,school and traditional events and am also a dancer and an upcoming artist as well. I do party songs and also highlife please sir I rely need ur help

    • Queenette July 5, 2016

      I really want to be a Nolly wood actress
      please it’s very important.
      it’s my dream.
      i am very talented in acting.
      please help.
      Atleast for a start.
      just test me and see please.
      i can act very well…

    • Ekwedoaka onyinye July 6, 2016

      sir l can act very well even when I was in school I perform every part sir.when there came to my village to act a film I lost connection pls sir I need help

    • IKECHI ISAAC July 7, 2016


    • aminu patience July 9, 2016

      Goodday my name is patience aminu,I really got this talent of acting..have tried alot of opportunities but they turns out too be fraudster, please I really need your help on this one cause I really got the talent.

    • gloria July 17, 2016

      Hello sir,my name is gloria.to be a nolluwood actress is my dream but my problem is english.i can act verry well but am speaking french.am speaking also english but not like french.so sir can i be an actress in nollywood?

    • Anonimous July 19, 2016

      Very elaborate explanation thank you very much. It’s always been my dream to act. I was in school drama club and I did well. I want to join Nollywood but I live in Uganda. How possible can that be for me. Please advise.

    • MamboYayi August 11, 2016

      hello sir, am Yayi Mambo and a Cameroonian. My dream has always been to become and actress in nollywood especially. i really wish you consider me and give a chance to act alongside with your talented actors and actresses

    • Lucky August 12, 2016

      Am good at acting but i don’t think if am really great at acting that is why i practice everyday. I will like join an industry and how can i which industry is the best and please sir i need an advice what should i do to be a great actor?

    • emmacall August 28, 2016

      Greetings. My name is emmanuel anyakudo I need a help to be part of the movie stars I believe my future Leigh .s on it please show me the way to go on this. Thanks and God bless?

    • RichardMike September 1, 2016

      Please I Need Someone That Can Help Me To Achieve My Dream Which Is To Be A Nollywood Actor

    • Paul-CaezarEdekobi September 11, 2016

      Am very interested in joining dis Nollywood, av been trying to get the contacts of some producers but work wouldn’t permit me time to do so.
      Pls can you inform me of a registered talent agency I can consult with here in Lagos?!
      Inbox me on Facebook bros! Or WhatsApp me on. Tanx a lot!

    • Lovina September 21, 2016

      thank you Mr Darlinton,for this great information, sir I have a great zeal in acting and becoming a nollywood actress I so much believe in my self and my dream, that am going to make it please sir, how do I get started please I look forward for your reply thanks.

    • apeiron October 12, 2016

      Mr Darlinton is just a blogger who cares about giving information that will help his audience. He is not into Nollywood or a Nollywod Producer. The much help he can render is what he had written or maybe go extra by posting audition announcements.

      My advice to you all is to join a leading film schools established by these celebrities. You can take your chance and make it worthwhile there. Its not free and its not too expensive.

    • Elizabeth November 14, 2016

      or you can register in talent2celeb its free and they alert you whenever there is any auditions and its not fake

    • Sarmwel December 27, 2016

      Thank you very much sir, Mr. Darlington, may God help you more. My name is Samuel Olaleye. Am from Ogun State but giving birth, brought up and base in Lagos, Ikotun precisely and am 18+ years old. i have this dream of becoming a Movie star and i have a great passion for acting. I have been trying all my possible best to get in touch with any acting school or company but all to no avail. Please i will be looking forward to a positive reply and i promise to put all my best into it if i am considered. Thanks`

    • steven111 February 13, 2017

      hello sir

    • favour eyang March 23, 2017

      Hi Mr. Darlingtone, I have a kid who is talented with gift of acting, she is brilliant and smart. I really want her to become an actress, help us out please.

    • Ese Francis April 3, 2017

      Hello sir, my name is ese i have been looking forward to be an actress in nollywood industry but no one one could help me out before i finally find myself in Europe, acting and singing have be my dream but there was no body to help, yes i use to act in the church looking at some of the movies i acted in my church then i knew i have the talent of acting, sir i want to be an actress pls help me, but i am living in Europe (Germany)

    • NazzyMicheal May 30, 2017

      sir my name is Nazzy,sir i really need your help,all my life i have wished to be an actress,i have participated in so many church and school drama and i have written so many novel yet unpublished,sir i really need your help,you are my last hope to pursue my dream and my talent,sir as am texting you now,i take you as my destiny helper,pls sir help me.

    • Isaiah James May 30, 2017

      well thank you very much sir for the insight and guidance.
      Well acting has always been my career choice, I know I have the talent.
      I have written many books, even Nigerian movie scripts. A total of about 10.
      Am good at acting.
      I have done some comedy too.
      I can show them to you if you want to see them.
      Am currently working on a movie project it is surly a mind blowing project.
      I’ll be expecting your response to this comment thanks.

    • louis July 14, 2017

      am sunday louis from abuja
      movie acting has always been my youling have acted wit series of people am looking up to going more further by joining d nollywood i need assitant am also a singer pls i rilly need ur assistant sir thank you and God bless ur responds pls

    • Martins christabel July 16, 2017

      Plz sir, i av a problem… I am just 13years old and i find joy in acting. I knw hw 2 dance and sing and i av gone far with dem but its only acting dat is left out. Among all my talents, its acting i find most interesting. I am only recognized in my school 4 my acting abilities. Plz sir, i want 2 fulfil my dream in acting. actually sir, 2 be frank, i feel left out when i see people of my age or below my age acting in commercials. Plz sir, what shud i do?:(

    • I’m really amazed at the great job that is being done by the Nigerian Nollywood movie industry, and I congratulate and thank them from the bottom of my heart. I never thought it was this serious! I love watching Nigerian movies as a matter of fact, and I must confess that I gain a lot from them. Besides, my African background culture and knowledge has considerably increased since I became a regular viewer of Nollywood movies. My familiarity with most of today’s generation screen-players has sensitively grown, and though I actually don’t stand any chance of meeting any of them, at least at the moment, I can easily tell most of them by name and consider them close friends. They fill in my spare time, entertain me as I really wish, and instruct me quite a lot on how to be a gentleman in the midst of African social and traditional environment. Finally, I accumulate valuable competence as far as English language usage is concerned. NOLLYWOOD, thanks so much! Wish you all the best!

    • Eze Anthony July 22, 2017

      Hello , My name is Eze Anthony, from Anambra state and i think am interested

    • Valentine uchenna July 26, 2017

      Hello sir good afternoon, my name is Valentine I have passion for acting and acting is part of me. I have been looking for a way of joining the nollywood industry but to no avail pls sir I know you will be of help to me and others that acting is there dreams here. help us sir

    • Esther Chisom August 1, 2017

      hello sir, gud afternoon. am Chisom by name. I have always av these dream of becoming an actress. I have being looking for a way to join the Bollywood industry but no way BT I believe u will be of help to me. plz sir help me
      here z my contact:

    • Harmonymartha August 4, 2017

      am harmony by name nd am talented in acting pls create a space 4 me

    • Okenwa ebuka paschal August 5, 2017

      How can one be registered in a valid talent agency? I would really like to test my self In a true audition I believe only they can say one is fit for the industry.

    • Okenwa ebuka paschal August 5, 2017

      How can one get to be registered in a valid talent agency. I believe only there and they would be fit to tell if the industry could use some one like me.
      Thank you..

    • MBA ALPHONSUS August 5, 2017

      Gud evening sir my name is Alphonsus am from Enugu state sir am having this dream of becoming a nollywood actor but i don’t know the procedure to follow please sir I want u to help thank you sir may God bless you

    • Sir please I want to become an actor but no one to help me please I need little help from people my mother has tried hard and she is still trying please if u help me meet my destiny surely I and God must surely pay you God bless u as you help .Thanks for reading

    • Emmanuel August 14, 2017

      Its true when u said one must be talented because even if you bribe your way into and industry, you’ll still be singled out.

      I wrote similar post on this as well, Read up @ trackgist.com

      I Outlined 10 steps on how to become a Nollywood actor or actress.

    • Cynthia Meleka August 16, 2017

      Hi my name is Cynthia meleka am from Malawi bt I live in south africa am a 17 yr old girl I can writte stories and act bt I don’t have any one to help me please

    • oluwatobiloba August 24, 2017

      am demilade i love d way u hv explain to us i wish my dream woul come true to become a nolly wood actor pls help me dis is my contact pls help me i any way may God help every one of us

    • Abduljeleel Muhammed August 25, 2017

      Hello. I really wish to go into acting, pls i wish you can be of help to me. What are the steps required. Hop to hear from u. thanks.

    • Sir,i really need this opportunity to be an actor as to accomplish my aim of being an actor please seriously i need help

    • aliyu muhmmad August 30, 2017

      I love acting/music.

    • Faith August 30, 2017

      Please am 17 years and am really interested inacting and have been trying all I can to be involve but I cannot. I can act very well.
      Can any one be of help to meh???

    • Idonubok August 31, 2017

      Good day sir, i am a book writer I have write 2 books not publishe, because of finance. but if I can see anybody that will loan me money or buy one of my book. pls sir help me.

    • AKADIMMA C. JOSEPH September 2, 2017

      Acting has been my dream since I became human…I didn’t choose acting because of what I can earn or archive..I choose it because is who I am…Acting has been part of my life since I became human…. jst pray I get through it…..

    • sadiq ali dodo September 3, 2017

      am in love with the industry nd av being to many. but i want to be an actor.

    • ariyo yusuf September 14, 2017

      plz sir i want to be an artist if u can help god will help u too my name is ariyo yusuf dis is my phone number 09024406410

    • precious September 20, 2017

      SIR, please help me out and archive my goal as a actor

    • INNOCENT GODWIN September 25, 2017

      pls i need a help i lv to be a actor but no help i need help i can art v will

    • Awurika Luciana Ajuruchi September 26, 2017

      Thanks sir for this wonderful explanation.
      am Awurika by name, a stage actress am a talented person. and would like to established my talent by becoming and meeting the right people am 22 yes old I wish and I have hope to join nollywood. but my questions are How can I join.
      How can I meet a director without been Embarrassed and humiliated. pls sir help me to get connections if you have the power thanks and God bless.

    • moses uba September 29, 2017

      hello am moses uba and am from warri pls am so sorry for disturbing you are don’t know are to say that but when a man or a boy wants a dream for his self pls are wants to be a actor are don’t know if you can accept my request you can also call me on this if you which 07057391912

    • moses uba September 29, 2017

      hello am moses uba and am from warrior pls am so sorry for disturbing you are don’t know are say that but when a man or a boy wants a dream for his self you pls let me just go to the point are want to be a actor are don’t know if you can accept my request you can also call me on this 07057391912 thanks for your understanding am so glad

    • Uchenna October 6, 2017

      Sir, but i don’t know any agency to register with. Please kindly advice me

    • Ayomide October 11, 2017

      Thanks for the instructions.
      My name ia Ayomide,am very talented even if theirs something one could use other than talented,.
      But i gat no one to called on in other to get in the Industry.
      And where can i get to go to the auditions programmes.

    • Juliet Emesone October 17, 2017

      How do I get to any audition centers in Nigeria?

    • Jennifer October 29, 2017

      Am Jennifer from anambra state, how can I get to movie industry acting is my talent

    • Lydia November 7, 2017

      Am really interested in acting and I have noticed that interesting place for it is in Lagos but am far from there.. I school in Owerri and base in port Harcourt

    • Besem Enow November 14, 2017

      Hi I’m called Besem Enow .Sir pls I wish you help me work in your film industry and I hope sooner or later for an interview. Thanks for your kind attention.

    • Matthew November 14, 2017

      I am matthew from Asaba…Delta state i hav be lookin 4 a way which i wel use too join nollywood plz if anyone know a way pls let Her or She inform me pls my number is pls cal me any time

    • UMAR YILA November 27, 2017

      i am umar yila.i’m really glad and delighted by your words.thank you sr.
      i dont knw if you can help us with any website at wich we can send any of our stage plays wich can also help us to go futher in the theater home.(NOLLYWOOD or the top officials invole to knw abt our presence. plz sr.

    • Anthony November 30, 2017

      please hw do I join the Nollywood industry for auditions I want to start my dream of becoming an actor I have been acting since 10 years in school drama, in roles like Bodyguard, nativedoctor servants and so on and am 17years now and I stopped because there’s no roles to play or act.please hw do I get in the industry.my contact number please any way u can help. I would be happy.

    • Racheal Duru December 3, 2017

      Hello sir my name is Racheal Duru, am 25 years old and currently working with Family Health International 360. I have the passion to act movies, I do act in dramas in my church and at times in occasion .Please how do I join the Nollywood industry.

    • Maureen Akamaka December 5, 2017

      wow everyone wants to go into acting……so funny. umm

    • LorenzoBanfee January 3, 2018

      Good morning sir. I relocated from port Harcourt to Lagos and I am an actress, but I want to join a good movie production here in Lagos

    • Pat January 7, 2018

      I Want To Become A Holly Wood Actress Thought am Young Am In Ebonyi State.

    • Ebipadetura January 7, 2018

      Hi my name is Ebi am interested in acting, but no way 2 come up, pls help me sir I wnt d world 2 hear n see my story in a movie. I av try in many ways yet no help.

    • Eze callista January 10, 2018

      Hello everyone please am new here I have interest in joining the Nigeria movie industry am good in acting

    • Esther ayuba January 10, 2018

      my name is Esther ayuba I have a dream of becoming an actress but I don’t know how to start it, please ma/sir I want your help please

    • Emmanuellawrence Ughanwa January 13, 2018

      my name is Emmanuel-lawrence Ughanwa i have a sincere passion for acting i have am looking for some auditions to attend , besides i created a club Young professors club where students and people with dreams can come together to actualize it

      • my name is adenekan sunday iyanu ,i am so much interested in film industry but have tried all my possible best to be one , am a talented person i love to be on set always i found joy in it , acting is a thing that i found inside of me , and i really love the stress in it cause the stress make you a professional not the body .being on set is my dream and am so passionate about it , it ill be my pleasure if my request is being granted sir

    • Ndukwejoy January 19, 2018

      Please I am looking for Regina Daniels please reply to me

    • adamu godwin umar jiwobi January 30, 2018

      my name is GODWIN ADAMU UMAR JIWOBI, am so much talented in local acting ranginging from dramas, playlet e.t.c, am looking for a way to acheive my dreams, to turn them into reality, i want to be an actor in the nigeria nollywood, i dont know how to do it

    • Miracle Oti January 31, 2018

      Sir all days of my life i hv dream to becoming an actor, i no that is nt going to be easy for me.
      i dnt hv anybody that wil assist me financial. but i believe that one day i wil make it

    • Miracle Oti January 31, 2018

      i have meet so many people to help me but no avail. and i dnt want my talent to die

    • Eze Christopher Nnachi February 2, 2018

      Am much okey with the update/infor of becoming a nollywood Actress/Actor. I always have they courage that am talented in entertaining . So I want to join the Able Nollywood industry.

    • Patience February 7, 2018

      I’ll like to be an actress.
      I have the talent of acting pls

    • Emmanuel February 7, 2018

      I want to be among the actor

    • acting,screen playing and scripting has always been my dream i have filmed with a few up comig productions and wrote a few of the movies filmed with them please i need help with auditions and updates my name is Thompson Lauretta and i just want to entertain and pass out lessons via acting

    • hello sir my name is Lauretta Thompson am 24 fair skinned, and you could say am smallishly cute since am not on the very tall side and i think beauty wont be a problem how do i get in please

    • joy February 21, 2018

      hello have interested in nolllywood movies for long and it is my dream that one day will join the industry,the problem is i dont know how and please i need your help am from kenya

    • Abana Patricia February 21, 2018

      I am Patricia from plateau State I really want to get to the Nollywood film industry I reside in Lagos, Please help me

    • EugeniaAgada February 28, 2018

      My name is Eugenia Love Agada, my biggest dream is to be a nollywood actress because I have passion for it
      . But, I don’t know where to start from neither do I know how to go about it..
      Please sir I definitely indeed in need of your help on how to become one of them.. I pray and hope that God will lead me in at the appointed time

    • Shittu Hamidat March 4, 2018

      My name is Shittu Hamidat
      I am tall,i av an exceptional beauty and a very great talent in acting.
      To become an actress is one of my dreams and I always pray and hope it will happen in reality.
      though,I am 17yrs of age and a jambite.
      And I don’t know how to go about it but I will b very glad if d door could widely open for me and u won’t b disappointed.

    • JohnOluchi March 6, 2018

      Am john Oluchi 19 years am interested to become a future actress in Nigeria I need help pls Sir.

    • timothy arome March 13, 2018

      I’m Arome, I grew up writing script and love acting even in my local church and in my higher institution, I want to professionalize, please how do I go about this, thanks

    • Merit March 24, 2018

      Pls sir,,,,,I have passion for Acting! How do I register under Nollywood.

    • Oyeoba isaac March 25, 2018

      Thank u very much sir for the vital information, my name is oyeoba isaac though my friend do call me LAFING GAS am from edo state Nigeria I’ve been duped twice in the process of trying to be a Nollywood star, acting is what I’ve been created for and i will be very grateful if u can help me achieve my dreams i will be waiting to hear from you sir my phone number is,thanks

    • Chimezie March 30, 2018

      Hello sir my name is chimezie I want to become an actress can you help me in

    • Gift Williams March 31, 2018

      Good day sir/ma my name is gift Williams, am from Akwa Ibom state,but base at Abuja,finished my secondary school 2015 but still searching for admission. please am interested and i have passion for acting,and i don’t know how to go about it or what do, please i need help. Here is my contact

    • Ogah Isaac Ada April 1, 2018

      good day sir/ma.
      I have this strong believe in me that my call in this life is to be an entertainer(actor), but I am poor and also lack connection into a movie industry.
      sir/ma I will be so glad if you can help me fulfilling my dreams.
      looking forward to an answer from you.
      Thanks in anticipation.

    • Gift(candy) April 7, 2018

      It as always been my dream to be a star,to be famous ,to be an actress.. I believe i can do it if only i see someone to help me.

    • George Mathias April 7, 2018

      Am George Mathias by name, i have the belief that i can act. And i can act as a gang star or a lover boy.
      Please really need this chance as an actor.

    • Samuel miracle April 7, 2018

      Pls help me out to be a nollywood actor I have the talent in me

    • Kelvin Onocharigho April 9, 2018

      Sir.Am kelvin Onocharigho by name. my dream is to become a Nolly wood actor,Sir / Ma i can participate in all kind of roll,houseboy,gate man,drunker and all,Am 21yrs old,Am an young that have vision.I will appropriate for accepting my requested. Thank’s

    • Ossai Jessica April 11, 2018

      I am 22years please help me on this

    • Juliet Alua Chiburoma April 14, 2018

      Good day sir
      My name is Juliet am 17 , I have always dreamed of being an actress …. I don’t know hw to do it. … Cause I have done my best just to be an actress…. No connection…. No money…. But I promise if my dream of being an actress is granted…. I will so grateful…. Thanks

    • Samuel Clement April 14, 2018

      Good day sir, my name is Samuel Clement oyira from cross river state. U see am a boy of 18 years old but still in secondary school ,I find it difficult to pay my school fees even for a term and this has been drawing me back for so long time now and I really love to further my education so please sir am begging in you in their name of God .my parent are trying their best but sir as I must tell you live has never been easy for us so please sir am begging you for the sake of God and for the sake that I want to further my education sir.
      May the Almighty creator bless you as get me out of the bondage of poverty in Jesus name Amen.

    • OHONBA KELVIN April 19, 2018

      My name is Ohonba Kelvin i have the ambition of being an actor and i am talented and i can act as a real gangsta and a lover boy and i have a good action and can perform very well when it come to acting i have been looking for a way of becoming one of the Nollywood celebrity as an actor and i think here is the only way to be part of it , please i really need your help and i can do anything to to be part of you please sir i really need your help please……..

    • augusta chiamaka April 21, 2018

      good day all, am 21yrs i have the ambition to act i act n my primary and secondary school days. pls help me achieve my dreams. thank you @chiamaka

    • Adejoke Amos April 21, 2018

      I am Adejoke Amos, a girl of 18 from Edo State. I speak Yoruba and English fluently. I have been longing for acting but don’t know how to go about it.

      Kindly connect me as my performance will convince you.

    • oluchukwu Emelda agu April 22, 2018

      I will not say am sure of my nothing is easy until you make a move. I was inspired by my uncle chiwetele agu ,if you ask him he will no belive he will be where he is now.but he started some where.no load is load untill you start walking on it ;it will become a load .no is perfect ,we make mistake some time what is important if we learn from our mistake .all this actress and actors they start from one .they made a mistake and learn from it .if acting is a challege i want to be part of the challegers .i was a singer in my church .please sir\ma i meant not be parfect but i can try ,please give me this oppurnity to be among the the choosing one ,am not a graduate I just finish secondary school am looking for admission into university ,am twenty years old .i promise to do my bestbest. .please give me the chance to be among the people you will choose. My name is agu oluchukwu Emelda agu am from amokwe in UDI local governments. Am a relation to chiwetele agu .my parents ‘s names mr\mrs basil agu from enuguenugu state .I have always wanted to be in movies production but there is no way, I hope this is my chance

    • oluchukwu Emelda agu April 22, 2018

      Please sir I want to be part of the people you will choose. I not perfect but I can learn. All this actor and actress started from one place. Everyone makes a mistake but what’s important is that we learn from our mistake. In beginning it might be nothing but at end it become something. A load create a load is some one that will walk on it until it become load. They said practice makes perfect I believe in it.if faith favour my and I will be among the choosing one I will not let it strips out of my hand. Even though am not a graduate. My uncle always said what ever you’re doing put interest in it. Chika my role model started from some where. I want this. I want to make them Proud not only them my friends, I want to do some thing my own with out their help. I have always wanted to sponsored my self into university but i don’t know how. I want to meet one person in future this is only way, I have my uncle but i don’t need his help my uncle is chiwetele agu. My name is agu oluchukwu Emelda precious. My parents is Mr\mrs basil agu; from Enugu state in amokwe in UDI local government .sir\ma please give me this chance

    • Daniel Bob Manuel May 4, 2018

      Good day sir… Am Daniel Bob Manuel and am 17years old… Sir won’t say am a professional but I have passion for acting and I believe that if I’m given the opportunity, I believe ill be good and better because of my self confident…
      Please sir I’ll be grateful if am given the opportunity to show my talent…

    • omokehinde falola May 5, 2018

      Hello sir,i have never acted in any orgainsation or group,may it be church or school but i have a very strong passion for it sir.Thanks.

    • Hello am sandra I love acting and I wish to be a member of nollywood production

    • Uche perfectchoice May 12, 2018

      Good day sir/ma. my name is uche perfectchoice am frm delta state bt base in Lagos .pls sir/ma I really want to become an actress ,nt because I want to be seen on tv .bt because I hv the talent , and I believe i cn do it with faith and God’s grace .pls I need ur help pls here is my number.

    • Good Day
      My name is BENSON GOD’SWILL CHIBUIKE from ihie iahiagu ivo LGA ebonyi state. I wish to join dis great commission ( acting) please how do join

    • Good day Sir/Ma
      I have been waiting for this golden opportunity Thank God i found it.
      Sir/Ma I have a passion for acting and i promise Never to disappoint you…

      Thank You….

    • Philip Uba May 15, 2018

      My name is Philip uba
      Please sir I don’t have a degree, is it possible to get the chance of being an actor in nollywood. I have the talent. Thank you very much sir.

    • ogiasa sonny May 16, 2018

      if I have a talent is acting an I will be glad to work with you for I will be happy for you to bring out my talent
      how do I apply am from BAYELSA

    • Ndina Epiphany May 19, 2018

      I am very interested in acting but I don’t know where to begin , Every time I am watching a Nigerian movie, I feel like I am in it. I will be so grateful if I get myself involved in one. i can’t wait to become an inspiring Actress.

      • Edee chizoba felicia May 27, 2018

        Gudpm sir\ma i av d talent 2 act nd i av look 4 many ways it i av’t c am willy 2 do it pls sir i really need ur help, sir pls iam waitin 4 ur reply

    • Am abdulrazzaq ishola am from kwara state
      I speak Yoruba and English and Hausa, nupe., am
      20 years old please sir I have this ambition of being an actress please (I won’t mind if you connect me to sir mofi eniola or afeeze or sir odunlade adekola) please help me sir

    • Mijaa June 2, 2018

      Hello I am mijaa and I am 15 years and interested in acting in any post giving to me . Please I need your help . Thanks

    • anaechemac June 3, 2018

      Please I really want to join Nigerian movie industry, I got the talents.you I can do it @anaechemac instergram

    • maduako caleb June 4, 2018

      pls may i have the number’s of some popular producer thanks sir

    • David Repiano Olayinka June 6, 2018

      I am Repiano David Olayinka A.K.A 10k, if na talent no problem talent plenty die awesomeness i carry an come from heaven but my papa no fine sha o any other things na jara just collect me make we fire on ONE LOVE

    • Fred Edet June 7, 2018

      Good day sir am Fred from Calabar. i love acting especially the part of a cheater or a comedian. i am ready to pass through any challenges in screening or any form if i am selected for the auditioning
      My contact Details:

    • Agunnaya., June 7, 2018

      It is obvious that all of us have Dog ear. The man said he have nothing else to say to. We celebrities and we are forcing him. Is it when. He become a scammer that we will understand.This marvelous expo he have giving us………

    • Kehinde Taofeek Adewale June 10, 2018

      Good day sir.My name is Kehinde Taofeek Adewale;I’m 19years old also from Ogunstate/Abeokuta .I speak English and yoruba fluently.This acting of a thing is something I love/like but I was not Opportuned to start it because I don’t know how to go about it.I really hope to speak my “EGBA” dialect with Odunlade Adekola because I can do that too.If there’s any way you can assist to accomplish this,I’ll appreciate.

    • etim murphy james June 14, 2018

      i love acting and have been looking for way how to join help me

    • Cynthia Ogbonna June 14, 2018

      Wow am so hapi wen i saw d post,sir it wil b a vry good favour if u guys can favour me in,bcoz am honestly and humbly talented wit d gift of acting especially wen it comes 2 action scenes and crying scenes too,plz i wil drop my email and phone 4 u guys 2 contact me,tnks

    • mayowa owolabi June 29, 2018

      Am a young boy and i can see i have the talent of acting pls help me sir

    • mayowa owolabi June 29, 2018

      i can speak yoruba ilu oke and and modern own very well.I can act funny movie,herberlist,turg and so on

    • My name is Mustapha Abiodun oluwadamilare am from ogun state but i live in lagos. please am a funny guy and i have passion for acting and i will be happy if you can help me by sharpen my career and help my situation.

    • please am interest in acting help me, am gud in acting, funny guy, e.t.c………

    • Gift joseph July 9, 2018

      Good da sir my name is gift joseph from abia state ikuwano local government. Went to kaduna polytechnic had national diploma in mass communication. Have always love acting from my childhood, I see this as an opportunity for me to show the world wot i’ve got and I can act any role given to me. Will b glad if my request is granted.
      God bless u sir

    • Emmanuel Peter July 19, 2018

      Hello sir good day, my name is Emmanuel Peter ,I am from Benin Republican but _I was born an brought up in Lagos state sir. I am very good when it come in acting sir, I am an up coming actor in Lagos state but if I can see the opportunity to enter inside nolly wood industry in Nigeria I will appreciate it sir ,please sir I need ur help

    • Esther Samsom July 25, 2018

      Good morning Sir
      My Name Is Esther Samsom, I Am From Imo State, But I Was Born And Brought Up In Edo State, I Am 18 Years Old
      I Am Also A Member Of Play Clown Comedy, And An Up Coming Artise.
      I Am Very Talented Sir
      I Can Act Very Well, I Can Sing Very Well
      Sir Please It Alway My Heart Desire To Become A Nolly wood Actress
      Sir Please I Will Be Happy If U Help Me On Becoming An Actress in Nolly Wood Industry
      Please Sir, please Test My Abilities.
      Thank U Sir

    • faleyimu kayode July 25, 2018

      My names are Faleyimu Kayode, from Osun State but I reside in Lagos. Sir it will be of great delight to me if you can assist me to actualize me dream of becoming an actor. I am talented as a story writer, though i am still a budding writer. nevertheless, my great interest is in acting. I will be grateful if my comment is given a good consideration. Thanks and God bless.

    • Sunday ifeoma loveth August 1, 2018

      Sir/madam, my name is ifeoma from Enugu state, I am 18 years old. By the grace of God, am talented when it comes to singing, I will be so grateful if you will help me actualize my dream.
      Thanks remain gracious.

    • Egwu Jovita chizaram August 3, 2018

      Good day sir/Ma.
      My name is Egwu Jovita from Ebonyi state.
      Sir It has been my dream to become a star, to be famous and to be an actress, sir. I believe I can do it if only see someone who will help me..

    • Echem glory ugomma August 5, 2018

      Honestly sir..seeing so many comments here makes me speechless….buh I know that one day I will look at my self and smile….plz I really need ur help

    • Obed Aguocha August 5, 2018

      Hi my name is Obed Aguocha from imo state, I study in a beitish school and I always wanted to be an actor and I have tried my best to get connections but with my age I do not know where to start from. I have looked on internet on what to do, well I have seen warnings about those wanting to be actors and actresses so I do not wanna make a mistake. My parents want me to study something which will actually help the family, so I said I wanted to be a pilot but that ain’t what I want, I want to read a cause which I can find space for acting as well. For months this has been my wish mostly when I see those younger than me acting I feel as if I should be in there shoes and if I have any chance to test myself or to prove myself I will . my parents ain’t rich so they tell me all manner of things like they don’t have money so it is hard to get connections for all I want. So I’m writing this to inform you that if you are looking for a young actor who is not up to 18 years but can do what other young actors are doing I beg you choose me, I’m writing this with all my heart and at the same time wanna prove to my parents, my friends, to Nigeria and to Hollywood that I’m capable if you wanna know the country I leave then just check for a country called BURNDI in east Africa. Thank you sir or ma😞😞😞😞✌✌👍👍

    • Obed Aguocha August 5, 2018

      Sirs and MA’s it is me again the boy with a passion for acting my name is obed and I just wanted to tell you that I used to act in school assembly which we were not allowed to bring phones and I was always chosen for the dramas because I was always the first to volunteer and I was the best according to them

    • Gold Adaeze Paul August 13, 2018

      Good afternoon sir am gold by name from Abuja at the moment from Abuja state my career and talent is built around the entertainment industries I would really love to get the opportunity to get into acting with other NOLLY WOOD /ACTRESSES please I need a little opportunity to explore my talent am 20years old Adaeze is my tribal name thanks please get back to me tanks sir …

    • kaosisochukwu August 18, 2018

      am kaosisochukwu by name live in anambra
      I really want to be a nollywood actor
      I have the passion to play any role

    • Chineye okonkwor August 25, 2018

      Good day 2 u all.
      My name z chineye okonkwor,from anmbra state ,am 15 years old,am in ss1.
      Hve been dreaming of becoming an actress since wen I was a kid.
      I can act as a wicked gal and so all.
      Am so grateful if u could accept am request of becoming an actress.
      If u don’t lyk me. Dere z no problem.
      Tns so much 🙏🙏🙏.

    • Amosu oladipupo alabi September 1, 2018

      Good day name is amosu oaldipupo alabi from ogun state at the moment from lagos state my career and talent is built around the entertainment industries I would really love to get this big opportunity to get into acting with other NOLLY WOOD /ACTOR I need a le to explore my talent am 21years old thanks please get back to me tanks

    • Raymond Dappa September 3, 2018

      good day sir my name is Raymond Dappa I want to be an actor because I have the talent when I was in jss1 I was in dramatic club I they said I have the talent to act in public sir my number is 09064007807 help me sir I’m in port Harcourt thanks.

    • DIANA September 4, 2018

      Welldone sir for your comment. My name is diana and I really want to be in the industry. I have acted in so many local places and they recomended me. I have even stand in front of camera acting and i know i can do it. Pls help me, i really want to go far then leeting this talent waste….

    • Johnson Obinna September 12, 2018

      Thanks dear for the enlightenment but please help me get into this industry.

    • Johnson Obinna September 12, 2018

      thanks for the enlightenment but am really interest to join the industry….. please help me get in.

    • Precious ilukholo September 18, 2018

      I so much need help please any amount am willing to pay

    • Prince surprise September 18, 2018

      Am prince surprise from enugu state am in need of job sir please no matter what it take to help the company am ready please help me

    • Reins September 22, 2018

      How Can I Be On The Roll?

    • love September 23, 2018

      i would like to be a partaker

    • mustapha kuburat oyiza October 6, 2018

      Good evening sir how work and family?
      My name is kuburat from Kogi state living at abuja sir i will be very glad if u give me d privileges to show my talent not just to the industry but to the world
      It has been my dream to become an actress and very sure that I will do something great that u will be proud of.
      Sir I know many people has use a better English to express their feeling toward this but I beg u pardon my little way of expressing mine sir….thank u very much looking forward to your reply sir thanks

    • Odejobi Olaoluwa November 23, 2018

      I’m Olaoluwa From Oyo State, I Love Acting And I Will Like It To Be My Career,I Like To Join The Any Acting Group.

    • Nzekwe isife Daniel November 27, 2018

      Dear Sir /madam
      My name is Nzekwe isife Daniel, from udi enugu state, 23 years old, single
      Please Sir, I have always dream of becoming an actor, I posses characters and interest in acting. I have an experience during my secondary school days in school drama which I was good in and impressed the crowed. Am very much interested in acting Sir and would like you to grand me the honor in possessing my talent to the world
      I hope hearing from you Sir, thanks Sir and God bless
      Nzekwe isife Daniel

    • Pheliwe December 6, 2018

      Good day sir
      Im pheliwe from cape town,25yesrs old. I would like to know if it could be possible for me to be part of your film actress industry because imiv been dreaming of becoming sn actor but not in south africa.i would like to share and learn from ather parts of world. Thank you
      It would be a great pleasure to hear from you sir
      Thank you

    • Felicia December 13, 2018

      Really want to be an actress,sir pls help me

    • Young Alexsandra December 18, 2018

      Hi, am alexsandra, it has always been my dream to become an actress, not because of the money but because of my passion for.i’m not being over confident of myself but i know i have the talent.please if my request to be signed up for an audition will be granted, it will be a Dream come true for me.

    • Mike Felix December 24, 2018

      My Name is MIKE FELIX
      I am from Edo state .
      My dream is to become a menmber of the Nollywood family. My reasons of becoming a Nollywood Actor. Is not because of money but because of the love fun and care .

    • Patience Monday January 2, 2019

      I wish my dream come through of becoming a celebrity,please give me the chance.

    • Unah Deborah January 11, 2019

      Please help me I want to be an actress

    • Daniel chibuzor January 13, 2019

      my name is Daniel chibuzor I want to be com are Actor of Nollywood please I am a boy of 13yer old IMO state

    • opeyemi January 14, 2019

      Pls i really appreciate ur article have always want to be an actress but my parent are making it too difficult for me i am a student of tai solarin although i am not study theatre art there because my mum doesn’t like it nd i have passion for it i have the potential i have never join any drama before but i believe in myself that i can do dis pls sir i wl be so glad if you reply to my comment and how can i get in touch wit them??thanks

    • Solomon Ibrahim January 16, 2019

      am just on the way by the Grace of God I will get there

    • Kim January 20, 2019

      My name is Anne
      I have interest in becoming a nollywood actress

    • Enock Oluwayemisi January 22, 2019

      My name is Oluwayemisi Enock,i have passion for acting but I don’t know anyone.

    • Timothy Longson January 25, 2019

      My name is Timothy Longson from Adamawa state this is my dream and I want to
      Follows it because i have the talent
      I want to noolywood.

    • Ayomide January 25, 2019

      I’m 100% sure I will become an actor oneday. that’s my dream I love it when it comes to acting,but doesn’t have d opportunity due to my Area..I pray God help my career and make me see an helper

    • Essien Iwatt January 30, 2019

      Am good in acting skills and singing i need a help and a good mentor, am good at this field with my proof.

    • MICHAEL ETENG February 1, 2019

      Pls Can anyone Help Me,,, I’m,, MICHAEL ETENG by Name, I really want to become A Nollywood Actor….. because I want to be a good Mark in my society. in terms of having the zeal of helping others… I have the passion of Acting bt due to lack of patron, Adviser, and someone 2 help me pursue my goals,, am unable to,,,, pls I really need help,,,,, God Bless…

    • VICTORIA MOSES February 3, 2019

      Good evening sir am victoria from kogi state but live in kaduna. i act in school,churches etc. i want to be an actress in the nigeria movie industry. it has been my dream to become an actress in the nigeria industry. pls can you tell me the audition that is going to take place this year. this is my contact. thanks.

    • Miracle February 4, 2019

      Please sir help me my dreams is to become and actress please help me

    • Emmanuel February 6, 2019

      am a nigerian….
      i fell inlove wit arting….
      please how can i go abt it….
      am dieing to become an artist

    • Destiny February 8, 2019

      Sir please my dream is to be a Hollywood actor,please if you can help to become what I want to become I will really appreciate it

    • Emiowele precious February 14, 2019

      SIR my name’ is emiowele precious and i’m from Nigeria Edo state but i’m recently living in France being an actor was always my dream but had no one to help i have gone looking for so many actor or actress to call for help it seems nothing is working out SIR i’m not really after the money cause i know i’m already okay all i need from you sir is just to help mi gaining entering into the industry sir please i beg you i can do what ever it takes sir as long it’s genniu i gat my documents to fly all over the world maybe i can fly to nigeria if you wan us to meet talk face to face sir pls i need your help SIR and my regards to your lovely family

    • Roseline February 15, 2019

      please sir, I need your help l love acting and l have the talent. thanks

    • Emmanuel February 18, 2019

      I love to act, I wish u could just
      try me

    • Emmanuel February 18, 2019

      I love to act, I wish u could just
      try me, please sir/ma

      • Blessed uma December 3, 2019

        Yes me too I really want to be an actor. Pls sir I need Ur help. I have passion for acting

    • unah deborah February 19, 2019

      Good morning sir My name is unah deborah . Am am interested in acting and i really have passion for it pls sir help me to get to the industry 07064756114

    • Michael Chidiebere Joseph February 20, 2019

      hello Sir, My name is Michael Chidiebere Joseph A.K.A (Scatter boy) , Am from Imo State, i have go through the write up and find myself as one who will participate well in Movie industry and i will like to be acting like Zubby Michael.
      i will be glad if you consider me as one.

    • Amy wheezy IG May 12, 2019

      Hello sir, i am a talented actress i always see myself acting wen ever am alone but i dnt hav connections nd director. Can u please help me? my name is amy wheezy ig, am 4rm abia state but i reside in anambra state. Pls help me sir.

    • Abu hope May 20, 2019

      Dear sir
      My Name is Abu hope I’m from Edo state Esan center LGA
      I love acting and I want to be an actor, and I I’m very funny and i love to act like Ime Bishop Umoh
      (Okon) here is my 11 digits 07084410617

    • mr adekunle June 3, 2019

      Item details
      City: Ilorin, Kwara
      Contact name mr adekunle
      Phone 07051122836
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      Item description
      Join the nigeria nollywood industry firms today

      my people to join the nollywood firm industries call / whatsapp mr william adekunle on +2347051122836

      are you talented in acting looking for a forward to showcase your talent in movies, old or young your time you have been waiting for has come

      take this platform as your opportunity to bring out the super star in you and become famous celebrities all over the world

      join us, and lets us set a pinnacle of super star for you and become what you wish to become in life with a shot time

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      good luck.

    • Blessing Agada June 9, 2019

      Hi Sir/Madam,My name is Blessing Agada,I’m really talented in acting,I really want to join the Nollywood film industry in Nigeria….. Please help me
      God bless you💯✔

    • Okafor simeon June 11, 2019

      I have the talent of acting for a long time i need you people’s help to improve my talent am from abia state contact me for more information 09070512835

    • Emanuel June 16, 2019

      well. I am Emmanuel by name. according to bible gold is tested by fire. sir I cannot say much here because I know the kind of person I am. acting is my profession. I acted in very occasion and even in churches so I know I can do it. I will highly be delighted if you will look in my issue and create a way for me in getting into the film industry and I know if you do so I will remain grateful to u sir.

    • Babalola Temitope June 17, 2019

      Hello sir, I’m really grateful for sharing this insights with us. Im a fresh university graduate who studied Accounting and also have AAT in ICAN. My secret dream is to become an actress but I’m not getting any courage from anywhere or anybody, because of this dream I have been in several dramas, church and stage drama..even in camera for the church but it wasn’t published due to lack of funds from the church back at school. People said because I didn’t study theater art it won’t be easy to become one. But I still want to push further because I believe I have the talent to act and to impact people with my acting. I hope you will reply to this sir. Thank you.

    • George June 21, 2019

      Good day sir!, my name is George Babalola. the only thing I can use to prove myself that I can actually act very well, is just to get an audition to attend, I really have passion for this acting.

    • Abdulrasheed zuleihat July 4, 2019

      Sir,am very grateful for this explanations,I’m zuleihat by name.am interested in acting that has been my dream in life.an I have been acting in my school so I believe I can do it anywhere else..
      I wish it can be granted

    • Onikoyi Samuel July 15, 2019

      Good day, am Onikoyi Samuel by name. Am very much interested to be a movie star, with so much passion for acting.

    • Amawu Doris July 16, 2019

      Hello good morning sir I have really gone through hell just to be in a movie if this is real sir it please sign me up n u will be pleased with me please

    • Peace Daniel July 17, 2019

      hello sir my name is Peace Daniel am from edo state acting has always been my dream if you can help me to achieve my goal i will be grate ful

    • Akanji Jeremiah Anu July 20, 2019

      It have been so hard all this while for we Nigerians.My dream of becoming a musician (that I have composed and written 245 songs) weakens me when I found no one to help me.This time I go for acting and I have written a script (very emotional one) but I’m still feeling the same.To get to the top is not something easy at all.

    • Uka Kemie July 24, 2019

      Am born to do this I need help is my dream to become a Bollywood actor pls I really need help

    • Odoks Elsam August 4, 2019

      Dear Lord!!! Are you guys for real, he just highlighted the steps you should take, wahts up with all the please help me. Go work!!!

    • Faith timothy August 8, 2019

      Hello gud morning , my name is faith timothy am from abia state, dark in complexion,tall and a little bit fat (not too much ) i stay in port harcourt … i have being looking for a way to join the nollywood industry so i can be part of them but i cant find one to start with plsss can u recommend a good industry to me…. my number is 07014218234 i just need a good industry and a good sponsor that can help me out to become like him or her……… thanks you

    • Solomon Hopeson August 15, 2019

      My name is Solomon Hopesom, from delta state I can act very well am also a comedian please sir all I need is to part of the Nollywood movie industry.

    • Racheal Ntui August 17, 2019

      Hello sir, thank you for this wonderful explanation. My name is Racheal Ntui, I am from Cross River State, I am a 300 level student of University of Calabar, and I am 22yrs old.
      Acting has always been my dream, I have longed so much to be a Nollywood star, but I find it difficult to know where and how to start, pls I humbly need ur help.

    • Ernest August 19, 2019

      please sir do help me am talented i can act very well i beg u in the name of God .. 08160235770

    • Ruth idongesit Etim August 23, 2019

      Hello sir, my name is Ruth idongesit am from akwa ibom. I want to say a big thank you for your article it help and it gives me more inspiration to become an actress.
      Please sir, I have passion, inspiration and a talent of acting, i wrote lot of stories as well though none is polished yet because of lack of fund.
      Please were can I get auditioning and were is movies industry located in lagos please?, I believe by taking this step it will help me achieve my dreams. Thanks sir i will really appreciate.

    • Immaculate Nathaniel August 24, 2019

      Since I was a child I have carried the dream of being an actress, I carry a strong passion for acting and I believe I will contribute im measurably to the industry please contact on 07014670635

    • Osadebe Endurance August 25, 2019

      Thank you so much for this wonderful and prestigious impact. It is a nice one, I must confess

    • Okafor ikechukwu Solomon September 14, 2019

      good evening sir. my name is Okafor ikechukwu Solomon and I am 23 years old I am from Enugu state Nigeria. sir, I have always perspired to become a Nigerian Nollywood actor all these but I have not seen a true medium , I am truly convinced that with this medium or platform I can become one . I can play the role of Regina Daniel and zuby Michael. this is my number and email address : 09038109920 or 09061780889 . Solomonikechukwu@Gamil.com

    • Obaseki osaro September 16, 2019

      Sir I can do it I have faith that I can I was born to act my life is all about acting that why am willing to do anything

    • peggy jibunor September 22, 2019

      Good day sir please help acting is what i love doing
      please help me i have been scammed so many times please me

    • Akanel Oliver September 23, 2019

      Sir i am a cameroonian bass in nigeria, i love acting and want to become a nollywood star actor pls help me posuit my dream my phone is (+2349078596128) leave in choba PH

    • am okorozor daniel uzoma AKA [prince Dan] a vibrant young man who has always loved and wished to be in the industry . all thanks to the staff and management for making this portal available for application [ 09097185693 ]

    • Hillary September 30, 2019

      Please am really interested in acting movie it have been in my mind since but no connection please help me out

    • Anichebe uchenna Cornelius October 10, 2019

      please I want to be a nollywood action

    • Philip Stephen October 19, 2019

      my dream career is become a nollywood actor but I don’t have any one to help me out,
      I will be willing to join and participate in every activities

    • Francis November 3, 2019

      My name is Francis am from imo state, my dream is to join the nollywood industry but i have no connection please help me my number is 08130643843

    • smith November 5, 2019

      Are you a talented sex machine, or u wish to be trained onyour various carrier jobs,here is an opportunity foryou,NOLLYWOOD MOVIE HUNT IN COLLABORATION WITHPRIVATE VIDEOS PRODUCTIONS (were u will b paid2.5million )…. announces the official sales of forms into thefollowing category; Lesbians, Gay , Blue film, Bestseller…. …All forms should be purchased from the GENERAL MANAGEROF PRIVATE VIDEOS PRODUCTIONS before the closing dateand various Centers for auditioning will be sent to you afterthe online registration.FEE (NIGERIA):N7,500 FEE(GHANA):500C edis FEE(SOUTH AFRICA):1000RANDS(ANGOLA) Other countries:call the manager on:07063915230 There will be a free trip for a 2months training programin DUBAI to all candidates who did the complete registrationand purchase the form in other to prepare u fully..this isavailable only to those in NIGERIA,GHANA,SOUTHAFRICA,any other country should please specify during theprocess of their registration and form submitting.for moreinfo call are OR 07063915230 or hollywoodpronstar@gmail.com

    • Soloki Abubakri O. November 9, 2019

      My name is Abubakri Soloki O., from Ogun state but lives in Lagos state..I’m telented when it comes to acting….. I’m an upcoming actor… I have many inspiration in any roles when it come to acting, but I haven’t an opportunity to join Nigeria 🇳🇬 Nollywood industry…. I have come across with some of the Nigeria Nollywood actors and actress but it looks like they are not willing to Help me develop my talent…… My dream is to become a great Actor here in Nigeria.. But how to achieve this dream is so difficult for me….. I will be grateful if my comment will grant me a chance to become a Nollywood actor…Stay Blessed Thank you sir / ma

    • Immaculate Nathaniel November 17, 2019

      Good day sir, my name is immaculate Nathaniel. Am from Benue state Nigeria. I have a strong passion for acting, am very confident and am not shy facing crowd. Because of my passion for acting I act in my local church and people like my charisma when ever am on stage they even me Nigerian Jackie Appiah. Please give me a chance.

    • loveth November 29, 2019

      Good day sir, my name is IDRIS LOVETH and am from kogi state ,i live in Abuja,sir please i really need ur help because i love acting alot and i even join drama in the church pls in the name of GOD help me into the Nollywood and i promise not to disappoint YOU

    • Amakiri Esther December 11, 2019

      I’m Amakiri Esther. I have read through the article and I possess 99.9% of all the required or expected attitude or attributes of a person who seems entrance into the movie industry.
      I’m a teenager though,but to be honest by acting skills are second to none. I can play just any role, like any role. I really don’t know how to get to this auditions and talent agencies that you mentioned, please I need your help,it’s been my dream,since I was a kid,I really can’t let my dreams die with me,it’s not all for the fame or the cash ,it’s for the legendary.

    • Tina Moses December 21, 2019

      Greetings to you sir/ma. My name is Tina Moses. Am from Enugu state . Acting is my favourite career and fashion designing, but no one to help me. Please sir, I will be among the happiest person if my request will be granted successfully. Here is my phone numbers 08079712684 or 07016955525. God bless you all and your families. Love you all and for your reply, Thanks.

    • Adiele Susan O April 17, 2020

      Good day sir
      My name is Susan,I’m in Lagos I really appreciate u for your time and the explanation you’ve given so far.As a little girl growing up,I dreamt to be like Mercy Johnson I told my grandma that I will be like her when I grow up, I won’t say the dream died but there was no means of getting that goal.
      When I look at Destiny I see myself in her in so many ways, sir I need help,I need help I really really need help I don’t know how possible it can be but I would really appreciate it if I am granted that’s one thing dat makes me feel different from others. thank you once again for showing me that there is still hope for my dream.

    • Goodness diekivie June 4, 2020

      Goodday sir, acting has never been my dream. I have always dream of becoming a medical personnel but i always feel myself acting, i starting thinking on how to become a nollywood star, that’s was very surprising to me though. I started rehasals at home, i started writting movies about what usually happens around me, now i feel the talent, but i can’t do it on my own. If there’s any way you can render help to me i will be so grateful. Thanks for reading.

    • My name is Tengung Perkins .am from Cameroon of the anglophone origin and a nurse by profession.I wish to join Nollywood film industry .I leave around Ikang local government area Calabar state.i will be very grateful if my application is looked into and will do my best to make Nollywood industry the best as always .thanks waiting to hear from you

    • Gideon Etim June 9, 2020

      Good evening sir! I’m in Anambra state and I have passion for acting and also consider that as my ambition,because whenever I watch Zubby Michael acting role am always imagining to be there,please sir I really need your help if my request can be consider and approve i’ll be very much happy and will aswell show gratitude.
      Thank u ones again for opening my eyes and also exposing the knowledge to me.
      I appreciate.

    • joy owoicho June 11, 2020

      Good day sir,
      am joy owoicho , I am thirteen years old
      how can I get updates on audition

    • Victoria katukah June 30, 2020

      Good day Sir. My name is Victoria. I have passion for acting, and am talented as well. I want to join the nollyhood industry by God’s grace.

    • oluwatobiloba July 8, 2020

      Good day sir my name is OLUWATOBILOBA, i will be so glad if i should join the nollywood industry because i have passion for acting am good in acting i will be so grateful if i should see the oppurtunity to act thank you sir

    • Pius Uche July 13, 2020

      I am very exited when I come across this. My name is Pius Uche i am very good in acting also I have been trying to join Nigerian Nollywood uncountable times .I am talents and passionate when acting.I believed it can do it.


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