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Humanity has now found itself in an age where the way information is shared has witnessed a tremendous revolution. Credit however must be given to the early means of disseminating information which included the beating of drums or town criers who went round the villages passing across information to the people. This was mostly the case in African societies, and in particular Nigeria. The radio station is in focus, as this article provides critical information on the cost of starting a radio station in Nigeria.

Today, there are several private radio stations across Nigeria. These are made up of both public/government and private stations. Private radio ownership blossomed when Nigeria witnessed a change from military dictatorship to civilian rule. This made way for greater press freedom, hence the deregulation of the industry.

Affordability of Starting a Radio Station in Nigeria

Owning a radio station in Nigeria does not come cheap as several equipment need to be purchased. These equipment range from transmitters, microphones, studio equipment, sound mixers, among a wide variety of others. To achieve the widest reach possible, certain high tech equipment are necessary to increase coverage.

Cost Implications of Starting a Radio Station

Apart from renting or building the station, certain equipment need to be purchased to achieve smooth broadcast transmissions. These equipment range from the least expensive to the very expensive. Below are some of the required equipment a well established radio station in Nigeria should have;

Equipment for the Production Control Room

–          Standing Microphones                                    N720,000

–          Jack Panels with Cords                                   N1,728,000

–          Turntable arms                                                N43,000

–          Non-linear editing systems                            N10,800,000

–          Stereo turntable preamps                               N142,200

–          Headphones                                                     N46,800

–          Audio limiters                                                 N216,000

–          Direct drive turntables                                    N540,000

–          6 inch equipment rack                                     N540,000

–          Stereo turntable cartridges                              N18,000

–          CD players (broadcast quality)1                     N720,000

–          Ground strap and components                        N1,260,000

TOTAL                      N16, 774,000

On-Air Control Room

–          Microphones with booms                              N540,000

–          Distribution amplifiers                                  N126,000

–          Headphones                                                    N46,800

–          Monitor amplifier                                          N180,000

–          Speakers                                                          N360,000

–          Analogue or Digital audio control              N9,360,000

–          Audio network router                                   N19,800,000

–          Direct Drive Turntables                               N270,000

TOTAL                      N30, 682,800

The News Control Room

–          Audio console with monitor amplifier      N2,880,000

–          Speakers                                                          N180,000

–          Flash card recorder                                       N216,000

–          Microphones                                                  N216,000

–          Microphone Stands                                       N50,400

–          Laptop PC with flash card reader               N540,000

–          2 Headphones                                                 N108,000

–          Mic for portables                                             N46,800

TOTAL                      N4, 237,000

The Scope of Operation

The size and scope of the operations of the radio station is very vital. The size of the radio station also determines the cost implications. In Nigeria, bigger radio stations with more than one news control room, on-air control and production control rooms require higher capital for starting. However, the equipment provided above are the basic cost implications of equipment.

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Selecting Your Workforce

This is a critical stage of starting a radio station, as it requires able and skilled hands with considerable years of experience. The average salary of skilled workforce is within the N60, 000 to N70, 000 ranges. The cost implications of the wage bill depend on the number of workforce to be selected.


There you have it! The above are cost implications of starting a radio station in Nigeria. Using the information provided, it gives a clear picture of the funds required to start/open one. However, the rent/building costs are excluded due to the difference in real estate value from city to city.

If the radio station is to be established in bigger cities like Lagos, the start-up costs will be more substantial. In smaller cities like Bauchi or Kogi, States, the cost implications will be much reduced.

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  • Jackson September 18, 2017

    It is amazing to see the list of the cost of different radio station in Nigeria.

  • RichardBlack January 28, 2018

    You give people like us the hope of owning our dreams. Kudos. I’ll always mention your name as one who made me have a hope when I’ve eventually owned my radio station.

    You don’t know how much this has meant to me.
    God bless you boss.

  • Rilwan April 5, 2018

    This provide an indept details on what it require in term money , time and various resources to own a private radio station . I will hope to own one in the future .

  • Serve wold April 18, 2018

    Great work done here. However, the major cost implication for starting a radio station has not been covered here. Microphones, jack fields, turn tables and the like will only give you studios not a radio station. Starting a radio station requires that first of all, you obtain the licence to operate. Then you acquire the infrastructural facility required. You make provisions for power which must be 24hours nonstop, then most importantly the transmitters. It is the transmitters that differentiate between a collage of studios and a radio station. Transmitters are expensive and come in various capacities. There is also the mast e.t.c . Best of luck.

    • Darlington Omeh April 18, 2018

      You are perfectly right. I think I should cover that in our next article, especially the transmitters and licenses.

      Thank you.

  • cyril May 31, 2018

    this is out of date. pls kindly update your information.

  • elys March 16, 2019

    Thank your for your very informative article. I would like to get in touch with you for further discussion.

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