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  • Return Member Asked on April 23, 2020 in Agriculture.

    Fantastic eBooks. Thanks for delivering as promised, and it was a great eyes opener reading through it. I can adapt the sample business plan to use?

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  • I think for a frozen food business you will certainly need more than two deep freezers because you will be selling different kinds of frozen food. Chicken will have separate fridge, fish will have its own, turkey, cow meat and the rest. All will have their own separate freezers.

    Therefore to power them effectively, you may need KVA generator. In that case minimum of N700k for generator alone.

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  • Return Member Asked on September 26, 2017 in Hardware.

    Thanks guys for the besutiful answers. What’s the diffetence between soundproof generators and lister generator or are they the same?

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  • Abuja should be the nearest palm oil market to Adamawa. Not that Abuja is one of the palm oil producing state. No. But since a lot of dealers and suppliers are bringing the produce down to Abuja, I believe you should be able to get it there at reasonable price to sell to end users.

    Edo state or Ondo state is the nearest I know if you intend buying at wholesale price. I don’t know if Benue state produce palm oil too? I may be wrong .

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  • Return Member Asked on September 14, 2017 in Consulting.

    Start the way you have planned. Sure you do have a plan before going to register your NGO?

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  • Return Member Asked on July 21, 2017 in Business.

    You don’t need registration to start thrift collection in your neighbourhood. What you need is print the ajo card, get your cashbook, create the awareness and start with your friends and family. Its is important to start with people who know and trust you. From there you can expand your base

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  • UV Sterilizer is cheaper but ozone generator is better. But understand the Ozone generator for water purification has its own purpose and must be properly balanced.

    You also need to think about how much ozone you want in the water. Do you want to just ensure that the bacteria and viruses have been killed in the water? Or do you want to ensure all of the volatile organic and possibly toxic compounds have been destroyed in the water? Perhaps you want both of those things to happen but you also want there to be ozone remaining in the water? All three of these examples require different levels of ozone, ranging from relatively low levels of ozone coming from the ozone generator to very high levels of ozone.

    UV Sterilizer on the other hand, is only able to eliminate microorganisms in water.  UV technology does not remove any other contaminants from water such as heavy metals, salts, chlorine or man-made substances like petroleum products or pharmaceuticals.  Other filtration methods should be employed with UV to ensure that all contaminants are removed from the water.

    So Reverse Osmosis should be a far better option in terms of complete water purification.


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