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        RE: How Do I Come Up With A Unique Business Name To Register With CAC?

        Asked on December 18, 2016 in Business.

        A good business name can be compared to having a good house foundation. It is important but should not be a barrier to kicking off your business.

        Overtime, I have seen name of different categories : the good, the bad, and the ugly. After solid intensive research and experience, I will be sharing with you how and what it takes to have a unique business name.

        What is a unique business name?

        A unique business name has two qualities:

          • It attracts the peoples attention.
          • It has never be made known to the public.

        With no doubts, your company will stand out and will be at a higher advantage over others. When you saying like ‘The way you dress is the way you are address’. In this case, your  company’s name represents the dress.

        How can you get this unique business name?

        1. Define the purpose of your business:

        Write down the vision and mission of your company. What problem you are out there to provide? What products/services do you want to offer? Write all this down.

        2.Know and operate in your Niche (Area of specialization):

        This is really important. Why? This is necessary to avoid your company missing in the crowd because there is much competition out there. I run a Web and Graphics design company.

        Guess what, my company’s name is DESIGNAY. This makes it easy for new clients to identify
        the purpose of my company.

        3.Filter the names you have with you now:

        I know that by now, some names would have been going through your head. Please, write them
        down and begin to eliminate them.

        4.Check Domain and CAC Availability.

        With the current internet rise, your company must walk the path if you want to make success. Domain simply means, the name you use in registering your website.

        So also with CAC. CAC is an acronym of Corporate Affairs Commission- a legal entity in charge of all company’s registration in Nigeria. Check if the name you desire to use is

        Don’t get confused. Sooner I will be releasing a post that explain more of No. 4 on this list.

        Thanks for your reading.
        Please do well to share this post.
        Thank you.