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  • Hi there Fadeyinmi,

    Thanks for getting in touch. We’re aware that a small-scale snail farm can be built with as little as N50, 000. We’re still looking to find a farm where the project can be executed. An actual farm is the preferred option just because it has all the elements of a snail’s natural habitat thus means less risks posed to snails’ reproduction capacity.

    The idea of changing soil as is often the case with make-shift snailerys could also mean damaging or losing laid eggs in the process. Currently in talks with some farm companies who can guarantee a more lucrative number of reproduced snails than the previous farm company we found. Alternatively, we would just go back to the first farm company we developed an agreement with and see if greater investment would mean significantly more production.

    They already have constructed snaileries on their farm land, its just empty and need capital to stock the snailery with parent stock snails for breeding. They also would be responsible for managing the stocked snail farm for the length of the contract which is a great offer because their farm is far out in the rural areas of Ijebu Ode, so saves transportation costs. Glad to hear you are looking to invest! We could rally some more people looking to invest small medium or large amounts, form a cooperative and build a large-scale snailery!! Stay in touch!

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