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      It is good news that more Nigerians are beginning to use cooking gas for various domestic cooking purposes. That will help decrease the problems of deforestation and help conserve our natural forests and prevent potential disasters that is inherent with desert encroachment such as erosion. 

      Apart from the environmental benefits, the increase number of people especially in urban areas who are using cooking gas has created good business opportunity for smart entrepreneurs who can now trade on cooking gas and cooking gas equipments to make good profits.

      Cooking gas business is very profitable and you don’t have to break the bank before you can start. With N300,000, you will get your business setup and ready to go with almost everything necessary in place. And this is a big business that anyone who is into it can be proud of.


      How exactly can one start cooking gas business in Nigeria? Before we go into the details, let us first take a look into the profit potential in this business as well as the risks involved.

      How Profitable is Cooking Gas Business in Nigeria

      Let’s take the 12.5kg cylinder as a case study, the average profit you make from 12.5kg cylinder of cooking gas is N500. You buy for unit cost of N2,500 or less and sell for N3,000 or higher. If you sell ten cylinders in a day at the average profit margin of N500, you will be making N5,000 daily. In a month, you will be making N5,000×30 = N150,000.

      This is relatively the lowest profit you can make in cooking gas business if you are in respectable position where you get good patronage. Most people make much more than what I calculated here. So, it’s not in any way by exaggeration.

      For a business you started with N300,000, N150,000 profit is a super profit by all standard. Imagine if you invest more resources and take it higher, your profit will be much more mouth watering. Gas companies, both the suppliers and retailers are making good money in the business. You can become one of them today if you act now!

      The Potential Risks in Cooking Gas Business

      Every business has it’s peculiar setback and the biggest risk in cooking gas business is fire explosion which is very common due to the high inflammable nature of liquified natural gas. That isn’t much problem though since it can easily be mitigated or even avoided.

      To be able to curtail this, you need to be alert at all times to detect when there is leakage in those cylinders as leakages is one of the major cause of fire and explosion. You also need to buy good fire extinguisher that can be very handy in time of minor fire outbreak.  

      Another risk in the business is government regulation. Should government decide to increase the price of LPG today, some consumers may find it difficult to take and have to go back to using kerosene or firewood. If that happens, you loose some customers and your sales will drop.

      However, government is always trying to reduce the price of cooking gas in other to encourage the usage and discourage deforestation. 

      Now that you are aware of the risks in the business and you think it is what you can handle, how do you get to start this business and what are the things you need to have or put in place? Let’s proceed to answer these questions –

      What You Need To Start Cooking Gas Business

      Startup Capital – According experts (people who are already in the business) you can start conveniently with N300,000 and be able to buy more than 20 cylinders, get you a shop, and buy the initial products. The cost of shop in this regard depends on the location. If you decide to locate your business in a highbrow area, you will spend much more money to get a shop but the cost will be well worth it.

      Get Training – You must get attached to any experienced retailers or even depots for about six months to learn the important rudiments. You need to learn how to refill the cylinder, how to transfer, how to change valve. And everything necessary that you must know about the business. You equally need to know where and how to buy cylinders. 

      If you decides to learn in a smart way, you can learn from any of those retailers you see by the roadsides and if you are smart enough, you can get all the knowledge you need there. In anyway, it may take you as much as six months to complete your apprenticeship.

      Rent a Shop – After your training is completed and you now have the required knowledge, the next step is to go get a shop. The class of people that use cylinder gas cooker are more in the urban area. almost every part of Lagos is good for the business but some places are better than the others. 

      Marketing – When your business is up and running. You need to employ every marketing strategy you can muster to increase your profitability and stay afloat.

      Firstly you
      need less than 500k to start. The profit margin per sale of 12.5kg
      cylinder is about N600 which means you have to be in an area where the
      threshold, that is population can afford you to do good volume sales per
      day/week. A delivery vehicle from the point of purchase plant to your
      intended location will be an added advantage and of great value to the
      biz. Another way you can increase sales is a reduction of your sale
      price instead of making N600 you will make N400. That will increase your
      turnover fast. Marketing on a door to door basis and home delivery is
      also not a bad strategy to employ. But remember that new businesses
      always come with challenges and patience is the key. Like the bible
      says Paul planted, Apollos watered but only God gives increase. Pray for
      favor – emmaoanidu

      With all things setup according to plan, you are in good business. A business that is capable of giving you all the money you want. I have a friend who is doing this gas business and he is doing very well. You too can do even better. I wish you success!

      +Darlinton Omeh 

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      • Anonymous February 22, 2014

        is there any licence to be acquired

      • PackXperts June 10, 2014

        Very helpful…that's all I needed to know

      • Anonymous June 14, 2014

        Thanks that's good one

      • Anonymous August 18, 2014

        What is the licencing requirement? By the way Darlington, I must commend you.

      • Tony December 29, 2014

        any inquiry of LPG cylinders and accessories, please contact with us.

        • JOSHUA January 13, 2016

          Where can I get the cylinders and its acessories cheap. Please I will appreciate if a phone number is sent alongside the reply to my email so we can talk privately.

          • Tony April 13, 2016

            any inquiry of LPG cylinders and accessories, please contact us by skype: tonysundy

        • glo January 25, 2016

          helo.can i ve ur number

        • olf May 2, 2016

          hello good morning,olease i will need theprice list of your lpg cylinders with there various sizes.hope to hear from you soon.olufunmilayo80″gmil.om

      • Anonymous January 13, 2015

        Please can someone tell me the rough estimate of setting up a mini cooking gas plant and requirement from regulatory body in Nigeria

      • mickey February 6, 2015

        What does it take to have my own private Gas filling station on a virgin land ?

      • Anonymous April 19, 2015

        Italian Cooking Gas and Autogas equipment for Cooking Gas cylinder filling

        Please visit website http://www.europump.com

      • chisom wisdom February 21, 2016

        Gas filling is good,nd it pays well.am planin of startin my own very soon,am working obisco gas at d moment

      • Oba’s March 19, 2016

        Please can I get estimate on starting a mini gas plant
        If I can also get ur phone number I’ll appreciate so I’ll talk with u privately thanks your tips are helpful

        • Lekan Solaja March 29, 2016

          just like OBAS requested, I need estimate on starting a gas plant. Also help with ur phone no to enable me have private discussions with you. Many thanks

          • Sunday April 5, 2016

            what are the requirements to set up a gas plant? please also include your contact

        • SAMUEL OSISIOMA April 21, 2016

          PIS Where can i get affordable gas cylinder and the asessories here in Abuja?

      • Moses April 24, 2016

        Thank you very much for this insight. I am interested in setting up a plant for cooking gas, the plant owners i have met are always putting the setting up cost on higher side. I dont know if the strategy is to scare away from the business. Please can you give me a form of guideline on how to go about it. Thank you and i must commend you for you are doing a great job and may God continue to fill you with his wisdom and knowledge.

      • Agboola Fadhilulah Tunde April 29, 2016

        Thank you for this.may God be with you. Can you drop ur email,phone number(s) and pin…… mine is

      • Morolake May 13, 2016

        Thanks for the insight. Am based in Akure and I plan start a cooking gas outlet. Can you help on how I can get materials to start up

      • Olayinka June 12, 2016

        Pls help me out with breakdown of how to start mini gas business.

      • OLUMUYIWA ALAGBE July 11, 2016

        Hi, i really wish i can start this business if i can get a mentor.

        moreover i will be needing price and quantity of equipment such as cylinders of various size, is there any association to register with as a street seller with a shop and not a plant. kindly raach me via email

      • Ameachi Austin July 23, 2016

        You can contact me for adequate training / Apprenticeship / engineering or Cookers Repair abilities and Start up requirements if you are within Lagos and Ota Environs. Fees are not Grievous- trust me!

        • olumide August 19, 2016

          Hi Mr Ameachi Austin. I’m interested in learning about this business before venturing into it. How may I contact you please? I’m based in Badagry area of Lagos.

        • Fasina Afolake January 31, 2019

          I likw this business, but i need training before i invest into it. How and where can I get the require training.
          Please is urgent.

      • phollarh September 8, 2016

        Please is is possible for unto.drop your email or mobile number, I will like to contact u

      • tony August 9, 2017

        Brilliant stuff.
        In Accra Ghana gas is the primary source used for cooking. Many citizens rely on small gas cylinders and simple cookers. The price of gas appears cheaper than kerosene.

      • Emmanuel August 13, 2017

        Thank you soon much sir.
        1. any license required?
        2. What possible ways can I expand the business in the nearest future.?

      • ANUBABA September 23, 2017

        wanna do business with u..av work in a gas plant but wanna have a shop of my own so I need avoidable price and where I can get cylinders and table cooker,regulator etc at a cheaper price pls send ur number to my gmail

      • Excellentman October 31, 2017

        I need your email address or nay other contact

      • kolade January 31, 2018

        1)pls is there any liecence to collect
        2)want to get the lpg cylinders of various size to start my own buisness

      • Anonymous February 16, 2018

        Where can I get cheaper accessories and cylinders

      • Taiwo April 3, 2018

        Please where can i get cylinder and accessories at lower price. Please can you release your phone number?

      • Hammed May 26, 2018

        I have an interest in this business, how can I get to the plant that will be supplying me the gas sir.

      • latade May 29, 2018

        good job, pls I want to stratup a mini gas station, what are the requirements and how much to get it running! thanks.

      • Wally June 16, 2018

        Pls, Can I have your contact consigning cooking gas business, thank you

      • Femi June 27, 2018

        Thank you for the enlightenment. How much do I need to start set up a Mini Gas Station. Can I use my compound for the business? What is the government requirements for setting up the business?

      • PRINCE SEYI OLABISI July 26, 2018

        Yaap this write-up is 100% for the setting up of gas biz,am in to the biz..you must learn it,after learning shop.

      • Salimot August 31, 2018

        Good morning, I’m interested in training.

      • GOODNESS April 24, 2019

        i leave in Abuja
        please i’m interested . can i get your contact?

      • Nnaemeka Abraham October 10, 2019

        I need ur contact please

      • Friday Okoro November 24, 2019

        Pls, Can I have your contact consigning cooking gas business, thank you

      • Tayo December 17, 2019

        Please i am interested in having my own Gas depot, like how much will i use to start the business , i do have a land by the side of the road wish i will be using i will like to know what it will cost me , and how can i go about it

      • Fadekemi Gafar July 20, 2020

        Hi Darliton

        First of all I thank for the info regarding the gas business, I need your contacts details thanks.

        Fadekemi Gafar

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