3 Proven Ways To Have A Good Business Idea

Today we shall be discussing about what a good business idea is, what it takes to have it and how to have it. Briefly, I will like you to know that there are four categories of persons in the school of ideas. They are;

1. Those who have passion but lack ideas,

2. Those who have both passion and ideas,

3. Those who have idea but lack passion,

4. Those who lack both passion and ideas.

In the course of these teaching we shall be focusing on persons in the first category. If I may ask;

What is a good business idea?

A good business idea is an idea that fulfills a specific need. Yes, it fulfills a specific need. An idea can be great, awesome but irrelevant maybe due to many factors e.g. location, audience, lack specificity, etc.

Requirements to having a good business idea

State of the mind

As a man thinks in his heart, so he is. You will agree with me that a good tree produces good fruit so also with ideas. How do you expect to have an outstanding idea when you are at an angry mood? No, it is not done that way. Be of good cheer when you are about to brainstorm ideas and even always. I strongly recommend that you storm ideas in a serene (quiet) environment preferably at night as it enhances your level of thinking. Engage your mind and see it producing results.

Level of information

Have you ever seen anybody living above what he/she knows? Every man lives within the domain of his knowledge. It is no doubt that what separates the poor and the rich is the amount of information in their bosom. One who is informed can never be deformed. Idea itself is born out of the abundant of information you have.

The quality of knowledge you possess is directly proportional to the quality of your idea. Invest in knowledge, read books on finance education, books on the field of business you desire and the sky is your beginning.

How can I have this good business idea?

Desire it.

This is the first step to having a good business idea. “To desire is to acquire” says A.E. Oluboba. This means there is higher possibility of getting what you want if you truly desire it and take necessary action. Before you start the journey (meditation) to the great ideas land, develop a burning passion towards having it.

I have seen people disregarding this aspect but the truth is it works. Check out this scenario, Will a man who goes to the slot to get a laptop settle down for a Phone? No, he will not even if it is cheap because that is not what brought him (desire) to the place of sales.

Think of Solutions

After desire comes the thought of solutions. Research made it known that of the human population; 80% don’t think, 15% think that they think; only 5% think. I will like to let you know that the world is looking for problem solver; they are scarce. Ask yourself, where do you belong? Think towards being a problem solver.

Think of how your products/services can meet specific needs. Please know this, you don’t have to kill yourself in getting an idea that you think has never been known before. Research has it that all that is needed to be created has been invented. All you have to do is to look for ways of making things easier, faster, and better (re-branding) for human use.

Review your abilities and talents and hobbies

A man’s gift (abilities, talents and hobbies) makes way for him. Make a list of your abilities, talents and hobbies and see how they can be profitable to you. Do you like teaching; start tutorial classes on that you know best. As a student, do you know how to sell? Gather your past questions, make photocopies and sell to students who are in need. Take advantage of your gifts.

Take Actions

Knowledge (idea) without wisdom (action) is nothing. Go into research about this idea of yours. Know of the capital involved, time needed and many more. Be knowledgeable of the merit and demerit so as to know how the game is been played. Ask questions without necessary disclosing your idea. Then, kick off the business and see yourself making profit all things been equal. Implement your idea today.

With all that you have read, I believe that you will put them to practice.

Kindly leave in the comment’s box below – contributions, questions or complaints. Thank you.

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New Member Asked on December 8, 2016 in Business.
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Like you said, a good business idea is an idea that fulfill specific need. If your business idea doesn’t solve any specific problem, its no good business idea. To make it viable or profitable business idea, there mist be means of creating income while solving those problems

Pro Consultant Answered on December 14, 2016.
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