Are we as a society still able to make our own decisions?

LIKE SHEEP TO THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE – leaders and followers!


A world population brainwashed by an elite society (big business, media and governments)


What live is in the 21st century? In every country in the world lies this large and expanse of a “sheep farm” (cities), yes, site of the world’s largest and most efficient run farming businesses. Right through these farms we found the sheep kraals where all the sheep (people / followers) live. Each morning the   sheep (people / followers) move herd like from the kraals to the pastures (workplaces).   Each morning they report to the sheepherder (leader/ supervisor/ boss), for their daily duties. Where they remain “fenced in” in their allocated piece of pasture, until they are released to return to their kraals in the afternoon.   They have no choice on how many hours they have to spend in the pastures (work), and sometime they even have to spend the night, as the herder did not open the gates(overtime) for them to leave.

Each year the (people / followers) are told when to take a vacation, for how long and when to return. They have little choice on how much money they earn or when to take a lunch break. They remain in their camps, with immense terror of the herder, for trying to jump the fence; they could get punish with the stick (layoffs).  Day by day, year after year they (people / followers) slog on, until the herder decides, his herd is large enough, and it’s time to send some to the slaughterhouse (pension / layoffs).


He then sends them to butcher camps (retirement), where they are forced to lay and wait their time and years out.  I know these camps exist for I am a free man, I have jump the fence, and now lives on my own meadow among these people / followers. I see them every morning, grinding and slogging down the same path, like brainwashed zombies following the one in front from the one red light to the next. They are forced to follow, brainwashed by an elite society (big business, media and governments) to follow, what to think and to do. Brainwashed as to you cannot succeed, there is no future outside this fence, the grass is not always greener on the other side. What a consignment of “crap”! You are free to stay on the “sheep farm” for as long as you like, or jump the fence and move on to greener pastures, if you decide to.

There is however a ray of hope for these followers: you can jump the fence – to freedom. The cost is not high, yet for some the fence gives the impression of being just too high, they lack the courage to even attempt to pay the price for freedom. What is the price? You must be willing to simply become a LEADER! For years of following and brainwashing the illusion of that fence became your own prison cell.


I hope that with this story I did get my point across, do you sometime feel like a “follower”, can you relate to the circumstances of not be able to decide for yourself, always be reliant on the decision of the one in charge, to the prison cell of slavery and settling for a limited lifestyle as a “FOLLOWER”. I am now telling you, you can set yourself free and in fact, I will even show you how and help you!

Now you may be thinking: – I don’t have any money, – I do not have a collage degree, – I do not know a thing about business, – I cannot sell, well, most of the successful people doing this are as regular as they come. You do not need a collage degree, education, or a special background in business. Success is not accidental; as I proceed to tell you my story and how it can change your live, you will see that success is build on what I believe to be the best chance for financial success in the world today.

You will be seeing and understand how you can employ the same actions to conquer profit levels in just months, and all this without any investments. I do not want any money from you nor do not need to pay me anything for this information, it’s absolutely free, and all I ask from you is, just to forward this link.

We spend years on that “corporate sheep farm” and the experiences is very much what you have just read. We are locked up in maximum security prison cell to our employment.

We were always told what to do and when, even if it did not seem right. Our salaries was directly proportion to the time we put in to work, if you family needed you, you need permission. Even if you work very hard, your income never caught up with inflation, or financial needs and living expense or just a decent lifestyle. We were never able to safe anything, continued to go deeper into debt, while our wage increase failed to keep up to living expenses.

Does this sound anything familiar? I am sure it does.  Almost everybody on this earth is born on the same “industrial-corporate sheep farm”, maybe you lived there all your live or maybe you are just starting taking the long walk to the designated pasture leading to retirement. Maybe you’ve fallen victim to the current economy crunch and is lost in a desolate desert, victim of cutbacks and downsizing. You’ve tried to get out from that prison trap you have been caught in, but failed…well you are not alone.

What a “bright” future for our kids!

I do not want to paint a bleak future, but we all know, and we cannot hide behind the truth. 95% of all people retire in poverty, like “sheep to the slaughterhouse”, and the odds are that you are too! You do not need to be a scientist to figure this out- the odds are in favour of that depressing outcome.

So you’ve been watching the news, reading the business pages; study the economy and listened to the economist, and through this I am sure you can relate to much of what I’ve said, otherwise you would not been reading this article. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know…YET!

What really got us during our time on the “sheep farm” is the “herders” (leaders). The people we work for, they have a completely different outlook and future. They were the owners and managers of companies, and were making and saving a lot of money, living of and from the best grazing pastures, leaving the stubbles of grass to the herd.  They had a great future whether they came to work or not, we make them rich and follow them with yes Sir! Right away Sir! And thank you for the scraps from your table! Yes, they are the 2% who retire in wealth, but there was no room in those companies for anyone else, to share in their wealth! …  The point is – you will never get rich working for someone else!

To be financial independent you need to be your own boss. That’s the one problem of being a “follower “in the corporate structure. The wealthy need the “followers”, they need the low paid “sheep “workers…Yes, they need them to make them wealthy.


Now in a quick recap, put this success – building principles into action.

  1. Get a clear image on where you want to go – “follow” or “break out”
  2. Life is too important to be left to chance.(luck is made, by careful design and planning)
  3. Surrender to you desires, “jump the fence”, set goals and discover real enjoyment in living – for we live in this world when we love it.
  4. Let your goals be you navigator to success, never see the “fence” as an obstacle but an opportunity to be solved.
  5. Achieve your goals one step at a time. Each task you perform to reach each goal, regardless how small is a step closer to your success.
  6. Set smaller and more achievable goals, day by day efforts pay off, reaching smaller goals motivate you for the bigger picture and result.
  7. Obstacles, means simply to take another route or detour, and should never mean to surrender.
  8. Invest in yourself, invest in efficiency and education. Set yourself free and live.


Remember that success is something you can design. I believe in this model and I want to warn you against people who would try to “steal your dreams”, the ones that will tell you the “fence is just to high”, it is good to have scepticism, but not so much that you don’t believe that you can change your live for the better.


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