Bitcoin Mining Opportunity, Does It Still Exist?

Four months ago, Bitcoin was exchanging for over $1,600 for 1 Bitcoin. I checked today and it was exchanging for $4,000 per Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Mining OpportunityBitcoin image by Allanlau2000

I knew when Bitcoin was almost the same value as dollars and that was barely two years ago. If I had bough 500 bitcoins for just $500 then. By now I will be having $2,000,000 in cash. Funny enough I wasted much money in other business that didn’t bring any money due to the policy somersault by the Nigerian government.

Imagine if I had used my $50,000 to buy 50,000 bitcoin and waited till now? I will simply be richer than Dangote and Bill Gates combine 😀

But that is the past as none of us is native doctor or fortune teller to know where Bitcoin was heading to. Now we know. So, my question is: Does Bitcoin Mining still exist? What is the best way one could lay his hands on Bitcoin without having to pay $4,000 per coin?

From the look of things, Bitcoin is still going higher and may be worth over $10,000 per Bitcoin even before this year runs out. Is there anyway we can key into Bitcoin investment now?

Pro Consultant Asked on August 28, 2017 in Banking.
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The truth is bitcoin is a world of massive opportunity cycles, mining being one of them but not at the top or really profitable. Losses can be recorded due to bitcoin difficulty rate increases irrespective of the current price. The bitcoin earning chase has been a constant reminder that greed is not a good omen. 99 % of crypto mining companies are scams only one percent like Genesis Mining are real.

The best investment is an idea that will enable crypto enthusiast to spend, if you can’t think it up then invest in others, also networking plans and strategies will work too. If you need more pointers. Contact me

New Member Answered on September 1, 2017.
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Thank you for the good answer, but I am still trying to understand what you’re referring to as “investment idea”. Then you said “If you need more pointer. Contact me”. How else do I contact you other than this question I asked? I am sure many people would like to find answer to this my question so

I am already contacting you. Pls tell us – Does Bitcoin mining still exist? How do one lay his hands on Bitcoin without having to cough out almost $5,000 per coin that Bitcoin is currently exchanging for?

Pro Consultant Answered on September 1, 2017.
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Bro David  please we still need more details about Genesis Mining which you mentioned. We would be pleased if you detail us how it works

New Member Answered on September 2, 2017.
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What are the best bitcoin mining website or APP?

New Member Answered on December 12, 2017.
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