Can 800k Produce a Movie In Yoruba Industry?

Good afternoon, please kindly put me through , some body said I should sponsor her YORUBA movies with #800,000 and hopefully to return it back with 1.1m after 3 months, please what are the steps to take before I give her the money and is it possible to make #300,000 as Gain. Should I going into layer Agreement, please put more light on it before I step into it.

New Member Asked on May 30, 2018 in Movie.
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#800,000 to 1.1m after 3 months! This might be possible for a celebrity or an already known star but will be hard for an upcoming producer. It is possible, but its is not a easy job. And it is possible she had finished the film and need some money for the marketing.

I will like you to consider some questions here.

Who is she?

Is this the first film shes producing?

Does she have experience in film production?

Does she have an already established fans to buy her film?

What are the strategies she have on ground?

Do you trust her?

Another important thing is to involve a lawyer. Have some guarantor sign for her. Money issue is really a serious issue. Every business is a risk and people who don’t take risks are always stagnant. Just do it right and in 3 months, its either you are laughing or you will be needing some encouragements.

Good luck.

Expert Consultant Answered on June 1, 2018.
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