Can Anyone Recommend Some Old Nollywood Movies For me?

I want to see maybe i can get some old Nollywood movies titles. I just want to look back in the past and see how things are done then.

Any old movies that you think everyone should see?

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Let me give you just a list of 5 movies and a brief history about them.

1) “Another Campus Tale”

Released in 1997, the movie highlights the evil of confraternities on Nigerian campuses during the 90s.
Starring Ernest Azuzu and the late J.T Tom West, “Another Campus Tale” is one of the few definitive movies about cultism in Nigerian schools.

This is a rare movie to find, but if you are lucky enough you won’t regret it

2) “Saworoide”

Nigeria is a country with several cultural practices that define us. We have the Sharo ceremony in Fulani Land; traditional baby naming ceremony in Yoruba land; the fattening room in Efik land; and Omugwo in Igbo land.

“Saworide” is the film for any young Nigerian interested in a film that encapsulates an interesting culture of a tribe in Nigeria.
The Tunde Kelani film follows the setting of an old Yoruba norm in the town of Jogbo, where a person can not be crowned king without the Saworoide being played by the right person.

The film celebrates the charm of African art, and the beauty of tradition and folklore.

It also explores how Nigeria has dealt with civil rule and military dictatorship.

3) “Silent Night”

This 1996 classic by Chico Ejiro offers a look at the lure of cultism and its aftermath.

The movie starred Ramsay Nouah as Stanley, a rich kid, who, out of boredom, moved to Ajegunle to join a cult gang.

Also starring Segun Arinze, Alex Osifo and Joke Silva, the movie is likely to resonate well with a large, contemporary young audience.

4) “Battle Of Love”

Years before “Half Of A Yellow Sun” made its debut, “Battle of Love” was the first movie to offer young Nigerians a glimpse of what the civil war was like.

Starring Kanayo O. Kanayo, Rekia Attah, Lanre Balogun, Ramsey Nouah and others, the movie was directed by Simi Opeoluwa.
Movies on Biafra are few so “Battle of Love” is a must for any young person who wants to know about the civil war.

5) “Domitilla”

The 1996 movie was produced by Zeb Ejiro, and told the story of young girls who went into prostitution to survive.

“Domitilla” is a classy version of the trending ‘runs girl’ themed movies, which revolves around peer pressure and the extent young ladies go to survive.

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