Can Cocoa Do Well Within Eteo-Eleme Axis Of Rivers State Nigeria?

I am thinking of setting up a cocoa farm on acres of land at Eteo -Eleme axis of Rivers State Nigeria. Please I need any advice on if Cocoa will be able to do well around this area and also contacts of those that can help me to set up the farm.

New Member Asked on August 6, 2016 in Agriculture.
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If the Eteo -Eleme axis of Rivers State is a natural tree-cover area then it is possible that cocoa will do well there. Cocoa likes natural forest land, so you can plan the crop without cutting down existing trees.

The reason why cocoa does well in forest area is because shade trees return organic matter to the soil through falling leaf litter and decaying branches. The shade provided by these trees also helps to keep soil moist in dry seasons which results in less damaging irrigation practices. Shade trees will raise the amount of infiltration and slow erosion of the soil. Since shade inhibits the growth of weeds, farmers are able to use less or perhaps no pesticides which can decrease the occurrences of Witches Broom in these crops.Cacao plants that grow in the shade provide the environment with more biodiversity, allowing natural populations and habitats to flourish. Finally, shade can be extremely helpful in keeping and lengthening the productivity of old growth Cacao plants.

Pro Consultant Answered on August 6, 2016.
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