How Can One Make Money Doing Podcasting In Nigeria

For those thinking about podcasting or even own one that’s is currently running in Nigeria. My question is, what is the future of podcasting in Nigeria and how can someone make money from it Thanks.

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Podcasting is a way of distributing audio files via the Internet. A podcast is an audio file that can be downloaded from the Internet, often in MP3 format. Once a podcast has been downloaded, it can be listened to on a computer, or be transferred to a portable device such as an iPod or other Portable Media Player, a mobile phone, or a Personal Digital Assistant.

Important Things To know

Flexible delivery
Because podcasts are normally downloaded and can be copied onto portable devices like iPods and mobile phones, you and your students can listen to them anywhere at anytime, without requiring being connected to the Internet. This offers enormous potential for flexible delivery of learning resources.

Use of Audio as en educational medium
The advent of podcasting places a new emphasis on the use of audio resources in learning and teaching. Audio has often been seen as a “poor relation” to video and other forms of multimedia, and perhaps the greatest challenge in the use of podcasting in education is to find ways in which audio materials can be most effectively used.

Podcasting is easy and cheap.
Podcasts are very simple to create, and can be produced using the freely available Audacity software.

You’ve invested in the right equipment, spent hours planning/recording/editing episodes, and even mastered the art of interviewing guests. Finally, you’ve captured the hearts (and ears!) of loyal listeners, who are completely and utterly hooked.

Just as we have adsense for blogs, we have Podcast networks such as MevioPodtrac, and Wizzard Media for any podcaster that has an audience, because that means they can sell advertising against it.

Apart from that above, there are other countless ways to make money as a Podcaster.

1. Sponsorships
You can get people to sponsor

2. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate programs allow podcasters to make money by promoting and selling a company’s products or services

3. Networking
You can network yourself and meet celebrity and important people. Loyal fans will pay when they know their artist will be on the show.

4. Products and Services
Before chasing after sponsors and affiliate marketing programs, take inventory of what you already have/can easily produce: your own products and services.

5. Establishing Yourself As an Expert
Maybe the thing you actually want to promote is yourself. If you are an expert in your niche, it is much easier to get those coaching clients, sell your book, or get that speaking gig.

6. Premium Content
Offering premium content can turn your listeners into paying customers. You can offer things like exclusive episodes, a back catalog of past episodes, or create a paid community, or a subscription service.

7. Ask for Donations
People are generous. If you have a show that provides value whether it is in the form of information or entertainment, there are people who are willing to donate money to show their appreciation. Being likable and asking is often enough to do the trick.

8. Live events:
Perhaps the rarer of the methods, a live event can be a great way to not only bring people together and build relationships but also create income from ticket sales, merchandise, sponsorships, etc.

I Hope this helped. The bases is being awesome. Have audience and make people like you.

To your question about how profitable is it in Nigeria.

I haven’t heard of or come across any podcaster in Nigeria. You could be the first popular one.

Expert Consultant Answered on March 1, 2018.
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