Can i Run a Full Time And Professional Blog With An Android Phone?

Hello Admin, I currently run a free blog with WordPress with my Android phone and now I like blogging but I am confused and I don’t know if I can run a full blog with my phone. Can I make money with a WordPress blog, even if I can I just want a self hosted blog that I can own and run everything in it. Please I will appreciate a good and accurate response

New Member Asked on February 11, 2018 in Mobile,   Software.
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You can’t run a full self hosted blog on a mobile phone. You will need a laptop is you are really serious about it.

It might be possible a few years back, but these days, you will need a system.

WordPress is simple and wide. Phone won’t just perform better. Sometimes, even a laptop can frustrate not to talk of phone.

I hope am making sense

Expert Consultant Answered on February 26, 2018.
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Hello Mattex, blogging with your android phone should be temporary measure if something happens to your laptop.  To run a professional blog you need a laptop . You can make money with your blog if monetize with google adsense.

Criteria in applying for Google adsense

  1. Be blogging for at lest  6months -1year
  2. Your content must original
  3. Don’t try to cut corners with google
  4. Chose a niche
Active Member Answered on February 26, 2018.
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There are various ways you can make money from your blog. Adsense is the number 1 recommendation but there are limitless other ways. I will advice you not to focus on making money now, if you do, you will be discouraged.

Focus on traffics and quality contents that will keep people from coming and coming again to your blog.

Expert Consultant Answered on February 26, 2018.
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