How Can I Start Importing Okrika Clothes To Nigeria

I have passion for this business but i don’t know how to start and most especially i don’t have source of where to buy from, please i need help!!!

New Member Asked on February 5, 2018 in Business.
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People call it “Okrika”. Why is it a lucrative small business idea? Just because you do not have to invest much money into it. Basically you can even start the business at home or in your neighborhood. They import the used clothes in packs. You go to the wholesaler and buy one or more packs there. You unpack it, sort the clothes, and calculate the price of each item (the prime cost). Then you double the price and sell things.

Here are few reasons why Okrika business is profitable and lucrative.

– Affordability:
It is really cheap to get. So you may not worry about start-up capital.

– High Profitability:
Its profit margin is astonishing and it keeps grows.

– Not Capital Intensive:
As mentioned before, you don’t need millions to start-up, just a few thousand bucks.

– High Customer Base:
You don’t need to look for customers. Do you have a neighbor, family members and friends? Then you have customers.

One argument for the large patronage is that it out lasts new clothes.

-Offers Variety:
It offers you the chances to chose from plenty variety of same clothes or at same price.

Its popularity makes it market itself. You don’t need adverts (except to tell your location).

-Mobile Marketability:
If you don’t own a shop yet, you can still sell your goods.

-No Fear of Uncertainty:
This is a business that will remain forever. There is no uncertainty. As long as human beings still wear clothes, you will remain in business.

-Additional Income Stream for Anyone:
You don’t need an extra education on how to do the business. Anyone can do it as an extra stream of income.

Read this article below.

Expert Consultant Answered on March 3, 2018.
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