How Can i Start` Travel Agency In Nigeria

Good day everyone,i intend starting a travel agency business here in Nigeria. What are the basic requirement in starting the business. Anyone with credible information should please write in the comment section. Thankks

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Everybody like to travel. Visiting a new country is what some people will give anything for.

Travelling from one city or country to another for business or for holiday has a lot of benefits.

Travelling afford you the opportunity to see new places, learn news things, make new friends and also make money in the process.

To travel from one city or country to another is sometimes very stressful especially for those who are time first visitors. But to make travelling less stressful most families who go on holidays, and busy executives on business trips pay for the services of a travel agency. This agency give them information to make adequate travel plans, book their flight tickets, procure visa, obtain international passport and make reservation hotel etc.

Travel Agency is a lucrative business and one can go into it and make enough money.

This article below will give you a step by step guide on how you can be your own boss right away.

Expert Consultant Answered on February 27, 2018.
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