Cocoa Instant Beverage Production in Nigeria

Hello, how may I get someone experienced in Cocoa processing from Bean to Bar & Instant Beverage Drink. Experienced in the Equipment and machinery, Production process, etc


New Member Asked on November 6, 2017 in Food Processing.
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You need to hire someone. You need to create a job vacancy and just wait for someone to apply. From the question above, i can feel that you would need somebody exceptional.

Hiring the right employees can make or break your business. Employee recruitment is about managing stress, as you will constantly be judged on your selection, and you obviously cannot please everybody in your organization.

However, there are certain rules that you can use to hire the right employee for your business every time:

1. Look for Someone With a Commitment to Their Career
2. Test for Excellent Learning and Analytical Skills
3. Check Compatibility
4. Keep Improving Your Hiring Process
5. Don’t Forget to Hire Interns
6. Get Social With the Candidates

You could place adverts on Nigeria Job websites Forum, on nairaland and more.

Expert Consultant Answered on November 7, 2017.
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