Cost Effective Ways to Outsource Brand Promotion in Nigeria

Yes, with the increasing number of Entrepreneurs and Start- Ups today, you will find out that having a great business idea is not enough to have the money rolling in… However the situation may be, it is certain that one needs to have an excellent publicity that is to promote the business. These however, cost money more money than profit would be in most cases.

So as a young entrepreneur who is thinking of starting up and shading more lights on his business, what are the necessary steps to take that will help reduce the enormous cost of placing publicity or promoting the business online.

Here is a solution

Why not choose to Outsource your brand publicity/ promotions. Outsourcing is defined as the activity in which a given company gives rights and permission to another company to assist in developing or providing certain services that is perceived to be of benefits to the given company. In other words, company A gives permission to company B to develop marketable contents for advertisements purpose of company A. while company B does so, while company A can focus on its core competencies since having outsourced a segment of its needs to a professional company.

As regards building up your brands in areas of marketable contents to be delivered considering time and cost, OUTSOURCE TROOPS as a registered brand can help achieve this purpose.

How it works;

  1. contact using this website link
  2. state your intentions using the contact form
  3.  get contacted back
  4. seat back and relax while contents and articles are developed linking back to your brand at cheaper cost.

would you not begin to outsource your brand publicity and promotion contents to be developed by professionals in this field? all promotional link come with 1month free trial while developing contents.

New Member Asked on April 19, 2018 in Consulting.
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i can’t find a website link above.

I think this is some kind of social media manager stuff. Am i right? or does it includes paid ads and PPC?

Expert Consultant Answered on April 21, 2018.
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