Cost of Producing a Movie in Nigeria (Nollywood)

First, do someone need to finish his education before joining the Nollywood? I have been thinking of producing my own Nollywood movies and I am wondering how much does it cost to produce average movies in Nollywood and others? Thank you for the answers,

Cost of Producing a Movie in Nigeria (Nollywood)

New Member Asked on October 3, 2017 in Movie.
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Firstly, you don’t need to finish your education before you venture into movie production. But I will vehemently recommend that you finish your education first. Education is the best legacy and no matter what you want to do in life, you still need it.
In cases where there is no means of education, it’s not impossible to produce a movie.

To produce an “average” Nigeria movie these days is not a hard thing to achieve.

I will give you an average Nigeria movie production guide below. I call it “How to make an average Nigeria movie with less than 50k”

An Average Low Budget Nigeria Movie Plan
* Write an interesting simple story line that will all be shot during daylight. No club scene, no much indoor, no special effect, no complicated VFX and no advance props and costumes. Just keep it simple. This will avoid money to be spent on light.

* Cast your friends and partners. Your cast should not include a very popular movie star that might charge you 50% of your budget. In fact, keep your casts to yourself. Do not invite a star. They started just like you one day.

* Avoid Sophisticated Locations.
Keeping your script simple is keeping your local location in mind. Avoid any film location that will charge you. Use your area.

* Your shooting schedule should not be more than 2 days.
Am sure you are not planing a season film. So just keep it short and plan a day or at least 2 days.

* Gadget
You don’t need track, Crane, Drones and Dolly. All you need is just a camera, and a Boom mic.
You will notice you haven’t spent a dime yet. The camera and the camera man is where the spending begins.

You can find amateur Camera man that will still give you a good shot with #10,000. Let’s say you booked for 2 days, that would be #20,000 for both the gadget and the workmanship.

You are using your friends, so you don’t want to starve them. Budget about #10,000 for feeding.

I know about editing, and I can do that for you. You could also find an editor that will take 10k for the job. Since there are no special effects or whatever.

*Make Up
Tell a female friend who have powders or a sister to handle that for you.

* Marketing
Your friends that you used in your movie will definitely help you sell it. You will make back your capital and even make more. And also upload it on youtube, social media platforms and all.
And in your street, you are a celebrity already.

That is how you can make an average Nigeria movie with less than #50,000

Do you have any other question? I will be happy to help out.

Expert Consultant Answered on November 3, 2017.
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Wow! with your current posture in that picture, I can imagine you already acting out your dreams. The movie industry in Nigeria is growing. This has also witnessed an increasing budget, unlike what was obtainable in the past. The support given to the industry by the Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan administration also contributed greatly in advancing the industry. According to a recent survey conducted by the BBC (the British Broadcasting Corporation), it estimated the budget of producing a typical Nollywood movie to range from $25,000 (which if translated to Naira is N9,125,000 using an exchange rate of N365) to $70,000 (with a naira equivalent of N25,000,000).

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