Cost of Setting up a Bread Bakery in Nigeria and Equipment

I think the cost of Setting up a Bakery business in Nigeria is very high. Knowing fully well that you must start with at least 5 to 10 staff.

This Include getting the equipment and acquiring or renting a space suitable for bakery business. More information about this business and breakdown of cost will be highly appreciated.

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Starting a bakery business in Nigeria requires meticulous planning and the adoption of the right strategies. This is because there are many bakeries across the country. Properly understanding the market forces of supply and demand, coupled with the weaknesses as well as the strength of your competition can significantly contribute to the success of the business. A bakery business requires staff who must be paid. There is also the purchase of the right equipment such as an oven (either locally fabricated ones or brand new ones), bread pans, mixers and a lot of other equipment.

The cost of rent, or building a bakery house from scratch contributes significantly. Thus, going through a careful start-up cost analysis (feasibility studies) is essential. Starting a bakery requires a cost ranging from N700,000 to N5,000,000. The variation in the start-up cost depends on the location, cost of equipment, the standard of the bakery, as well as the rent or construction of a new bakery building.

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You could start up a  hot bread shop which is also known as a bakery, since your location is located around a school environment and also with the aid amount u talked about u would be able to run a hot bread shop conveniently.

Kindly contact me as regards setting up a modern bakery as we are leaders in sales, maintenance and repair of bakery equipment.

New Member Answered on October 5, 2017.
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Bakery is a very good business
Look for the association of Nigerian bakers nearest to where u are u might find out better information.

You wanna make sure your oven runs on coal because electricity will bankrupt you. Ensure that u personally supervise the day to day activity. Install a smoke detector at all location of your bakery, People on night could fall asleep and the consequence may not be easy to recover.. So don’t over look little mistakes from workers other wise it will come back to hunt u.

You will surely need a few workers.

Make sure ur bread conforms with Nafdac requirement the Nigerian bakers association will give u the details.

A bakery can take noting lesser than 500k to put together that is the lowest cost depending on your area and what you have on ground already. which also determine your ROI in sense that, the more efficient machinery/equipment you have the wilder your supplies.

Expert Consultant Answered on October 6, 2017.
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