Cost of Setting up a Barbing Salon in Nigeria Today

The cost of opening a barbing salon in Nigeria seems to varies from place to place according to my findings. So I’ve not been able to arrive at conclusion. 

Pls can someone explain to me in detail the cost of setting up a standard barbing salon in Nigeria? Thank you all.

Return Member Asked on October 1, 2017 in Fashion.
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Your question is a good one. If you have done your market survey well, you will find out that the variation in the price of equipment is not so wide. Also, you will need to choose the type of equipment to purchase, that is, either brand new or fairly used. These contribute significantly to the start-up cost. It is strongly advised that new equipment should be bought. A significant part of the start-up costs come from the location of the barbing salon. Typically, barbing salons located in bustling cities tend to have higher start-up costs due to the money spent on renting of a shop for the business.

The reverse is the case for a barbing salon located in a low income neighborhood as the rent is quite low. Apart from these, the standard of the barbing salon also contributes to the cost. For a fully equipped barbing salon having every facility and located in a highbrow area or the Central Business District (CBD) or similar locations, the start-up costs can go as high as N11,000,000 plus. The cost of starting  a barbing salon heavily relies on factors that include the location, the standard of the salon, and the level of equipping the business.

Some of the equipment needed include;

Multiple Clippers (depending on the size of the business) worth  10k to 15k per piece

Large Mirrors 2 to 4 at N5,000

Furniture ( including chairs, settee, cabinets among others) costing an average of N500,000 (depending on the quality.

Active Member Answered on October 2, 2017.
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In addition to what is up there, i will like to say, you can start with any amount of your choice based on your taste and what you have in mind. A Barbing saloon could be expensive, and could also be cheap.

Expert Consultant Answered on October 6, 2017.
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