What Is The Cost Of Setting Up a Table Water Production?

Good day everyone, Please i want to know what is involved (cost implication) in setting up a pure and table water production and how can one get it registered with NAFDAC. Thanks

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The provision of portable drinking Water in both urban and rural centers is supposed to be the primary responsibility of the government.

But due to failure of government in providing cleaning drinking water for it citizens we often hear of out breaks of water born diseases like cholera and diarrhea in most developing countries.

Portable drinking water is a scares commodity in Nigeria, but some private individuals are truly making effort at making clean drinking water available through the setup of sachet and bottled water production business.

Sachet and bottled water production is one profitable business opportunity in Nigeria that has high return on investment if well managed.

It is a well known fact that the human body consists of 75% water, which means that one can not survive without drinking water. And since all of us in Nigeria must drink water to survive then the demand for sachet and bottled water in the country will continue to be very high.

According to recent statistics pure water/bottled water production companies in Nigeria alone provided job opportunities for about 800,000 people in Nigeria.

So my friend, if you are really inspired to go into this business, you are so much on a right part.

One of the best and  hottest article with about “200 comments”  we have here is on this topic and i can assure it will answer all your questions.

Read the article below and then let me know if you need anything further:

Expert Consultant Answered on February 17, 2018.
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