Cost Of Setting Up a Tomato Processing Business In Nigeria

Please kindly give me an estimate of cost of setting up a tomato processing business in Nigeria please? Medium scale and large scale. Just a rough estimate of the cost.

New Member Asked on February 2, 2018 in Agriculture,   Food Processing.
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Starting a business  like tin tomato production requires a whole lot of money , here are some of the things you should consider before starting.

    • Cost of Registering with NAFDAC


    • Cost of hiring skilled and unskilled labor


    • Cost of raw materials(even if you have your farm)


    • Cost of machines


    • Cost of logistics


My Conclusion, setting up a tomato production company at any level requires at least 20,00000 to 50,00000 million naira. 

Active Member Answered on February 6, 2018.
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The cost implications of starting a tomato paste factory can be substantial as it is a capital intensive business.without the right equipment and other logistics, you may be running at a loss. You will therefore need sufficient funding to achieve your goal. Some of the requirements include a storage unit or holding place for your products,a fully motorised system to increase efficiency and cut down significantly on downtime, highly trained engineers as we as your workforce. Other important factors include you source of raw material which in this case is the fresh tomato products. You may either choose to cultivate them yourself or buy from farmers. Expenses can be anywhere from N40,000,000 to N80,000,000

Active Member Answered on February 12, 2018.
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I don’t think you need 40M or 80M to start this business. It depends on how large you want to make it. Although marketing can take quarter of the capital but with around 3-5Million naira, you can start something.

Read the article below for more

Expert Consultant Answered on February 14, 2018.
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