What The Cost Of Soil Tests In Nigeria

In Nigeria today it is very common to see  farmers and  newbies planting crops on farm lands without proper soil analysis. So what are the benefits hiring experts on soil before farming and the cost implications. Thanks

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You have asked an important question that most farmers don’t bother about when starting a farm.

Soil testing is an important management practice on all farms, whether growing vegetables for fresh market or pasture for livestock.  It’s nearly impossible to determine what a soil needs to be productive, without a soil analysis.

There are numerous reasons why a farmer should test a soil before planting, but i will just list few:

– Farmers will know the current condition of their soil and how to improve it
Soil fertility is determined by the soil’s chemical, physical and biological properties. Properties such as soil texture, color and structure are visible to the eye. However you can’t see the chemical composition of soil. Therefore it needs to be measured.

– Farmers can minimise fertiliser expenditure
Knowing the exact type and quantity of fertilisers your soil and crops need prevents you from wasting money on unnecessary fertilisers

– With soil testing farmers can avoid over-fertilisation
Applying fertiliser without knowing the actual nutrient needs of your soil might lead to over-fertilisation

– Farmers can avoid soil degradation
– Farmers with fertile soils can contribute to feeding the world’s growing population

Without an expert check on a soil, it is impossible to know any of those. Now to the next question. Finding a soil expert in Nigeria can be so hard because soil testing is not trending. People prefer a wild guess than calling a soil expert.

I found this websites which claim to be conducting soil test. You can contact them and ask them how it works. I also found a lists of companies on Vconnect who claimed expertise on this aspect.

I think Nigerian farmers should join this trend and make it a habit. Many soil can be more productive if a check is conducted.

Expert Consultant Answered on March 6, 2018.
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