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      Does Nigerian Dwarf Goats Produce Healthy Milk

      Please i want to know if Nigerian Dwarf goats produce healthy milk that is suitable for human consumption? If yes,  what are the procedure in obtaining the milk from them?  Is it a viable business considering it is not  a common commodity.


      1 Answers
      Expert Consultant

      Worldwide, goat milk is the most highly consumed form of milk and, amidst the varying dairy goat types; Nigerian Dwarf 5 Reasons to Choose Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milkgoat milk is increasingly popular.

      The answer is yes. Below are the reasons why they are healthy and good for business:

      – Goat Milk is better for you
      Goat milk is easier for humans to digest than cow’s milk. It’s naturally homogenized, with smaller fat particles evenly suspended throughout the milk

      – The Nigerian Dwaf goat taste better
      If you have ever tried it, you will tesify.

      – Its available all year round
      making it even better

      – Nigerian dwaf goats are smaller
      Nigerian Dwarves are only about 20” tall and typically weigh less than 75 pounds, making them much easier to handle and house than the large dairy goat breeds

      As with anything, it’s important that the milk from Nigerian Dwarves is handled properly and that the goats are properly cared for.

      On the procedure to milking the goat, you will need an expert to show you practically.

      Answered by Adebisi Opeyemi on March 25, 2018..