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New Member Asked on April 18, 2017 in Ebook.
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OK, you are an avid reader and everything is never enough for you. The more you read, the more you want. How much does your reading passion cost to you?Yes, I know, it’s better not to quantify.

Ebooks have cut down the price of your passion, since the electronic book is way cheaper than the paperback. On one hand, the ease on publishing online has made everyone capable of writing a novel, therefore enlarging the range of the titles. More writers, more stuff to read: cool, isn’t it? On the other hand, the wider the range, the more chances to get something not properly well written – or worse, you can fall into a vortex of indecision: which ebook should I buy?

Since I’m an avid reader before being an avid author I’d like to share with you three safe and reliable websites when you can find high quality free ebooks or discounted ebooks. You need just to sign up on them (like you did with Chase Williams crime mailing list. You did it, didn’t you?) and choose your favourite genres to receive a daily/weekly emails with the best discounted or free ebooks available on the market. These are three websites that supply my Kindle.

BookBub: it’s one of the biggest sites where to find limited-time free ebooks or discounted ebooks. BookBub’s staff are extremely choosy and precise: every ebook that wants to be advertised on BookBub’s newsletter has to pass a very deep investigation. BookBub never advertises low quality ebooks or titles with few reviews or a poor cover.

BookBlast: it’s a bit smaller than BookBub in terms of readers subscriptions, however the quality of the free ebooks is pretty much the same. I chose to subscribe to the Free Ebooks of the Day only, while I’m on sci-fi/crime/mystery/thriller lists elsewhere. It’s very difficult to find the very same ebooks in different newsletters, therefore my choice assures me a more complete overview of the discounted and free ebooks on Amazon. Furthermore BookBlast will feature my Into the Killer Sphere crime novella on November 29th, so it’s another good reason to join BookBlast mailing list!

The Fussy Librarian: it’s one of the latest one blossomed on the web, but it immediately appeared to be a very serious and reliable one too. I’ve got the pleasure to exchange some emails with the mind behind the project, Jeffrey, who is an author himself and a passionate book lover. The particular feature of The Fussy Librarian is that you can choose not only the genre you want to receive discounted and free ebooks proposal, but also the language, and the level of violence and sexual content. That librarian is very fussy indeed, I think it’s a very brilliant idea from Jeffrey.

New Member Answered on April 18, 2017.
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