Egusi, yam, goat meat, groundnut, onions,water melon, cucumber,

Egusi 450 cups thats is 50 mudu(450 for 9 cups is 22500#. 100 mudu which is 900 cups of egus is 45k. Hand peel egusi is 25000 for 50 mudu (450 cups) and 50k for 100 mudu (900 cups) And neat egusi. U can buy any mudu u want and sell. I will handle the transport.


yam depending on the size rangers from 45k up. But for yam very soon the price will drop. 


Groundnut: big and thick black groundnut goes for 160 for 9 cups that’s the groundnut they cook. Then the one that have no back(big and thick groundnut 500 per mudu(9 cups). 


Goat meat: big half of goat meat 5000. Full goat meat 10000 with the intestine head and everything complete. 


Cow meat we supply one kilogram 1250


Beans is 500/550 for one mudu


Onions is cheap depending on how u want it 

We also supply kunu, zobo. Anything food stuff. 


Water melon: big and cool size fresh melon ranges from 90 naira upward 


Cucumbers: one bag 3000/3500 


Am a serving corp member in the state. So before we run the business I don’t mind sending my I’d card to you and any detail you want to be sure. And the prices may still fall because very soon now food stuff price will drop. But also now u can make you own money from it. We will work out the transport 

Return Member Asked on July 25, 2017 in Business.
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Do they sell fresh groundnuts there? I mean the type that can be boiled and eaten with freshly boiled corn 😀 Pls give some information about what we can get there.

Pro Consultant Answered on August 9, 2017.
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If you need fresh Groundnut , do let me know , i can lead u to where you get it.  07026090670

New Member Answered on August 11, 2017.
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