Is There a Way To Detect Gum Disease?

This seems to be the most common oral diseases affecting people. Coupled with how it can mask itself, are there any easier way to detect it before it becomes a full blown medical condition? 

New Member Asked on February 4, 2018 in Health.
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The most common oral diseases are dental cavities, periodontal (gum) disease, oral cancer, oral infectious diseases, trauma from injuries, and hereditary lesions.


  • decreasing sugar intake and maintaining a well-balanced nutritional intake to prevent tooth decay and premature tooth loss;
  • consuming fruit and vegetables that can protect against oral cancer;
  • stopping tobacco use and decreasing alcohol consumption to reduce the risk of oral cancers, periodontal disease and tooth loss;
  • ensuring proper oral hygiene;
  • using protective sports and motor vehicle equipment to reduce the risk of facial injuries; and
  • safe physical environments.


Tou can read more from WHO [World Health Organization) on Oral Diseases. If you are feeling any discomfort, you should contact a Doctor.

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Expert Consultant Answered on February 24, 2018.
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