How Can I Import Good And Affordable Computers?

Can I get a legitimate company online where I can actually order for good and affordable computers?

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Yes for sure. However, it will not be too cheap as you might think. But it will be affordable and am so sure that you will make more cash on each of the Laptop.

You need to be careful in this kind of business, there are so many fake laptop dealers out there looking for a chance to scam anybody that shows any weak point.

I am going to give 8 Popular website that you can 100% be rest assure are real and will give you your products at an affordable price.
Standing on top as the number 1 merchant site in the world, Alibaba is sure one place to get great products for very far cheap and almost incredible prices, though based in china Alibaba boasts of the best of quality in products ranging from phones to clothes to car accessories to foot wears to electricity accessories and just about anything you can think about, the list is endless.

Keep in mind though that alibaba is fully a wholesale point of meet, i.e on Alibaba you will be dealing with manufacturers and wholesalers so be ready to order in bulk or least meet the seller’s MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) which can range from hundreds to thousands of pieces depending on the product and the seller.

Alibaba is also quite tricky to deal with, being the No 1 merchant site in the world makes it the perfect nest for scammers, there are lot of ways and medium to get scammed on this platform so one has to be very careful here because if you rush in, you will be conned inside out and unlike many other platforms, there is little you can do.
Aliexpress is the brainchild of . While Alibaba was created for manufactures and wholesalers, aliexpress is meant to serve retailers. It is very good place to start your mini-importation business; this is the exact same website that those gurus have back from you.

Aliexpress is based in china, therefore most (not all though) are Chinese products, far from the mindset that anything from china is of low quality. Most of the popular and top quality brands have their products manufactured in china, so yes you can get great quality products from china.
They are a general merchandise store so they offer almost anything you can think of, a top gun once joked that apart from human parts there is almost nothing you cannot get on aliexpress.
Just like aliexpress, this is another retail marketplace based in china that is meant to serve small and medium buyers. They offer a lot of great products at very cheap prices. They also are a general merchandise store so they offer just about anything you want.
Deal extreme just like aliexpress is a china based site that sells different range of products; it is a very good place to get quality products for cheap price. They are as well a general merchandise site, so that means that they are lot of things you can get at great price.
A b2b (business to business) website based in China where things can be gotten for far cheaper price, unlike every other site in the list which is made to service the international market, 1688 is specifically made to service the Chinese market. It is somewhat like the china’s version of konga except on a much larger scale. Due to the fact that this site was meant for the chinese populace, it is therefore strictly written in chinese language thereby making foreigners to back off but then there is a way around. You can download this free report to know how to work with the site
With millions of quality products to choose from, ebay has been rooting itself as the best online shopping website for years. Based in the US, ebay runs as an auction site that is you get to bid for the price you want to pay for a specific product but also with the option to “Buy Now”. It is a good place to get London used phones, laptops and lots of other gadgets; it is also a general merchandise store.
Ebay’s No 1 competitor and top rival, there have been lot of arguments about which is best among the two. Some say ebay is the best while amazon is the largest e-commerce website while some say amazon is both the largest and the best e-commerce website.

Well whichever way it goes, the fact is amazon is really one great place to get products. They have different products ranging from clothing to new, refurbished or used electronics, computers e.t.c from amazon.
A site that deals with the technology aspect of life. Here you can get products ranging from laptops, computer and phone parts, convertible tablets, accessories and high tech products at very great prices. This site has been great resource for those in the electronics line.
This website deals majorly in selling phones. Here you can get different phones from different top quality brands. They deal in refurbished, used and new phones. You can get blackberry phones, I-phones, Samsung tablets and other phones for very cheap prices. This is a great resource for those that deal in London used phones.

Contact them and tell them what you want. Goodluck bro.

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