How Can I Start Yam Exportation Business

Good morning, I am a Nigerian who is interested in yam business for exportation but I don’t know what it takes to start the business.Also I want to know all requirements, capital(money) to start with,standard or sizes of yam for exportation and which countries exports to.Regards

New Member Asked on August 31, 2017 in Agriculture.
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Yam export  is a great business but the most important issue is the country you are exporting into, they have very strict laws on imports from Africa especially food. You need the proper health papers, the proper labeling and the specific packaging. So, be very careful you can spend a lot of money buying and preparing and by the time the goods arrive their airports or ports they will either ask you to return it or they will destroy it.

My advice to you is to first research the country you want to send the yam,  and digest their municipality laws and import laws, am talking from experience so do some research first, you will also need to go to their embassy to collect their export guideline they will give it to you free, also the first thing I didn’t mention  you need to start from Nigeria export promotion council, they will guide you on packaging, labeling and  more information.

Return Member Answered on September 2, 2017.
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There is article on this website that talks about yam export to oversea, find it here. You will gain some understanding about the business in the article.

Nigeria kicked off yam exportation to Europe and America last June. The minister of Agriculture said in order to address the wastage, his ministry is working on using solar coolers to keep the yams at 14 degrees to make it suitable for export.

The Nigeria Centre for Agricultural Mechanization in Ilorin is also producing a mechanized yam farming and ground preparation machines that will be attached to a tractor to ease production.

Mr Audu Ogbeh said it was because of poor storage that made some countries to reject Nigerian yam when efforts to export it was carried out in the past. For your yam to be accepted in the international market, it has to meet the international standards.

Pro Consultant Answered on August 31, 2017.
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