How Can My Blog Make Heads Way in Nigeria

I am new to blogging in Nigeria but my biggest problem has been growth. How can my blog make it to the top and become popular in Nigeria?

New Member Asked on November 9, 2017 in Fashion.
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Many bloggers give up after a few months though, often because their blog isn’t as popular as they would like it to be or they aren’t getting many comments.

The problem is that even with great blog posts, your blog doesn’t automatically become popular. The saying “build it and they will come” simply doesn’t apply to blogs. You don’t just build and wait for people to come. You have to add some other strategies to have a successful popular blog.

The beauty of a blog is for people to come in, read and comment. If none of those are happening, then your blog is tagged as a “Ghost town”

So let’s take a look at some strategies you can adopt from today to make your blog more popular.

You should know that content is the king. Original contents and not copied from other blogs. If you don’t have a good content, you are not ready to be a blogger.

1. Focus On One Niche
Many people start writing a blog with the glorious plan of writing about their life and thoughts on the universe in general, News, Gist, celebrities, crime and many more.

The sad truth is that while one or two of your posts may appeal to some, the broad range of content will prevent many visitors from coming back for more.

2. Make Friends In The “Blogosphere”
Chances are you aren’t the only blog about your niche on the Internet, so find a few fellow bloggers and start participating and commenting on their blogs.

Most will allow commenters to include a link with their name.

You’ll not only get some visitors from their blog, but you may also build a rapport with the author and can consider a link exchange.

3. Keep Visitors On Your Blog
If you’ve got lots of related content, it’s fairly safe to assume any visitors will be interested in that too.

You should add related topics for people to stay on your website.

4. Engage Your Readers & Encourage Comments
If a reader comments on your post, they obviously have something to say – but they might not have bookmarked your site, or shared it yet. By replying to your readers and keeping them engaged, you foster a relationship that keeps readers coming back, as well as making them more inclined to post your story to their Facebook wall or retweet it.

You should always reply all comments coming in from your readers.

5. Add Social Sharing To Your Blog

6. Solve Your Readers Problems
You’ve might listen this sentence many times on other sites, but believe it is very important and effective also.

7. Serve People Like Waiter
This seems like funny, 😉 but it is true. I am sure you’ve gone to restaurant and seen the efficient waiters, who serve you like your servants.

So I think bloggers should also serve their readers like waiters. Because readers are the only thing that make up a blog successful and popular. So we cannot leave them

8. Be a Guest Author on Popular Blogs
Most blogs you will come across these days accept guest posts.

Join forums and share your links. Nairaland is a very good place to get traffic, Corpers Forum and many others out there.

9. Blog Frequently
Fresh content is the key to your blog’s success. Do not just blog once a week and expect people to check in every day. Your readers are hungry for information and they expect to see something valuable and new on your blog frequently. I know sometimes you can get busy and have days when you don’t feel like blogging, and it is completely ok. If blogging is your passion, you will manage time for a post; it comes naturally my friends.

10. Keep At It
Blogging is not a short-term thing; you really need to be in it for the long haul if you want to build a large base of readers. Keep publishing fresh new content, accept guest submissions, and work at building your network of blogging friends and link partners. You will get there eventually, and as your blog ages, it gains more and more trust from the search engines.

Expert Consultant Answered on November 9, 2017.
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There you have it.

I think if any blogger follows the recommendations given above, they will be successful.

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