How Did Rank So Fast For Keywords On Google

I did a keyword research before I posted my last question. It was approved few hours ago and I typed the title in Google and wealth result appears on the front page of Google. I want to know how it ranked so fast.

Expert Consultant Asked on October 14, 2016 in SEO.
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The answer to that question is very complex, and I am feeling sleepy now, too drowsy to delve into it 😀 I still don’t believe we are ranking very well though

Pro Consultant Answered on October 14, 2016.

#smiles……I can always wait till tomorrow.

on October 14, 2016.
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Ok here is it. Ranking well on Google search can be liken to getting a well paying job. First, you lay the foundation by getting good education and graduating with first class. That includes being studious and diligently fulfilling all your assignments and hands on projects in school, doing that deliberately or with a purpose in mind – to be good at what you do.

To further brighten your changes of getting a good job, you need to get hands on experience as well. And the better your experience, the better chances you have in the job market. Of course, no serious professional employer that wouldn’t want to hire a well qualified and experienced candidate ahead of others.
In the same way, Google want to rank some of the best qualified websites who have proved over the years, a track record of providing consistent high quality content on the internet. They measure these using countless ranking signal and consistently improved algorithms.
To enjoy consistent, fast, and high ranking on Google, you must have a website that is well structured code-wise. You must also be good at creating impeccable content with well structured content architecture. You must fulfill your hands on project by keeping to the acceptable SEO best practices.
Most importantly, your site must have enough experience on the job, and has proved itself over the years.
You don’t club all your years in school and expect to land executive job at MTN. Therefore, you don’t build a mediocre site and content and expect to rank well on Google search.
To answer your question, is ranking fast and consistent on some keywords because we have done our homework over the years. In the end, it is in the hands of search engines to determine who ranks and who doesn’t.
So, we are not taking any credit but here are some of the things I think that has helped:-
1. The domain is almost 10 years old.
2. The site have been active for over five years on the internet.
3. 99% of the content on are 100% original and problem solving.
4. We are not obsessed with SEO –  we do our things the way it should and leave the rest to Google and time
Thank you!
Pro Consultant Answered on October 15, 2016.

Thanks for this answer. See the way you analyzed it all well broken down. You are really good at what you are doing.
Keep it up sir. I found this website when I was searching for Aspiring Nollywood Stars. It was on the first page.

on October 15, 2016.
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Wow!!! What an awesome response, am so fascinated at the work done here, if there is no other reason why i should be a member of this forum, what Oga Darlinton, just poured down nos is more than enough a reason for m e to join, that ranking signal is indeed amazing!!!

Without any argument, that time frame thing as surely helped the growth indeed!


I hope when we start our Company commercial farm, we’d partner with wealthresult someday.


Active Member Answered on October 16, 2016.
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