How do I get investors to invest in my company?

Hi, I’m the CEO of Davies Jones Foods, its a young idea and I’m looking forward to expanding it. I’ve done all my research and it has a great chance of surviving.

I’m focused on producing natural fruits and vegetables product to promote healthy living among Nigerians examples, fruit juice, fruits salad and so much more, also having my own personal farm where I can grow the fruit and vegetable without relying on a supplier. Also I’m interested to go into snails when I start.

I have the idea, figures and strategies to start and surpass my competitors but I have no funds this industry hasn’t been fully tapped into and I have the chance to penetrate the market and dominate. How can I get capable people to invest in my company?…kindly reply. Thank you

New Member Asked on May 30, 2017 in Finance.
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Your company must have a direction, that means, you must have your directions well laid out in your bankable business plan. That’s the only think prospective investors are will to look at first before deciding whether to invest in your company/idea.

Once you have your business planning well sorted out, the next step is to setup your team. Investors like working with teams. Forming your team and preparing your business plan should go hand in hand.

Armed with a robust team and a well detailed business plan, you begin to approach prospective investors. Its not written on faces, anybody could be an investor. There are professional venture capitalists even here in Nigeria that you can approach to finance your business. Jason Njoku of Sparks (Iroko tv) is one I can think of. Your rich uncle or that rich man  across the street could be your Angel Investor.

Pro Consultant Answered on May 30, 2017.
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