How Do I Identify Legitimate Bitcoin Programs Online?

Be vigilant before you lose your investment – it’s free and it’s simple Protect yourself from scams and frauds, and hoe to identify the legitimacy of Bitcoin programs and websites.

Before you commit any money into any online business enterprise, one can effortlessly do some easy tasks to determine some legitimacy to any online opportunity. With the current state of online opportunities, one has to be careful to the many pitfalls and scam artist out there.

As the technology and software develop , so do the scammers and money grabbers, they become more elaborate, initiative and in fact scary, it’s easy to get fooled with nice and  opportunistic words and phrases of giant profits, nothing to lose opportunities and  quit your job. But there are some systems you can use to asset an online opportunity to make a decisive decision.

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This is what I use to identify and investigate before any investments

My scam identification chain of enquiry.


This is a website that was initiated to review bitcoin websites and businesses.

Just search the BTC business in the “search bar” and look for any reviews on your specific business name. Any negative, scam or fraudulent activities will be review here. People tent to quickly complain and review bad service, so to not find a business in BITTRUST could also be a good sign, and do not mean that the business has not been rated yet, but that the business has not yet been “bad rated” as yet, with no users complaint.

BITTRUST is a personal moment and report site, so this means that anyone can however leave replay or bad moth any BTC company on this site. So it would be advisable to use this site just as a starting point, the “ trough a stone in the bush, and see what you hit” point

  1. ALEXA RANK:  

Alexa  Rank offer you the use of an analytics tool, this means you can determine the amount of traffic any www. Site is receiving. Searched the site domain name of the business, and you will get an ALEXA ranking. All you have to do is no interpret the ranking with the following criteria.

  1. 0-10 000: huge amount of traffic
  2. 10 000 – 100 000: a well established business with large traffic.
  3. 100 000 – 500 000: descent amount of traffic.
  4. 500 000+: very little traffic

To use this ranking system, you can determine for example a site has a 65 000 traffic ranking, the website generate a large amount of genuine traffic and can probably be trusted.


This site can be a bit confusing, but very use full.  Go to enter the BTC service or business in the search box at the “top Right”. You will find all the different threads that is related to your search.  Enter to the “comments” and you can see what other people are saying about your specific search.

I would also advise again to read the comments with analysis, and filter through the list, familiarise yourself with what is “good and what is bad” complaints.

You can also go to “google” search and type the business name + reddit, “goggle will supply you with the most popular searches relating to your search.


With Whois you will be able to determine website and business ownership, and who is behind any business? With the anonymity of bitcoin, most of today’s scaly and dodgy businesses they tend to not “Open Register” their businesses and try to stay as secret and anonymous as possible, and register the business as “Privacy registration”.

As in the real world, every business has to be registered and in someone’s name. Some people prefer to stay anonymous and confidential; using WHOIS you can determine who the registered owner of any domain name is.

You can also go to “google” search and type the business name + reddit, “goggle will supply you with the most popular searches relating to your search.


This is a bitcoin forum with many discussions relating to bitcoin businesses and reviews. This forum is also the centre of discussions on any new scams that would arise in the bitcoin world and usually one of the first places that would discuss any new scams.

To access bitcoin talk just access the forum and search the business name in the search bar, alternative just search “google” search with business name+bitcointalk.

Study the reviews for criteria, as people do intent to complain quite easily.


The true and reliable bitcoin businesses will most probably be registered at Bitcoin Foundation. You can searched the membership page list and enquire about membership to a specific business.

Take into account that the Bitcoin Foundation is a paid member foundation. If the business you enquire about is indeed on the list, it can be assumed that the business is probably legit. But, also consider that paid membership also have a downfall, as not every business want to spend money to belong to a foundation, for whatever reason.



Going through these pages of a website will give you countless of disguised clues as to the legitimacy of a company.  Usually important info will not appear on these pages. Look out for physical addresses, pictures of people, who actually exist, contact number phone and cellular (and yes, contact them for legitimacy). No Phone and address – a sign of “I do not what to be found”

“The Crazy phrase”,   be attentive, bogus sites are very cleaver at this. They do this for a living and use phrases “what you want to hear and see”. A deceptive and believable phrase could easily cost you your money, be vigilant.

Be on the lookout and investigate for real and provable data, do not just believe any written statement. Resurge, the people involved, if it’s legit it will be supplied – whether on Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn profiles.

  1. OPENSITE EXPLORER (Domain authority and trust flow)

The use of Open Site Explorer allows you to surge for a specific website “domain authority”.  Domain authority is determined by the number of other websites that is actually linking to a specific website. What this means is that the mote websites that link to a specific website, the authenticity to that that is usually legit. The domain authority is generated between numbers 0-100.

If you found a number to be below 20, I would be on the cautious side, and with numbers over 35 I would be to believe that the website is getting links from around the www, and probably legit.


Majestic can also be use to determine a site trustworthiness. This is also determent with the force a website linked up with   other websites around the internet.

Majestic number configuration on trustworthiness differs on calculation, and here a trust number less than 10 would be handled with caution.


The most and important factor to remember” IF IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT USUALLY IS”

The ultimate way to safeguard and protect yourself is to be vigilant in all your decisions about money. No one of the above mentioned leads and chains should be used alone, but in conjunction with each other so to strengthen your perception, and intend.


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Oh well, Bitcoin is a cryto-currency and there are hardware that mines bitcoin in U,S and been a easy online block kind of currency, the security is high and the value is high and so far so good, many businesses has embrace the utilization of bitcoin due to its high value, for instance… 1 bitcoin is around $720 that’s a whopping so when you have 10bitcoin, you can imagine how much in dollars you have?

That’s why businesses use it and scammers too are playing around it. we just have to open our eyes.

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Okay, let me open your eyes small, when bitcoin came in, 1bitcoin was around $2, then all of a sudden, the value rise up and now  1bitcoin is $720, you can imagine?

But the right thinking smart business folks of those early days of bitcoin could discern into the future of it and know there is a potential for this growing cryto-currency, so while it was yet cheap, they bought a lot of it and keep it in their bitcoin account, remember i told you bitcoin is like a bank account in one sense, and it is also like Nigeria Naira in another sense, so  i mean, Bitcoin is Naira bcos it as something call “Satoshi”which is a name given after the name of the guy who created bitcoin idea, Satoshi can be liken to our own Kobo, just like Dollars and Cent, the accumulation of kobo gives naira,  so aswell, the accumulation of satoshi gives Bitcoin, but then the mathematical logistics of bitcoin is hard, in the sense that, it takes a lot of millions of satoshi for you to generate 1 Bitcoin, currently i earn free bitcoin at faucet, where i do a little free spinning and earn into my Blockchain account, Block-chain is just like GTBANK where you can store your money (We have many other bitcoin storage sites * Highly secure storage sites* to receive and also transfer your bitcoin.

But then, some sites who make not less than $3,000 monthly with adsense, come up with an idea of buying loads of bitcoin and running simple faucets where people come and register/sign up, fill little jobs and earn small small satoshi per hour, it is not the best way to earn bitcoin, but its a good start for anyone, i did a lot of those faucets job 2years ago and earn some good amount of satoshi but never earn 1 bitcoin, i won’t blame those sites owners, they are earning good with adsense bcos of the level of users who are always coming in hourly to claim some satoshi

But now, let me give the best explanation to hep you get it once and for all, those who bought like 10 or 100 bitcoin when ( 1 bitcoin was equal to $2 are crazy millionaire in dollars now that 1 bitcoin is = $720, i once heard a story of a man in U.S who gave out 10,000 Bitcoin just for a plate of pizza, the guy that Pizza is now a Millionaire, and am sure the one who ate the Pizza must be regretting what he did, now that Bitcoin has gain so much price.

So how do you profit from Bitcoin in the now?

There are so much ways to do that, either you also buy now or store, or you trade ( there are many sites to trade with little bitcoin and earn huge in return) There are also sites that you pay certain amount to Mine Bitcoin and you earn huge bitcoin,

But i would love to be sincere and straight forward here, the best medium through which i earn Bitcoin has been explained here.

Who so ever wants to earn good amount of Bitcoin, should follow the link below to read from my blog, How i earn good Bitcoin Monthly.

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I do not allow links to a sale page, multi-level marketing site, signup page, or any site that do not add genuine value. If a link is promotional by nature, it will be removed. The link you added was pointing to a certain mmm page which is strictly prohibited on this website and can never be linked to.

As regards managing the site, that’s ok. While I appreciate your effort or effort of anyone posting or responding to people’s questions, I will never at any time intentionally allow links to low quality pages just to appease a user. If you wish to respond to people’s questions, do so because you genuinely want to help people. Thank you

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I am still struggling to learn how Bitcoin works. In fact, I am not even making any effort to understand it

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That sounds so good Matex. Maybe I’ll start paying attention to how it works. But how does investment comes into it? Because I hear people talk about investing in Bitcoin and other similar names like that?

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At Oga Darlinton, what you are doing is unfair, is this the reward of posting so much volume on your forum?

I never wanted to drop my website link in the first palce, i had to drop it bcos it was useful for what am explaining in the article i wrote as a response to the question you asked about bitcoin, now you edit my response and remove my own website link but you leave the freebitcoin referral link there?

I am discouraged from posting or responding to any articles, questions or answer on this forum again!!!

Let’s cross our figures while you manage the whole thing alone!

What does it take for you to give a link to a resourceful reference to the respond i gave?

I think, you should rather delete all my response sef!

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Alright, i think we should have a term and condition page here, i surely wanna help, if i do not, i wont take time to write so long like i did, lets forget about the link wahala then..

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Its all good, thank you for your understanding. You can always link to your website from your profile page which is also public. There are much more values to be derived from being an early regular participant in a community like this. You get to be popular and respected by other users due to the regular value you provide. And when you attain higher ranks such as “Active Member””Pro Consultant” “Expert Consultant” and “Veteran, people will trust and do serious business with you base on your rank.

My warm regard

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Okay…. actually am having a good time with this forum.. Thanks

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