How Do i Start Milling Local Palm Kernel

I am also interested in this palm oil business and I am thinking of starting soon. Although, I want to start milling palm kernel oil aspect first . Please can i get all the necessary information that one needs to know.

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This is a lucrative business idea because the market for Palm oil is already in place for anyone who want to get in.

Once you start you palm oil extraction, you can sell I’m wholesales and even become a supplier to companies.

Modern palm oil processing process harvested palm fruits into final grade palm oil with little or no waste and minimal use of human power. Using machines, the process typically involves sterilizing and threshing the bunches to free the palm fruit, mashing the fruit and pressing out the crude palm oil. The crude oil is further treated to purify and dry it for storage and sale in both local and international markets.

All the information you need is right below:

Expert Consultant Answered on March 10, 2018.
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