How Does a Nollywood Film Location Feel Like?

I have not really been to a professional movie location before. I only attended few musical videos locations.

Please can anyone just tell me how it feels like. What are the things that always happen there.

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Nollywood film Location is always very interesting. You will have a lot of fun there, meet people, laugh, Gist, fight, connect and do several thing together.

Although they don’t spend months or even weeks on an average Nollywood movie but the little time spent is always worth it.

To have an insight, I will give you a list of what Everyone Does During Nollywood Film Location to inform you of some fun that goes to the sky during any Nollywood film location. If you are a regular customer in film locations, and by regular customers, you should get what I meant. I mean if you have been going for film locations before, you will be able to relate with these things on my list.

If you have never been to a film location before, I think you should read this to the end.

1. Where are the food, drinks etc coming from.
Trying to figure out where the item 7 are coming from. In most Nollywood film locations, you will work for hours, especially if you are among the crew. You stare around looking and asking yourself, “don’t this people know that they need to bring food closer” It’s like that. The next time you go for a film location, study around and you will confirm this point.

2. Discover that everyone knows everyone apart from you.
Nollywood film location is a place where you get to with much excitement only to discover that the crews, casts, and everyone are relating well. But none of them seems to know you. This happens a lot. You might see someone smiling to you as then you smile back only to discover that she’s smiling to someone else.

Everyone goes through that. If you think you are popular, go alone for as film location, you will be disappointed.

3. Bumping into a light stand
“Oh noooooo, i…i….” that’s what you will be saying when everyone is staring at you after bumping to a light stand. It happens. No matter how fast you can speak, you will sure find yourself stammering and stretching your hands trying to explain yourself even though nobody asked you any question.
Bumping into something happens a lot in Nollywood film location. Everybody does.

4. Trying to Make friends with everybody
The best place to see smiles and greetings is a Nollywood Film location. You smile even when someone step on your toes. You will be on a location for more than 3 weeks, so you will really need to make friends to get along. If you have a friend who don’t smile, take him or her to a film location. You will see beautiful smiles just in attempt to make friends. Even super stars does that.

5. Make friends with the sound guys
These guys make friends very fast. Don’t ask me why or how? But from experience sound guys are always the quietest. They don’t talk around. They are the Nicest, most helpful people on-set. Maybe it because of the fact that they spend a lot of time quietly reflecting on sounds only they can hear. So they are so quiet and everyone will wanna make friend with them.

6. Fall in love with Actors and Actresses
Everyone always like these people. You will just love them. The way they smile, act, joke, talk, walk, listen and more. You will just like them involuntarily.

7. Fall out of Love for Actors and Actresses
This usually happen a lot. The actor you really like right now and wish to spend time with will shock you in a moment. Here is an experience of a friend. She told me she don’t like a particular Nollywood actress because she’s too proud. I asked how she got to know that. My friend said this happened during a Nollywood film location:

Actress: Can I have some water please?
My Friend: Sure you can. (She hurry to get a bottle water) here is it (handling the water)
Actress: Can you open it?
My friend: (Pause a minute staring at the actress who is not even looking towards her direction) yep

8. Trying to make other crew laugh during takes
This is very common and everybody does it on set. Making people laugh is a really good idea on Nollywood film location. If you belong to a crew and you are on set, you will always want to make others laugh. The reason why that is so, I don’t know.

9. Sit down and feel like your legs are floating
After a long stand of filming, retaking takes, moving gadget and so on. You have a bit opportunity to sit and you will feel like your legs are floating.

10. Missing Location and wish to do another one soon

The first few days might be really rough. But before it ends, everybody fall in love and wish its extended.

If you have been to a film location before, you can surely relate with those.

That’s Nollywood location for you o.

Expert Consultant Answered on November 9, 2017.

Thank you so much. this is funny and exactly what i needed

on November 10, 2017.
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