Greetings Mr Darlington, Permit I share this kind of information with everyone who may be interested.

Ladies and gentle men, my name is Okafor Arinze, I am a guru in online investment and when I say online investments and businesses, I don’t involve in scam. I don’t believe that one must involve in illegal act before you can be rich in life even though people do that and become successful in it, am a different person.

I have been on internet searching out a few ways I can make money online legitimately but have never seen a reliable information that can lead me properly. All I see is blogging, import and the rest of them. The real thing is networking and when you talk about networking, a lot of people see it as a dull something but not knowing the fundamentals of networking. I am sharing this post here for free so I won’t charge anyone for it.

How did I turn NGN9000 $25 (nine thousand naira) to $1000 (one thousand dollars) in less than 30 days. If this information goes absolutely for free, you may likely not take it serious and feel its probably H2i or one kind of big stressful something but the real truth is that real work brings forth good money. Good information brings forth good money and you must invest your time and money to it.

I made the money from bitcoin (cryptocurrency) and I converted it to naira and cashed out easily and am still working more to earn more.

Permit me Mr Darlington to drop my email address for anyone who would be interested to mail me.

I will teach you for free all you need to know about cryptocurrency and BITCOIN, trading, investment etc because that was where I made the money from. No jokes. If you don’t start making money in one week after I have thought you, come back here to say you did not make a dime and you will be refunded.

I will charge you a token to teach you. The reason I will charge you is for you to be serious with it, else all the information I share on social media are always free. Just N2000 refundable before I start lecturing you.

Active Member Asked on November 13, 2017 in Finance.
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Can you show us prove from the transaction. Maybe a screen shot or something.

I believe in it, but many might see it as another scam. Show us a prove

Expert Consultant Answered on November 13, 2017.
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The site is telling me file size has prevented me from uploading this image and I have edited it to a clear view. Reducing it more won’t make it clear enough but I can always do a video, screenshots, anything demanded.

Paid information is more valued because the individual would want to ask all the question in order to make his money back.

If I do an eBook for this, a lot of people may read and not understand. If I teach you, I want you to learn. Thanks

Active Member Answered on November 17, 2017.
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Pls ur email

New Member Answered on February 6, 2018.
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And phone number. Thanks

New Member Answered on February 6, 2018.
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Hello Kelechi. Can you let me into the training? darediamond (at)gmail (dot)com pls.

Waiting for your reply.

New Member Answered on February 7, 2018.
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