How Is Cassava Flour Used In Bread Baking?

Cassava flour in a very important ingredient in profitable production of bread. In the year 2001 Nigerian president was a farmer so had a first hand knowledge of what problems farmers were facing and the fact that Nigerian government was spending huge amount of money on wheat which is used to produce bread and some other confectioneries.

The government directed Federal Institute of Industrial Research to find ways of including local raw materials in the production of bread. The outcome of the research is that cassava flour can be mixed with wheat at up to 10% without any adverse effect on the taste and texture of the product. The federal government then mandated all the flour mill to include cassava flour in their product since then.

Pro Consultant Asked on December 9, 2016 in Agriculture.
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Cassava flour can be said to be a substitute products which mean it can be substitute with. some products (such as wheat flour and any other flour around) that provide the same function like it but cassava flour seems to be a golden products that have surpass the imagination of stakeholders in the industry what use it can be brought into.

Wheat flour which are used to produced chin-chin, doughnut, puff-puff, and whole lot of finished products are now being dumped for cassava flour.

The reason is not far from the reason that it improves the economic value of bakers, companies that make use of flour as their raw material in their production process.

Expert Consultant Answered on October 26, 2017.
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